Let’s Look Inside The New Kia Niro EV


A tidy place to spend time.

Kia is increasing its plug-in offerings by adding the Niro EV to its lineup. With its exterior recently revealed, first at the 5th International Electric Vehicle Expo on the island of Jeju, and then again even more officially at the Busan Motor Show, we had been left wondering what the interior looks like. Well, wonder no more.

While on the floor of Korea’s premiere automobile exposition, the crowds were allowed access to at least one Niro EV example and, lucky for us, a very savvy José Guerrero took full advantage of the opportunity and crawled all over the inside with his camera rolling. He also narrates his many observations in Spanish, which he has supplied English subtitles for over the first four minutes of the seven-minute video.

As you can see, Guerrero is quite excited by the all-electric crossover and happily remarks on elements that have made it to the production version, such as the rotary gear selector and the parking brake button in place of a foot-actuated lever. As he points out the paddles behind the steering wheel which appear to modulate the regenerative braking effect, he is equally animated.

Other smalls details he singles out which delight him (and us) include small touches like the retractable cup holders within the armrest to the wireless charging surface in a cubby hole near the bottom of the center stack. We were also happy to see a USB port in addition to the twin 12-volt outlets.

After a quick examination of the charging point on the nose of the car and a look some posted specs, our host makes his way to the rear of the vehicle and explores its ample storage capabilities. Finally, he moves to the rear passenger compartment. Here, he notes an AC outlet capable of 200-watt output. It is also at this point that we notice that this particular model is outfitted with a sun roof over the front seats.

The Kia Niro EV is said to begin deliveries in the second half of this year in its native South Korea. We believe it is coming to the U.S. as well, though the automaker couldn’t comment on those plans when we reached out to them. Kia also offers the all-electric Soul EV, which will be new and improved for 2019 and share the same platform as the Niro EV, along with the Hyundai Kona Electric.


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Kia Niro EV wins dials & buttons prize…

Just by a few though lol

People clearly like the buttons. . . or there are too few models to choose from.
Kia Niro has about 1 year waiting line, and Hyundai Kona has 2 years . . . in Norway at least.

So.. basically.. If a manufacturer can offer an affordable E V with long range – they can sell as many as they can manufacture.

At least in some parts of the world… Nissan is offering huge discounts on the Leaf in our area, not not having much luck…


Nissan Leaf is not a long range EV.

Nissan Leaf is ass end of EV, especially ones that are less than 2 years old.

Subtle Model 3 ad. 🙂

At least it has a national ad campaign to promote ev

Busy and cheap indeed – but still now show-stopper if the rest of the car fits the purpose of prospective buyer. The real problem with this car is the paltry boot space – but that has nothing to do with being a BEV.

I am actually one of the people preferring buttons over touchscreen. I have a touchscreen in the family Porsche and you don’t want to do anything on there while driving, you almost always miss.

Yeah some Kia’s have been suspect as to drive battery degredation. Would have liked to hear some NEW assurances from KIA on that.

Yep, there’s the EV I want and would buy, except it looks like Kia is going to play chicken and make it a compliance car.

I really can’t figure out who needs all these wireless, USB and power outlets, especially 120VAC outlets? My phone battery lasts a lot longer then I’m ever in the car, but in any case I single 12VDC outlet is fine with me.

Clearly, you don’t use Waze while driving. Waze is a real power hog.

It’s a necessity in most large cities. Waze even has carpool directions now.

Where’s the proof that the 2019 Kia Soul ev will be new or improved??

The elephant in the room is how many they will make available to the market.

That certainly remains a question. I get the feeling that their battery supply chain is nowhere near up to the demand (going by the small allocation of Hyundai Kona Electric in various territories), which is better than the opposite problem, but still a problem.

And where do you think they’ll be available?

I really like this vehicle. It builds nicely on the Niro PHEV (which I own). I am curious on what they are doing for battery thermal management. My PHEV uses air moved through the packs by an intake and exhaust fan all controlled based on allot of temp sensors in the pack design. The packs are inside the vehicle, versus under the frame and there are two of them. For now, the ability to have one vehicle for daily commute all EV, and then hybrid for my 300 plus mile weekend trips will keep me in the PHEV.

It will be liquid cooled like the Kona EV.

. “…We believe it is coming to the U.S. as well,…”

Could you change that to “…. We believe it is coming to the U.S. Compliance States as well,…” because most of the country will never see it in real life.

That is my concern / belief too. Here is Austin TX the demand for EVs is very high but the choices are very limited.

Speaking two other Romance languages Spanish is great to listen to.

Just got a 40kWh Leaf this week instead of waiting for the 60kWh options.

Out-the-door counting all rebates etc it’s going to be $16,000, Niro and Kona (and the 60kWh Leaf) are probably going to be $10,000 more.

Rather put that $10,000 into a winter/trail-capable car.

I like the look and design of the Niro EV better than the bubbly look on the Hyundai Kona EV. A recent test by YT EV guru Bjorn Nyland on the Kona 64 kWh showed extremely good efficiency and “beat” his Model X 90 kWh in a race from Oslo to Trondheim & back. If the Niro EV has the same running gear underneath the sheet metal, consider me interested.