Los Angeles Announces Largest City EV Fleet – 288 Plug-Ins, LAPD Gets A Tesla Model S P85D, BMW i3

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LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Announce Largest EV Fleet Buyer For Any US City

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Announce Largest US City EV Fleet Buy

In front of a fully dressed, police-edition Tesla Model S P85D and BMW i3, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that Los Angeles will now have the largest city-owned EV fleet in America.

Tesla Model S P85D - Police Edition

Tesla Model S P85D – Police Edition

In total, some 160 pure-electric (BEV) vehicles will be acquired along with 128 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

And like most Americans, LA has decided that leasing is the way to go when talking about utilizing a plug-in vehicle.  These new EVs will displace aging city petrol vehicles throughout the systen.

The LAPD blog breaks down how the plug-ins will be distributed:

The Los Angeles Police, Fire, General Services, and Water and Power departments will together lease the 160 BEVS. In addition, LADWP and the General Services Department will lease an additional 128 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Last year, Mayor Garcetti initiated LA’s “Sustainable City Plan”, a part of which said that 50% of the city’s light duty vehicles need to be EVs by 2017, and 80% by 2025.  This is the first major step in that plan.

“Today, we take another step toward becoming the most sustainable city in America. This year, Los Angeles will become home to the largest city-owned fleet of pure battery electric vehicles anywhere in the country, and we will save taxpayer dollars along the way.” – Mayor Garcetti. 

LAPD BMW i3 Gets A Boast Before Heading Out On Patrol

LAPD BMW i3 Gets A Boast Before Heading Out On Patrol

Me? Oh, I'm Just Going To Go Do Some "testing"...

Me? Oh, I’m Just Going To Go Do Some “testing”…

As for the shiny new Tesla Model S P85D on display at the event – before anyone gets too concerned about the “taxpayer’s money”, the high performance all-electric sedan, and also the BMW i3 present at the ceremony were both provided/loaned to the city by the automakers for “testing and research by LAPD technical experts“.

100 of the BEVs will be dedicated to the LAPD, making it the largest single departmental procurement to date. The BEVs will be used by detectives, investigators, and administrative employees. The LADWP will lease 44 BEVs and 113 of the PHEVs.

Just A Friendly "Heads-Up" To Would Be Speeders In LA

Just A Friendly “Heads-Up” To Would Be Speeders In LA

Tesla Model S P85D Joins The LAPD

Tesla Model S P85D Joins The LAPD

The city says the change in vehicle procurement policy will:

• Cut operating costs of the vehicles by an estimated 41% ($0.21 per mile for EVs vs. $0.37 per mile for conventional vehicles)
• Free up City budget dollars currently allocated to finance the purchase vehicles, so City departments can invest in key infrastructure upgrades;
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent to planting over 20,000 trees, while lowering harmful smog forming pollutants like NOx and hydrocarbons

The LA police department already boasts 23 electric scooters and 3 electric motorcycles.




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“…before anyone gets too concerned about the ‘taxpayer’s money’, the high performance all-electric sedan, and also the BMW i3 present at the ceremony were both provided/loaned to the city by the automakers for ‘testing and research by LAPD technical experts’.”

Ah, well I’m relieved to learn that. When I suggested, years ago, that American police and/or highway patrol departments would buy the Model S to use as pursuit vehicles, I was kidding!

Dubai actually does use the Model S as police cars. But that’s just one of many examples of wretched excess by the oil-rich rulers there.

Yes, I’m sure the police commissioner himself will be personally testing the Tesla P85D.

I wouldn’t mind it if the LA police used the P85D in an undercover sting to catch other drivers looking for a street race. Mounting GoPro cameras on the Tesla would not only provide the prosecution with irrefutable evidence, but would also make for some interesting YouTube videos. 😀

Does California law still allow for the seizure and forfeiture by police of cars that are caught street racing?

yeah, you can bet that these cars will be for captains and commanders and other higher ups (under the “administrative” rubric). essentially, they are going to be using BEVs for “light duty” use. so there is no need for the “ludicrous” option in these cars because the cars won’t be used for high speed pursuits.

Way to late. I predicted that a year ago, in fact I predicted that the army will change some of is cars to Tesla motors Controller and batteries! Maybe when the Gigafactory starts the the Army will start to buy a lot from Tesla.

I doubt it. The falcon wing doors on the Model X prevent the Army from installing a gun turret on the roof like you can on a Hummer with regular doors.

The falcon wing doors on the Model X allow them to open the doors slightly, Fire a Rocket, RPG, 50 Cal, or whatever in bursts, and retract the launcher/gun, and close the doors! Kind of like side mounted bomb bay doors! (Low Level Stealth – EV Version! Just needs some more ‘Radar’ or Light Absorbing Material Coatings!)

This will work all right as long as they can get enough charging stations in donut shop parking lots.

LOL +1

Yes, both occupant and vehicle will be fully charged. +1.

We all know that EVs are fun to drive and cheap to maintain, and it is nice to see that expressed in hard numbers “($0.21 per mile for EVs vs. $0.37 per mile for conventional vehicles)”

I hope LAPD gets many Tesla Cruisers. 70kWh is cheaper with enough range for 99%+ of police shifts.

I predict the officers will overwhelmingly prefer Tesla over the existing vehicles.

Maybe this is the piece of news that finally gets the other Auto Makers to wake up and make longer range EVs!!!

Image the Quality of Life in cities if there were no car/bus/truck pollution: 1000% better.

Imagine American taking a Strong Stand against Global Warming. Imagine the ability of a nation to avoid a global drought, and stratospheric food inflation.

It’s like living in another world.

I imagine that world often. I just hope we get there before it’s too late.

Teslas may actually save them money, police cars are abused miserably and require a lot of expensive maintenance. If the electric drivetrain proves robust enough to stand up to the abuse repairs + fuel savings + longer lifespan may end up in the green, that is unless that $100K car gets crashed in a chase!

One thing the police liked about the old cruisers is that they were easy to repair. The special model police only units could were made to do stuff like unbolt bent up fenders and bolt on new ones to get it rolling again quick. On the normal body that would be part of the unibody and be repaired on the vehicle.

Tesla’s aluminum body will be a special challenge.

Model S looks great in black and white. Kinda surprised Santa Monica has not done this yet…

What’s interesting here is that police cars come with systems that could be replaced with a Web application running on the Tesla’s big screen. That would save at least some money.

I’m surprised they went with a P85D. Also, the 19″ wheels would seem more apt for police work, since the 21″ are more easily damaged when hitting a curb and that sort of thing, and last less.

The P85D does not look particularly well configured as a cruiser, but no pictures of the interior.

These cars routinely idle for hours just to run the emergency flashing lights. I’ll bet the Tesla can power those lights for a long time, and a LOT cheaper than gas for an idling HP ICE.

Get real. ICE police car NOT need to run and idle to power their emergency flashing lights. Haven’t you heard of LEDs? All the police cars have these days for use in their emergency flashing lights.

Maybe not the lights so much but several different police officers I know tell me that if they don’t keep their car running the battery runs down rather quickly due to all of the other loads they have running in their vehicles.

That is definitely true. They don’t keep their car running purely for the lights.

They keep the car running due to tall the electronics that they have in cars these days. They have multiple radios and quite a bit of computer equipment to keep powered. It creates a heavy load on the car and they have to have multiple batteries in the vehicle to keep the equipment running or else the batteries bite it and the car needs to get jump started. It would be an interesting market to help solve the energy problem.

I live to see the day a _P90D_ pulls over a P85D for speeding, and has use Ludicrous mode to do it.

I would expect the Police Tesla to pass codes to the Civilian Tesla, to drop it into “Valet Mode”. 😉

Hmmm, I am on the fence about that idea. I am fine with remotely enabling Valet mode when the car is stolen. I am troubled by such an idea when the driver is the lawful owner/leasor.

the short chubby guy gets the i3 LOLOLOLOL

no running away from that

Not sure if the model s is a great choice for a police car. The “fuel” tank is way to big, if the car gets shot at that will be a problem. Great car, but perhaps not the best choice for a police car. Having said that they still use petrol rather than diesel so the problem might not be as big as I think.

So glad to see this, as I have been waiting awhile to see the stereotype broken, as perpetuated by so many TV dramas, of the ridiculously loud police car roaring in to the scene of the crime. It would seem so much more plausible that SILENCE would be the desire of the average police officer when approaching a dangerous situation. Now the TV dramas can show a stealth approach using Teslas, and night vision glasses, with headlights off, like you might expect of a show about special forces. GO EV!

If you get a chance, rent the 2001 Jet Li movie “The One.” Jet plays an L.A. cop who gets mixed up in some intergalactic shenanigans that involves multiple universes. At the very end (spoiler alert) Jet is sent to the universe in which Al Gore wins the 2000 election, and everyone drives EVs. He is dropped in the middle of an intersection, and several current EVs almost run him over, including a Honda Plus, Sparrow, Th!nk and a couple of other EVs I can’t remember. I think a police car is also an EV, but not sure. I had my own 2000 Ford Ranger EV by then and spent several years trying to find that alternative universe myself. It’s a silly movie, but although President Gore didn’t happen, at least the EVs made it through.

And I’m still driving my NiMH Ranger EV!

Operating costs of $0.21 per mile for EVs? Sounds way too high.

I’m guessing they’re talking about more than just fueling costs, just not sure what that would include

Operating cost is very low. I think operating cost = “fuel” + insurance + depreciation + maintenance/repair.

Very nice Police Tesla