July 2018 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales: What To Expect?


Will July 2018 be the new breakout month for U.S. electric car sales?

July will mark the 34th month of consecutive year-over-year monthly sales gains for plug-in vehicles.

Every month InsideEVs tracks all the plug-in EV sales/deliveries for the United States by automaker and brand. To say that 2018 has been an interesting year would be a massive understatement. January came and put a bit of doubt into many of us, but then, things started to move in a more positive direction. In fact, three of the five best-selling months of all time for electric vehicles have all happened this year. July is sure to make the list and incredibly likely to top it.

While June didn’t quite reach our estimates, it was still a solid month for the segment. We’ve found that the final month of each quarter tends to net stronger delivery numbers than the previous months, and June was able to prove that true, albeit marginally. Historically, June sales haven’t always exceeded that of May, and when they have, it hasn’t often been by some compelling margin. With that being said, this past June’s results shouldn’t have anyone discouraged. Looking forward, there’s little doubt that July deliveries could pass 30K on the month, which would be about double that of July 2017.

Top Months for U.S. EV Sales to Date (estimated):

  1. March 2018 – 26,373
  2. December 2017 – 26,107
  3. June 2018 – 25,179
  4. December 2016 – 24,785
  5. May 2018 – 24,560

Thus far, an estimated 124,687 plug-in electric vehicles have been sold in the U.S. in 2018. We have six months to go and we anticipate each one will be a winner. Simply doubling the ~125K puts U.S. EV sales at 250K for 2018, but we all know it doesn’t work that way. September and December should easily knock it out of the park, with the other months achieving impressive numbers along the way. Are we finally at the point that we can confidently say 2018 will eclipse the 300K-mark?

Check Out: Contributor Josh Bryant’s 2018 yearly sales predictions here

Keep yourself tuned in and refreshing the pages during the coming days as we put the numbers to the dialogue. We will begin reporting sales tomorrow morning (August 1, 2018) and continue through the end of the week. For now, check out some questions to consider. Please submit more questions for July and we’ll make an effort to add them to the monthly report card answer them.

In the meantime, what are your estimates? Particular models … overall for the month … end-of-year numbers?

Questions entering July:

  1. How high will Tesla Model 3 U.S. sales soar above all others?
  2. Can Tesla maintain solid U.S. delivery numbers for the Model S and Model X, despite the growing Model 3 production ramp?
  3. Will Toyota Prius Prime deliveries jump back up after the unexpected drop in June?
  4. Can the Chevrolet Volt continue to shine and surpass the Chevrolet Bolt EV for overall sales on the year?
  5. The last four months have looked pretty promising for the 2018 Nissan LEAF. Will it get any better even though many people may be anticipating the upcoming 2019 model?
  6. Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid sales have really impressed, especially in the last two months. How many did Honda deliver in July?

***InsideEVs’ journalist Wade Malone provided sales estimations and related analysis.

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July 2018 will be the first month ever to exceed 30K cars thanks to Tesla Model 3. Many people believe TM3 will reach 15K level. I will be delighted to see anything higher than 10K for TM3.

Depends on how many of the July Model 3 units are in transit. My hunch is the Q2 results are tomorrow because Tesla is expecting very strong July deliveries, although not part of Q2, will make investors more settled because Q2 performance will likely be bad.

Given 11,xxx units were in transit during Q2, I expect maybe 20,000+ deliveries in July. Maybe I am being overly bullish, but honestly I put a range of 15,000 to 25,000 units. I have little confidence in how many, and I also don’t know how many of those went to Canada.

Tesla *always* reports the number for the last quarter a month later. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Having said that, it’s indeed very likely that they will mention some positive July numbers for encouragement, just like they did for Q1/April…

Considering the current delivery troubles, I’m not sure we should count on the number of units in transit to have declined compared to end of June… Still, with something like 15,000 new units likely produced this month, deliveries should hopefully be around that level at least.

I also believe they will have about 20k deliveries of the Model 3 in July. I believe this for two reasons. First, they had over 11k in transit for delivery at the end of June. These are the “hold backs” to protect the $7500 tax credit until the end of 2018. Second, they likely sustained an average of 4k cars per week in manufacturing in July. Based on what I’ve seen, they are delivering cars quickly. I personally have had two VINs issued to me (I couldn’t take delivery on the first one on July 29th, so they issued me a second one for August 8th).

That likely equates with more than 20k for July.

Agreed. Guessing around 20k delivered.

13k-17k that’s my estimates from model 3 sales

The Global Top 20 to the end of June has just been released. Tesla is doing very well.

First of all, you have to wait until middle of Aug to get the full picture since the automakers don’t reveal the sales.

Secondly Tesla Model 3 may grab some sales from other models in it’s range.

Thirdly only if other automakers have some decent sales, the 30K target may be hit, otherwise it will come close to it.

Still we can expect 2018-07 to become the new #1.

At the beginning of July there were 10K M3s in transit. I believe 15K deliveries M3 and around 30K total is reasonable for July.

Agreed. The 10-11k Model III’s in transit are essentially booked. Since they changed the delivery protocol this month, I won’t be surprised if 15k is far too low. Model S and Model X should still be steady-state at this point. Now that the Performance version of the Model III is out along with dual motor, that unlocks some sleeper/deferred buyers.

I do hope they identify when the $35k Model III will start shipping. I am amazed that Tesla is not battery-constrained right now, like *every other manufacturer* is in passenger vehicles.

My understanding is that Panasonic has cranked up battery production of the cells for the Model 3 hence why there are now battery-constraints for Tesla.

Why would Model 3 be battery-constrained? Ramping battery cell production is not really a problem, if the demand is known sufficiently in advance — and Tesla did know it, thanks to the reservation process. They have been planning the current production rate for quite some time (targetting it for half a year ago in fact…); so no problem there.

On the other hand, there was some mention that Model S and X are battery-constrained… I’m guessing because they don’t want to further increase production of the “old” 18650 cell format, while presumably they want to switch these models to the newer 21700 format too at some point?

Another current IEVs article says the Model S and X won’t be refreshed for a full year. I expect Tesla to switch those models over to the 2170 Gigafactory cells whenever the refresh happens.

Let’s not forget that the Gigafactgory 1 bottleneck was with Tesla assembling the packs, not with Panasonic making the cells. Panasonic already has experience with manufacturing battery cells in high volume. Tesla is only just now learning the ins and outs of high volume manufacturing.

More misinformation, Refresh S and X interior in 3Q 2019, Full refresh which is when the battery and motors will be replaced 2021 was reported yesterday…

“More misinformation”
That should be your user name.

Clearly, you do not follow the news…. Electrek reported 3Q 2019 Interior update for Model S and X, and 2021 for a full refresh…


The Tesla state news confirms it

And nothing in there says anything about motors or battery.

“I am amazed that Tesla is not battery-constrained right now, like *every other manufacturer* is in passenger vehicles.”

Why would you be amazed or even surprised? Tesla — and Panasonic — have spent several billion dollars ensuring a large and growing supply of battery cells for the Model 3. No other EV maker except BYD has done that. By comparison, Nissan’s AESC was only a token effort with the wrong partner.

Tesla is amazing. Leave me to my amazement at their accomplishment!

Maybe tomorrow night, or the day after, some analyst will come forward recognizing not just the battery shortage for others, but how the domestics have pulled back on sedans. Free lunch. Lots of good news could dominate the forward look, for Tesla.

It wasn’t a token effort, the issue was Nissan refusing to properly cool the batteries.

They may well start to see a spike in model s and x sales from the expiration of tax credit in december.

Anything above 10,000 Model 3 deliveries will be reassuring for the segment. (Obviously these should soon rise to 15-20,000 a month).

~20K Model 3s per month number depends on US deliveries vs the rest of world. There may never be 20K per month in the US, but clearly there is incentive to do so for 2H2018 to leverage the tax credit.
Will be interesting to see how the play it.

Unless they change plans again, international deliveries won’t start before 2019; and Canada is a fairly limited market — so almost all 2019 production should be going to the US. Since they are very confident that they can get beyond 5,000 units per week sustained rate in the next few months, 20,000 US deliveries per month some time this year is pretty much a given I’d say.

I think it is physically impossible for a company like Tesla to delivery 20,000 units in a month. The biggest hurdle they face is logistics. Other car manufacturing plants in the US have the capability to load cars onto trains and move them out pretty quickly once produced. Tesla on the other hand relies strictly on trucks that can carry 6-8 cars at a time to clear out Tesla finished product lot. This alone will cause Tesla to slow production so that cars can move out but also will limit how quickly a car can go from A to B. Also like I said in my comment for this article, transit does not mean delivery. Tesla is known to twist the meaning of words and stretch the truth to put a positive spin on things thus even though 11K plus Model 3s were in “transit” at the end of June how many of those were going to a customer and how many were going to a site to be reworked?

Tesla delivered close to 20k vehicles last month, being the second best month ever. Doing over 20k should be no problem.

Tesla uses trains.

Tesla will sell more EVs in the US in July than all other automakers combined.

15k TM3 deliveries, 17.5k total Tesla deliveries.

15k deliveries of all other EV/PHEV.

I think the Model 3 is outselling a lot of gassers too.

When the Volt sold 3,000 in a single month it outsold almost half of the car models sold in the US, if memory serves. 6,000 per month is probably in the second quintile.

Everything in it’s class.

I agree, the sales numbers are impressive for a BEV… The only negative is that is is a big miss on Tesla’s guidance.

It is only impressive if it is sustainable. The problem it is not. Tesla is clearing out a 2 year backlog of people waiting for a car. That back log is not infinite neither is demand so once that backlog is cleared how many model 3s will be sold each month in the US?

“once that backlog is cleared how many model 3s will be sold each month in the US?”
0 from the backlog.

The Model S and Model X went on to see a full order of magnitude increase in buyers after the backlog of reservation holders ended.

Are you under the impression that nobody besides the folks who have put down deposits will ever want to buy a Model 3?

Of course we heard all the same talking points for both the S and X, and it was all proven so badly wrong that it isn’t even funny. In fact, that meme was so badly wrong that last month Tesla held the top 3 sales slots for plugins, despite all the hand wringing years ago that there would be no demand once S/X reservations were processed.

S sales are down 12% YTD in the USA… And that is before Model 3 ramps, so lets wait and see…

And you promised you wouldn’t go negative… Not only does your post have nothing to do with what I posted, it is also disingenuous, offering only half the story.

Tesla announced back in 2017 that they planned on reducing Model S production intentionally in order to focus on Model 3 ramp. You actually know this, because you’ve posted on stories about it on multiple websites.

So clearly it has nothing to do with demand — which you also know. So when you post that in response to talk about demand, you clearly are just grasping for straws on how to cast Tesla in as much a negative light as possible.

I think demand for the 35K model 3 will be strong on a sustained basis… The AWD, and 3P will have a limited take rate as the addressable market at that price range is just smaller and more competitive. I am really curious what the Model 3P does to S sales in the USA… That is a metric to watch.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Once the backlog eases, you will see a second wave of orders coming in from people who will start seeing more Teslas on the road and will start getting rides and test drives from friends and family who own one. The second wave could be as big, or larger, than the first. Then Model Y reservations will start.

Don’t forget also people who would buy one but aren’t In a position to wait for years. Bringing the wait down to 1- 3 months will allow orders from them, of which there is a steady number as cars come off lease. Not many c.ar buyers will plan a couple years in advance but a couple months is more like “normal”.

If Tesla put out a competitive lease for the 35k 3 at $2k down at $299. I would trade my volt in

Got a volt to sell for $10k it’s premiere. My EV.com don’t have a section for phevs

Yep, 20k a month would be in the top 10 of all car sales.

Total Tesla deliveries in the US in July 2018 (S+X+3):

probably more than 15,000

I think you are pretty close to the total…

Don’t worry, whatever the total, we are ready for you to be amazingly negative, and ignore that Tesla’s sales numbers will absolutely crush all other US plugin sales numbers.

Well, I am not going to be negative, but Tesla guided a run rate of 7K per week leaving Q2, and ramping to 8K per week by the end of August, I am excited to see the progress on those goals, and also how the demand is looking going forward. 15K sales I would think even to a Tesla fan for July would be disappointing, as that signals that very few July builds made it to customers as there was jut under 15K in transit a month ago.

No. I’m pretty sure you will find SOME way to go negative. You are that predictable.

But I’ll remind you when you do go negative that you promised you wouldn’t.

Actually you seem to have a very negative outlook to my potentially being negative… I am just going to look at the numbers, especially for Model 3 USA, I expect 10.4K- 13K deliveries… More then 15K would be a good sign… More then 20K would tell me all is well in Tesla distribution. Below 10K would be a disaster, and say there is already a serious demand problem.

Lots of comments about Model 3, however there are more EV manufacturers than just Telsa out there. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the numbers.

Would like to see worldwide numbers from InsideEVs, not just U.S. monthlies. There is more activity outside of the U.S. in EV sales.

There are, but nearly all the growth is Tesla right now. Every other automaker will be fighting over the scraps until they get serious.

I like non-Tesla EVs, but saw this coming last couple years. Manufacturers saw it too which is why some revamped EV plans, but takes a few years to implement those.

I don’t think others are fighting over scraps.

The big dogs have been playing with EVs to build knowledge, experience (build and service), cost models, etc while raking in record profits with traditional vehicles, all the while waiting for battery costs to come down and market acceptance of EVs to rise.

I’m sure they have always planned to react once those two conditions become favourable before jumping in with both feet. Tesla has been helping to show them the way but I’m sure everything is going according to their plans.

The smaller manufacturers (like Mazda, Subaru, etc) who don’t have the R&D budget must be getting quite worried though and scrambling to sort out some partnership to help them survive the transition.

Then they will enjoy playing catch up. Not a great position to be in. I think VW group is probably the best situated, GM and BMW next, maybe MB. Any time you have a major tech shift like this you get changes in who the major players are. Ask Sony how their TV business is doing. Compare to the end of the CRT era.

I would think that GM having built and sold 200k+ electric cars would be in a better place development-wise than VW. How many electric cars has VW delivered? That is a question not an insult aimed at VW.

They might be, it is hard to say. VW is more vocal about their designs and R&D spending, so maybe that is why. I am split if I wanted to put those two together or not. We should be seeing what GM is releasing very soon. They are supposed to have a new BEV by the end of the year but it has been all quiet, they must be being incredibly secretive. Usually you would see prototypes driving around by now.

However, I do not doubt VW’s EV onslaught is coming. GMs pace has actually slowed dramatically, which is a bit concerning, although likely due to changing plans on what they are releasing going forward. I also give GM credit for autonomous driving and ride sharing.

I think GM is trying to hedge on what happens with CAFE.

Volkswagen has invested billions ensuring a large supply of EV batteries over the next few years. GM… not so much. And GM farmed out the entire powertrain for the Bolt EV to LG Electronics/ LG chem, so that pretty clearly shows their reluctance to jump into large-scale plug-in EV manufacturing.

Yeah, I think it’s going to be VW who challenges Tesla for the lead in EV sales in the coming years, not GM.

Personally I say BYD, but the more the EV’s the better. It all just cuts into the ICE car numbers because Tesla has made it so VW/GM/BMW/etc can’t compete with Tesla unless they build EV’s so compelling that they beat their own ICE offerings.

In a sales transition to EV’s like that, Tesla can continue to increase sales quite rapidly while their competitors convert their own base of ICE buyers to EV buyers growing the entire EV share of the car sales pie.

Never buying a China automotive car.

BYD is in a different market; they are not challenging Tesla.

So true. Where’s there 22 plug in lineup ? Oh that was Ford

VW is talking the talk and they are putting money into the effort, but they are way late and they don’t even BEGIN to show up until next year with one model in the US.

Volkswagen hasn’t invested anything in battery supply as far as I’m aware. They just made some contracts for future supply.

I don’t know the actual all-time numbers; but I think the number of PHEVs and BEVs VW has sold worldwide is probably in a similar range as GM. Current sales are in fact quite a bit higher. (Even though the few BEVs in their current lineup are just ICE conversions…)

‘Then they will enjoy playing catch up. Not a great position to be in.’

The VW Group with a vast array of global brands and presence worldwide is in a position to dominate the EV market over the next 15 years.

The BEV market is still a relatively small market producing little to no profits for any manufacturer. Until Tesla discloses their capital raising strategy to establish two new foreign plants, I remain skeptical.

Unlike US customers, the Chinese will buy primarily from Chinese manufacturers.

China is THE MARKET – Who do you think will be building BEVs in China 1st (BMW, VW Group, or Tesla)?

GM should be on your list too.

However, I still think Tesla will be on the early side there. BMW iX3 isn’t supposed to start production until similar time frame as Model Y in China (2020). Maybe Model

Model Y will not start production in China until at least 2021, and in volume 2022… remember to correct announcements for Elon time….

If Elon says that Model Y production will start in 2020, production will start in 2020. He said the Model 3 would start deliveries by the end of 2017 way back in March 2015 and it started in July 2017 for example.

I think Tesla has proven that they can magick an entire assembly line in a few weeks if they feel the need to so I can’t think of any reason they couldn’t meet a production year target. When you can actually get your hands on one is anyone’s guess though.

Haha! Yeah!!! That…

It is amazing how you can twist a 2 quarter delay into blind rhetoric as if it were an 8 or 12 quarter delay…

It has been 20 + quarters since GM and Nissan missed on their original Volt and Leaf targets. And they STILL have never reached those targets (unfortunately). Bolt is way behind targets this year.

But funny you always pretend that missing targets, even though they hit them later is the big problem?


As I have said, Bolt and Leaf are not critical programs for GM or Nissan…. Have you looked at GM truck sales? They passed Ford for 1H 2018, thats a well executed critical program.

So your excuse for you applying a double standard to Tesla’s EV targets is…

Look! Squirrel! Trucks!

Got it. More intellectual dishonesty. Thanks for living down to expectations. It makes you easy to predict.


I want Ford to either buy a portion of Tesla or the other way around or merge. I see them being the first ones out on streets. Really no bevs or plug ins only suvs and trucks. At least GM has whole range of cars to wagons, suvs, plugins.

If Tesla was just slapping together a car with off the shelf parts, what you are talking about would be relevant. The Model 3 has been dissembled by more than one engineering firm and has been found to be at the bleeding edge of just about all the EV systems in the car.

Monro said that the 3’s chassis/unibody is clunky, overweight and old fashioned, but the flip side is that they think that Tesla will eventually be able to strip out a lot of weight and cost. But the question is when will that happen.

Actually, they said the chassis is amazing; it’s just the body they complained about. (Don’t know where you heard “old-fashioned”, though. Their complaint was that it’s supposedly overly complicated, and that’s it.)

Yet when they did the whole analysis, they realised that it’s not actually all that expensive…

Subaru is in good position with awd and Toyota backing. Mazda no. I only see those cars in urban cores

Last month the YoY increase globally was 60 000 units. Tesla adding just over 10% of the growth.

Tesla is increasing, but it is barely increasing faster than the global market this year. And both last year and next year they will be growing slower than the global market.

Actually, this year they will increase over 150% — more than twice as fast as the global market.

Also, the vast majority of the global increase is from Chinese makers, in their own market. Tesla is growing faster than any other global maker.

You bought the Leaf just in time. Nice move. What a shame Ontario doesn’t have incentives anymore

My guess is July will be a great month for plug-in EVs, with Tesla leading the charge.

+1 total sales for EV’s being a great month — that is what really matters….

I expect 11k in transit from June + (4k M3 per week + 500 S + 500 X)*3.5 = 28.5k – 4k in transit this time = 24k in July

Tesla Model Has already Blown everyone Away , and will continue to keep on Blowing everyone away for a long time to come! …….Guaranteed*

I am seeing a lot of claritys running around.

Great car, I have only seen 1 other besides my own. Hopefully they can start selling more, but seem to be hitting same issue as the Volt Gen 1 did many years ago where the dealers are a big hurdle.

There’s 30 clarity here in Cleveland area is that people are not buying them. The ass of car fugly and I love to buy one but mainstream not so much

It does take some getting used to to look at.

This is a tough month to estimate, I will take a shot at USA sales…. Model 3 10400-13K Model S 1000 Model X 1400 Prime 1900 Bolt 1200 Volt 1450 Total plug-ins 31K

22K for M3 and EV total 40K
Flat month for Toyota Prius Prime deliveries; 2.5k at the most.
Chevrolet Volt will surpass Chevrolet Bolt EV for overall sales on the year
Nissan LEAF will surpass 2K
Best ever month Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid with 2.5K

Wow, you really missed on those numbers… Maybe numbers are not your thing?

Hyundai Ionic Electric deliveries in the first half of 2018:
Europe: 4,569
US: 198

Why is Hyundai delivering so tiny few Hyundai Ionic Electric to the US (compared to Europe)?

This huge difference in delivery numbers doesn’t make much sense.

The US isn’t the main market by a long shot.

Hyundai has trouble meeting fleet efficiency averages in the EU, so they need to sell a significant number of compliance cars. Apparently they don’t have much trouble in the US…

Production does not equal sales. Transit does not equal deliveries. I am being very conservative and say Tesla delivered around 6500 Model 3 but would not be surprised if it delivered closer to 8000. Tesla is faced with a logistics, production problem, and delivery problem especially with the Model 3 which is why I think we will see a max either July or August on the number of Model 3 Tesla is able to deliver in a month. With that, thanks to Tesla clearing out the backlog of Model 3 reservations the Model 3 will be the best seller for 2H 2018 and cause the US to have new records on EV sales but the Model 3 will most likely start losing its position come Q1 2019.

Jean-François Morissette

What do you see taking the lead in Q1 2019 then?

Tesla better be delivering north of 20,000 Model 3’s a month. I think they will do it but as a stock holder anything less than 20,000 would be a fail. The need several months of solid deliveries.

You are going to be disappointed, I would say the highest believable would be 15K, which is 25% below your estimate.

Please Terminate my subscription & all my Posts ..I Shall Stop Blogging any and all my opinions..I will Cease making any contributions to this site permanently .

You need to cut out the foul language and inappropriate posts. We don’t allow it. Harassing people isn’t something that is okay here. The other comments you pointed out were deleted as well, just like yours. I just hadn’t gotten to them yet. It’s a full-time job to moderate this comment section and it cuts into publishing time. If there weren’t foul comments like those that you posted today, and others interacting with you, it could have been a smooth day. Your opinions are just fine, as are yours and any other person’s beliefs about any automaker, topic, etc. However, name-calling, cussing, and inciting issues is not ok. We allow just about everything to be posted here in the comments so as not to hinder debate or show partiality to any brand. We even deal with the constant back and forth between the Tesla-fan community and the Tesla haters. Our goal is definitely not to stifle. But if I receive personal emails about people being harassed, then that’s a different story.

You are taking the wrong Side , The other Guy made a Foul Comment towards me 1st , Look at My initial blog There was “no offensive content” in it , Out Of Nowhere he started about Crapping in a Box etc: & giving it to me , Provoking me to address him for the Filthy Dirty Insulting Pig That he is,, “I AM TRULY OFFENDED BY THESE UN PROVOKED FILTHY RESPONSES” Read My Blog It’s Just Above ,YOU will Agree that there is no foul language to warrant such a disrespectful & insulting response…. I will Continue to read the articles , However , I am Finished Blogging on this site …..Final….

Final Final? Do you promise?

I saw that your initial comment was just fine. It was some comments after that. I saw his movie quote and didn’t catch it at first. Then, I read over the thread again and deleted that comment along with a few others. I have received a handful of emails about your comments and the moderating filter deletes your posts often. I have to go back in and approve them throughout the day nearly every day, which takes a lot of extra time. This isn’t a first-time issue. If people are complaining and the filter is commonly sending your comments to the trash, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Just keep it clean please and if someone is harassing you, feel free to shoot me an email so that I can take care of it before it escalates. Harassing back is never the best choice, especially when it involves inappropriate language. Thanks in advance for fixing these issues.

Very exciting month. I’m sure the numbers will be very good.

One thing I’m worried about in the next six months or so is the release of new EV models. Some of the upcoming European models (Porsche/Audi/Volvo) seem exceedingly expensive. I would like to see some midpriced and midsized SUV/CUV EVs released which are also the largest selling group in ICE too.

Hyundai/Kia/VW so far have US sales in the compliance range. When will Toyota and Honda have a real BEV for sale? Honda with the clarity is at GM’s Volt level from a few years ago.

Hyundai really should deliver more Hyundai Ionic Electric cars to the US. Only 198 so far in 2018. But did deliver 4,568 of those to Europe in the first half of 2018.

This is the month when the general public realizes that electric cars are real.

We are fortunate that Tesla ramp up model 3, otherwise it would have been a bad month, so far almost every other model sold less than June

I don’t think that you being fair in breaking the sales of Ioniq and Clarity in PHEV and BEV but not for the i3. I agree that splitting the data for the i3 may be harder, but you could at least give an estimated break-up (that adds up to the right figure).

We get actual numbers for the Ioniq and the Clarity breakdowns. We don’t ever get that for the i3 and have no idea what they are. Every month, we publish all three Clarity figures and both IONIQ numbers, even if it takes a while to get them. We also are able to track that individual inventory for those vehicles. For both reasons, we have a history to go by and eventual reports from the automakers. As far as BMW goes, they consider the i3 the same whether or not it has the REx, since it’s not actually a PHEV by definition. So there’s isn’t and never has been a split. It’s not a matter of being fair, rather it’s a matter of the data simply being completely unavailable. We could just guess, but it seems that would be more unfair.

I correct myself about using the word “fair”, what I meant is that the i3 sales are displayed higher in the scorecard because of this issue compared to the others. I though that you could deduce the split the same way you split the sales of other non-reported PHEVs like the Pacifica and the 500e were you estimate from the state rebate data. If the i3 Rex can’t be singled out from the state rebate data (or other sources), so this is the way it should be, but if you have a good and easily obtainable guestimate, just mention it in the monthly report (not in the scorecard).

Thank you. State rebate data is about 3-4 months behind and doesn’t separate the two since the battery pack doesn’t change. There is no other easily attainable way to know for sure. What would really be nice is if these automakers would just disclose the information. Then, we wouldn’t have any of these issues. It is not selling very well compared to any other successful BEVs regardless of whether or not it has the range extender, meaning there are no BEVs below it on the list that really deserve to be ahead of it. In fact, it’s being beaten by the Ford Energi, which is suffering from lackluster sales and is way below the next step up (the LEAF with 3,000 more sales this year thus far.) The Pacifica Hybrid and the BMWs are the next vehicles that are close and those are all PHEVs. This month, the 5 Series plug-in will end up topping all those cars. So, in the end, it makes little difference, and like I said before, the i3 is primarily a BEV (with or without the range extender, due to the fact that the engine is small and the battery pack is still 33.2 kWh,… Read more »