Watch Kia e-Niro Get The Autogefühl Treatment At Paris Debut


Yes, it does look familiar.

The Kia e-Niro has just made its debut in production form at the Paris Motor Show. If it looks a little familiar, that’s because this is the same vehicle that’s been going by the name Niro EV, and which we’ve been tracking since its first soft debut back in May. If you are a regular InsideEVs reader, then no doubt you’ve been following our coverage of this solid battery-powered offering — from watching YouTuber Bjorn Nyland drive it more than 300 miles in Korea to learning about its sub-$40,000 price tag in the U.S..

Even if you’ve seen this coverage, though, you’ll want to check out the video from Autogefühl (above) as they refresh our memories about the exterior styling and interior details. It’s only ten minutes long and a great reminder of the solid features and performance that the e-Niro offers. If you’d like to get all the details. We’ve got the official press release awaiting your perusal below, along with a few fresh images.


New Kia e-Niro provides driving range of up to 485 kilometres on a single charge from high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery

615 km homologated range for city driving

312-kilometre combined cycle range from standard 39.2 kWh battery pack

Zero-emissions crossover combines electric power with crossover space and practicality

Innovative technologies to harvest and conserve electric energy

200,000 Niro models sold globally since 2016; 65,000 sold in Europe

Paris Motor Show debut; on-sale across Europe by the end of 2018


18 September 2018 – The all-new Kia e-Niro will offer owners a driving range of up to 485 kilometres (301 miles)* on a single charge when it goes on-sale across Europe at the end of 2018. The e-Niro, Kia’s first fully-electric crossover utility vehicle, will be revealed in European specification at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, before sales begin later this year.

European homologation on the WLTP combined cycle has confirmed the 485 km range for the e-Niro when powered by the high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. On the WLTP ‘urban’ test cycle, the e-Niro is capable of travelling for up to 615 km (382 miles) – further than many gasoline cars. Plugged into a 100 kW fast charger, it takes only 54 minutes to recharge the e-Niro’s 64 kWh battery to 80%. The car’s standard 39.2 kWh power pack has also been rated, offering drivers up to 312 km (193 miles) of zero-emissions motoring on a full charge (WLTP combined cycle).

The e-Niro will be one of the most capable electric vehicles when sales commence, combining driving enjoyment, eye-catching design, crossover utility and a zero-emissions powertrain. The new e-Niro joins existing Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid variants of the Niro – of which more than 200,000 have sold globally since its introduction in 2016. To date, Europe has accounted for more than 65,000 sales of the hybrid crossover.

Models equipped with the long-distance 64 kWh battery pack are paired with a 150 kW (204 ps) motor, producing 395 Nm torque, enabling the e-Niro to accelerate from 0-to-100 kph in just 7.8 seconds. The standard 39.2 kWh battery pack is matched to a 100 kW (136 ps) motor, also producing 395 Nm torque, and accelerating to 100 kph from a standstill in 9.8 seconds. Like the Niro Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid variants, the e-Niro is front-wheel drive.

The e-Niro provides owners with a range of technologies to enhance battery efficiency and improve the car’s range, including regenerative braking, Coasting Guide Control (CGC), and Predictive Energy Control (PEC). The technologies enable drivers to recharge the battery pack and maximise vehicle range when coasting or braking. CGC and PEC are linked to the navigation system and account for upcoming corners and topographic changes, suggesting when drivers could coast in order to harvest additional energy.

The e-Niro will be covered by Kia’s industry-leading 7-Year, 150,000-kilometre warranty as standard. The warranty also covers the battery pack and electric motor.


Kia e-Niro

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Beat Brunner

What’s really really nice is the mains plug (220V AC) in the back between the seats! Really great for powering and recharging your laptop, and maybe also to power some electric tools too. Wonder how many Watts it can output, and if it’s off the high-voltage battery or off the 12V circuit ?

I really like this car. Tops on my list to add to the EV stable in 2019 (to our existing Leaf and Xtracycle Edgerunner cargo bike). Utility, range, pretty good road tripping abilities once the fast-charger network flushes out a bit further in a few years. We’ll replace the Leaf in around 2022-2024 with an EV SUV (maybe a Model Y, if Tesla remembers how to make a practical vehicle in a few years).

Another Euro point of view

Around 7’50” Thomas says ” I just have to say for this vehicle, RESPECT” . The more I see it the more I exactly think the same about this Kia Niro EV. I just hope it doesn’t mean that Kia is selling one dollar for 80 cents with that car and that consequently we could see a small production volume.


Bjorn Nyland’s series on the Niro sold me.. his series is great. This is a great EV and I am almost considering this in lieu of the Model 3. I’ll have to test drive when it’s in the dealerships later this year.

Dan F.

I don’t know where you are, but pour moi, I just hope it makes it to the U.S. in real numbers. I’m in CA which increases my chance of actually seeing one at a Kia store.


Me Too! The Absence of the Charging Network is Leaning Me Towards Model 3…


Well certainly get the 64 kWh battery the 40 is as slow as death, if you can get one at all, but it looks like a good effort out of the box.
Probably gets around 250 mpc, normal driving.
Btw, industry leading warranty. I don’t think so.


7 year warranty not good?


136ps will give it the performance of the Gen I Leaf. I wouldn’t call that ‘slow’ at all.


When They Say, “Solid Battery” I wonder if they Mean “Solid State” Because I read That Hyundai Had a Pilot Project Assembling Their Own Solid State Batteries …Does Anyone Know ?

Mart Shearer

I think the US should drop EVSE in favor of “wall box”.


? My EVSE connects to a nema 15-40r and become a wall-box.

But I can also take it when I go car camping.


Hyundai and Kia should start to think about building their own Gigafactory for the supply of batteries.