Kia Conducts Soul EV Range Test – Video


Soul EV Range Test

Soul EV Range Test

“Kia UK set up a test of the Soul EV’s range on a single charge. The full range achieved on this test was 125.3 miles, with a conservative estimate of a further nine miles shown on the display; equaling a total range potential of 134.9 miles. A diagnostics report run on the vehicle soon after the test showed the battery still had 13% battery remaining, which equates to 15 miles when calculated against the homologated range of 132, meaning a realistic potential range of 140.3. The likelihood is there were more miles to be had considering the Soul EV’s intelligent regenerative braking system, teamed with available driver controlled functions to extend range – limited use of on-board electronics, air conditioning, driving frugally etc.”

Please consider that this test was conducted by Kia, not an independent tester.

Our own range test of the Kia Soul EV concludes with the following statements:

We drove a total of 104.5 miles, however 100 miles from the odometer reading was at 62mph (100kmh). With the Google Maps correction of 1.5% added to the odometer, we will therefore award 101.5 mile (162.4 km) autonomous range at 62mph (100km) given our test parameters.

With an ending economy / consumption rate of 3.9 miles per kWh (256.4 watt hours per mile), or 6.24 km per kWh (160 watt hours per km) divided into the distance of 104.5 miles results with 26.8 kWh of usable energy consumed from the battery.


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Great…would have loved the chance to lease or purchase one of these. Unfortunately, not for sale in WASHINGTON state…bummer.


Anybody know when/if Kia Soul EV will be available in WA?
I contacted Mercedes for B-Series EV, they told me that B-series EV will be available by June-2015 in WA


have a deposit for soul ev over a year now
might just have to keep my 2013 coda
still running strong with almost 10,000 miles and used as a daily driver
lol 18000 purchase price with my 7500
rebate on the way and i own it
also no range anxiety over 100 miles per charge on a warm day about 80 miles below 20 degrees
ps with heat on


Ampzilla you are lucky. You got a bargain good going till the batteries are Coda Blue and flat line


So sell the stupid thing county wide already.


My question is how fast where they driving when they got this range. If they where driving 55 or 60 miles on hour that could help me a great deal. If they where driving 30 miles on hour that would be kind of hard to drive with in the EV Nowhere Lands of Central Virginia.


KIA’s estimates have not always been reliable.

Alan Campbell

Nice job Kia EV! With most of my driving being city/urban, I should expect better than average range from an EV.

Time to buy a new car and with daily miles below 50 on a daily basis, it’s time to go EV.

Looking at the 2015 Focus EV. Current lease based on the new configurator is $236/mo for 36 months with Zero Down.

Still waiting for the official launch with all the details.

Justin W.

That was a pretty low average speed. The average speed that includes a lot of reward driving at 65mph would be closer to 35-45mph average. Thus this was very much a low speed test with very little freeway type driving. Still great but not what you could achieve outside of city driving.


I commuted 100km both ways daily for my last job and my average speed over that distance was pretty much exactly 60km/h or 40mph, including pretty much 1/3 of Autobahn driving, so that is a very realistic speed.


This car wasn’t even at NAIAS. Shows how committed Kia is to their new EV.

Jay Cole


Tim F.

Strange, when I was there yesterday it was nowhere to be found. I even asked at the information desk and they said it wasn’t there.

Jay Cole

Weird, it was there on press days Jan 12th and 13th for us.


Here is a German real life range test of Kia Soul EV:

They test it at the same time as a BMW i3. They drive till the end, which you never do in real life, but it gives a good impression how far you would go, if needed, with normal driving.

Murrysville EV

Not available in PA – no deal.

EV Vinod

I’ve been driving a Soul EV for 3 months in San Diego. Getting over 100 miles consistently. And, I’ve never charged outside my garage. Compared to my 2011 Leaf, this is night and day: a real taste of the future. I now drive with climate on, don’t worry about speed, and rarely even look at range. Also, the range estimates are accurate, don’t fluctuate wildly like on the leaf.

Clearly if Kia decided to actually sell these in quantity, it would do very well. But they are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!


I want one in Ohio !!!


Not available in all states. I’m waiting for the a 2yr lease at $250 in central U.S. If the timing pushes me into 2016, I’ll lease a 2016 Volt later this year while I wait for the 2017 BEVs to release.


local dealer:

“and we’d be ecstatic to sell you one if Kia would let us.. we can’t even get one to evaluate and learn about” midwest.

woulda’ coulda’ been daughter’s grad present, she and I agree about the Leaf’s uhmm.. styling. Art Grad cain’t quite get the frenchish, citroenesque looks, heheh.

Kia, sale in Hand, What are you thinking?


I am a proud EV owner with a little bit of experience, if you look closely you will see that it is not real life condition or not in my way of driving 5h31 to make 125.3 that an average of 22 mph ??? so watch out if you jump on the highway, don’t think you will ever be close of those numbers.
By the way the car look great. Keep up the ev mode