Lightning Teases New Long Range, Low Price Electric Motorcycle


Take that, Harley!

Until now, Lightning Motorcycles has been known for one thing, and one thing only: the LS-218, a high-end electric superbike with a look and a price tag to match. Now, the company looks about ready to tackle the more mainstream segment with an affordable and long-range model. If the numbers the company is teasing turn out to be real, we’re potentially looking at what could become one of the best electric motorcycle offerings on the market.

Without any big announcement, Lightning Motorcycles posted a teaser image of a new bike coming to its one-model lineupon its Facebook page. We’ll leave this right here. While the company has been focusing on a more niche, premium segment à la Tesla, it now looks ready to tackle the mass production beast with the launch of the equivalent of its Model 3. The Strike—an appropriate name if there ever was one—will target a much broader audience than its big brother. According to the teaser, pricing will start just below the $13,000 mark, an average if not reasonable price for the segment.

What is $13k going to get you? Always according to the teaser, a top speed of 150 mph, a full charge within 35 minutes with a DC charger, and, drumroll, an impressive 150-mile electric range. In comparison, Harley recently released the LiveWire with a 110-mile range for double that price. I’ll let that sink in.

The image that reveals the future model’s specs also shows a pair of feline headlights—a typical feature of fully-faired sportbikes. Considering the look of the brand’s current model, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is opting for a sportier silhouette; you just have to look at the LS-218to know that their designers have an eye for this type of silhouette. I mean, it is meant to top at 150 mph after all, so a little aerodynamics won’t hurt.

Lightning will show us the bike this upcoming month of March at which point we can also expect to get a better idea of what the company is working on. We’ll find out whether the 150-mile range will be available at the announced price point or whether the Strike will be offered with different trim levels and battery capacities. I kind of hope to see the first scenario unfold because this could be a game changer for the electric motorcycle industry. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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STARTING at $13k! $13k will get you none of those specs IMHO. It’s going to have a smaller battery for the 13k price and a larger battery for $?k more to hit the listed specs. I’m very excited about this bike regardless! Zero also has something coming out in Feb I’m excited to see!

I like the fast charge in 35 minutes, but they should talk to GBatteries and see if it can be reduced to 10 minutes. That would be a great way for GBatteries to demonstrate its tech actually works.

I am sure the 150 mile range is based on the SAE standard which is done on a dyno, not a road. Zero and H-D use the same standard. This is about $9500.00 cheaper than an Energica Ego. I am guessing there is no traction, no ABS, and no tech. Maybe they are like H-D and have no L2 charging. If you were to try and cut $9500.00 from an Ego I think all you would have is bargain basement suspension and brakes with a big motor and a battery. Time will tell but I am skeptical.

Sigh. Please stop publishing RideApart articles written by unnamed authors who are clueless regarding electric vehicles, let alone electric motorcycles.
— Any mention of range without a specific test cycle (and there are several very different ones used for e-motorcycles) is just noise.
— Lightning is not “known” for anything because they have sold a grand total of one motorcycle to date. They are not a production company at this point, period. They made a lot of noise about being “the world’s fastest production motorcycle” a few years back, when (1) It wasn’t a production bike (2) They used a custom streamlined full-covering fairing.

Real companies don’t do teasers about real products — they demonstrate prototypes.
They lack sufficient funding for mass production, so will not be a game changer. Note the largest company currently in e-motorcycles is Zero, and they make just 2000 bikes/year. The market is basically still non-existent, e-scooters aside.

Until one or more of the big vendors (Japanese big 4, or one of the Europeans) get in on the act in a significant way — not like KTM’s dirt bike or BMW’s scooter — nothing will change.