July 2018 Chevrolet Bolt And Volt U.S. Sales Estimates

Chevrolet Bolt vs. Chevrolet Bolt


Chevy began 2019 Bolt production late last month, and the refreshed 2019 Volt is expected to arrive by September.

Unfortunately, due to General Motors’ recent decision to withhold monthly sales reports in favor of a Tesla-like quarterly reporting system, the following numbers are estimates.

InsideEVs considers this information important to our readers and a testament to what we’ve been doing for some time. So, we have attempted to provide you with our best estimates. Our numbers are primarily based upon daily inventory tracking, as well as accounts from buyers, dealers and other sources.

Between March and June, the Chevy Volt has consistently edged out the Bolt EV in sales. Bolt inventories were weak all last quarter as GM has prioritized exports of the popular electric vehicle, particularly to South Korea.

This trend continued last month. For July, we estimate 1,175 Bolt deliveries and 1,475 Volt deliveries. 

Volt sales are essentially flat over July 2017. Bolt sales in July were on par with the 2nd quarter. However, we are finally seeing some improvement in Bolt inventories. By the final days of July, average 2018 Bolt inventories had climbed ~300 units since late June.

copper-orange Chevrolet Bolt EV hatchback

2019 Volt and Bolt EV Production

We expect Bolt sales to increase month over month from now until the end of the year. By late Q3, most Bolt EV production should be headed to U.S. Chevy dealers. Partially, to prepare for the year-end EV sales rush. But also because GM is expected to hit 200k U.S. Plug-In sales in Q4 2018. Not coincidentally, Bolt EV production will be increased 20% in Q4. According to GM:

U.S. and global demand for the Chevrolet Bolt EV has been very strong in 2018, with global sales estimated to be up more than 35 percent year over year in the second quarter and up more than 40 percent in the first half. In response, GM is increasing fourth quarter production by more than 20 percent compared to the average of the first three quarters.

The 2019 Volt should also make a strong showing for the second half of the year. The Volt will receive several major improvements for its mid-cycle refresh. Optional 7.2 kW charging and power driver seats just to name a few. This should help the car stay competitive with the Prius Prime and Honda Clarity PHEV.


2017 Chevrolet Volt
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Wow, I nailed Volt and Bolt…. Within 25 units each car = not bad…. over on the Bolt, and under on the Volt… Total GM, Nailed it exactly…

Nice work! 🙂

So at this rate GM will probably hit its tax credit limit (with the lag Tesla saw) in January 2019?

It is entirely possible! But GM officially stated they expect to cross in 2018. We expect volt and bolt to improve performance for the rest of the year and hit 200k in Q4. We are now heading into peak EV season! 😉

But hey, if they can manage to push it until January while also having good sales numbers… I hope they will do so! I don’t think it is likely at this point though.

The South Korea strategy seems to really be paying off. Their US production numbers are up 40% but they are idling their US sales right at the 1000/month level.

There is still the weird problem of the IRS not counting the numbers the same way the whole rest of the world does. So it is entirely possible for GM to hit 200K in Q4 and still not officially trigger the sunset until January. They can still have full incentive through the end of Q3 2019.

If the incentive law isn’t changed or killed….

Is it too soon to bring up that nightmare again? *grin*

*Suddenly gets a 1000 yard stare*

GM’s greenish efforts are a very sad joke.

Yeah, second only to Tesla in US sales and having lead US cumulative sales until recently, they’re awful. /sarc

Maybe focus your criticism on, oh I don’t know, every other major automaker lagging behind them?

Yelp, especially at Ford

Toyota Prius Prime has outsold the Volt and Bolt combined in several months of this year. It’s quite possible that for 2018, Toyota will sell more PEVs than GM in the US.

Also, for global PEV numbers, Toyota and Nissan are both beating GM silly (as are many others… GM barely makes the global top ten brands for PEVs.)

The Prius Prime is riding entirely on the established brand; objectively, it’s way inferior to serious PHEV offerings such as the Volt. (It’s still better though than all these alibi-PHEVs from German an other premium brands I suspect?…)

GM’s choice to deliver a “superior” product in the form of conquest sales failed miserably. Growth beyond enthusiasts was never achieved. Now, it faces the challenge of sales without tax-credit. So much opportunity wasted…

Hear that Clarkson, but I did hear that NISSAN, an early BEV is now being called the wallflower of the EV Dance since they’ve come up with nothing spectacular lately. I frankly would have expected at least one or two new plug-in variants from GM (PHEV or BEV) by now – and of course you know I think that CADDY CT6 PHEV is worse than useless.

I’m disappointed to with both GM and Nissan. GM should have at least 2-3 Voltecs out by now and at least two BEVs. Nissan should have at least made the Rogue and Altima EVs by now.

Maybe look a bit deeper then the surface… GM has replaced all their major paint shops in the last 4 years, massively lowering VOC’s, and have been adding solar at factories, and buying wind energy in massive quantities… There are many ways to be green… building EV’s is not the only way to clean up manufacturing.

Lipstick on a pig.

Not to say it isn’t progress, but they’ve got so much further to go if they want to catch up on this front.

I kind of 50% agree with you… I am disappointed with the lack of public urgency on GM’s part rolling out new EV’s. I do know they have some things going on in the background though, and the LA auto show this year we will get a look at what they have been up to.

Right. They have the product, they have the power but they lack the will.

20,000 Chevrolet Bolt EV deliveries and 20,000 Chevrolet Volt deliveries in the US in 2018.

Seems not very likely to happen in 2018.

Still 5 more months left to increase deliveries substantially.

It’s a shame Chevy hasn’t got any of its undercover EVs ready for the 200,000 Federal Credit sunset quarters.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

Future GM BEV offerings have been spotted regularly at Milford, I would say they are not too far away from unveil and production… I hear the LA auto show later this year might have something to show us…

Thanks, I’m looking foreword for it

The 2018 L.A. Auto Show starts Friday, November 30th. I expect GM will hit their 200,000th plug-in sale near the end of this quarter or possibly the beginning of 4th quarter. If they time it right they could get 2018 4th quarter and 2019 1st quarter for unlimited Federal Tax credit plug-in sales. I’m not sure if waiting for the L.A. Auto Show is a smart move. Perhaps a Labor Day announcement would be in their best interests.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

I think the issue was they did not come out with the Long Range last year which disappointed a lot of people. They were supposed to compete with the Bolt last year. Instead. they came out later than normal with the refresh (only announced in September, unavailable until January 18) so they in effect lost a whole model year for the Leaf and meanwhile they asked current lease holders to extend and everyone though they were coming out with a Bolt competitor but in the end, just a small range boost. It really disappointed a lot of people and they lost goodwill.

Not too impressive. Being too expensive to produce to sell in serious numbers Bolt is a real incentive chaser focused on markets like CARB states with their ZEV credit incentives and markets like EV tax friendly Norway and South Korea with up to $23K of subsidies on each sale.

Sales of the Bolt are up 35% Q2 YOY and 40% for 1st half of 2018, so they will raise production – wait for it – 20%??? Way to lead from the rear. It’s almost as if they’re trying to hit their CARB mandates, while at the same time satisfying bonus SKorean demand.

Forced Volt->Bolt Conversion

Weird about Bolt inventory– perhaps it’s just my region (NW) but I was able to drive away in Bolt about 2 days after deciding to buy, the delay only being due to rejecting one dealer (who had Bolts on the lot) for another (which had even more). It’s true that I had to get “Reluctant Blue” as opposed to “Desired White” color but otherwise other options were not an issue.

That blue is killer.

Love my kinetic blue Bolt.

It will be interesting to see if there is another very public political threat to kill the fed. incentive, like there was last year at the end of the year (on top of the threat of GM entering sunset.) That drove a whole lot of sales at the end of last year.

a bit off topic, but yesterday i parked my Citroen C-Zero (Mitsubishi i-Miev) next to a RAM 1500 (which is a veeeeery rare car in europe). Oh hell. You need to sell a sh…load of EV to compensate these monsters on the US roads…

No kidding! Just be thankful you don’t live here in Texas trying to park in between two of those things.

Well even so, get his number in case you ever need to travel long distances. I’ll bet if he put down the tail gate, he could fit your C-Zero in the truck bed with room to spare! XD

Congress sure is slow dealing with the EV tax incentive tax laws. Now foreign competitors see that US manufactuerers have busted their 200K limit so companies like Hyundai will now profit with entry level EV’s that people desire.