July 2012 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

AUG 1 2012 BY JAY COLE 18

Matt Walton Becomes First Honda Fit EV “Owner” During The Month Of July

The month of July is now in the books, which brings us to the monthly tally of the success or failures of specific brands inside the plug-in industry. The list is be populated as it is reported by each manufacturer.

2012 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt: 1,849 Volts were sold in July, which was a 5% improvement over June, when  GM sold 1,760 cars.  July’s sales were the second best for the year.  Total sales now stand at 10,666, which is an improvement of almost 8,000 cars versues 2011 (2,870).  GM Sales PDF can be found here.





2012 Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF:  July was another depressing month for the first all electric car to hit US showrooms, as Nissan moved only 395 cars for the month.   This result is a level Nissan has been more or less at for all of 2012.   (Nissan Sales PDF here)

Nissan continues to insists allocation to the US had been constrained by worldwide demand, and they are just now attempting to fill dealer inventory lots in hopes to see the start of a sales turn around come this September.  There is now only a scant 30 odd days left to see if CEO Carlos Ghosn’s prediction of “…you can expect to see the sales move up dramatically starting in September” will come true.


2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In

Toyota Prius Plug-In: In July, 688 Prius plug-ins were sold, narrowly missing  June’s result of 695 cars.

The Prius plug-in was sold off lots in 14 states across the US. This represents the 3rd consecutive down month for Toyota as they sold 1,086 copies in May, and an all-time high of 1,654 in April.






2013 Honda Fit EV (which sadly only comes in “Reflection Blue”)

Honda Fit EV:   7 Honda Fit EVs went to customers in July, with the first being delivered to a Californian couple about two weeks ago.

Honda says it will build only 1,100 Fit EVs, and will lease them all to Americans over the next 18 months, starting in California and Oregon, and expanding into the northern states in 2013.





2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric: For July Ford sold 38 of their all electric plug-in, which was down 51 sales from the 89 sold in June.

To date 135 cars have been sold.  Ford will add the C-Max Energi to its plug-in offerings several months earlier than expected, starting this September at a price of $29,995* (details here)




2012 Mitsubishi i


Mitsubishi i:  Apparently no one was enticed by the ‘attractive lease deal‘ (that really wasn’t), as Mitsu moved the same number of i MiEVs as it did the month prior at 33 cars.  The high water mark for sales in a month by company still stands at 88 units, and was set in May of this year.  For the year Mitsubishi has sold 366 of its diminutive electric kei car.





Fisker, Tesla and Coda do not currently publish monthly results.

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Just as bad as it could be for Nissan I think. Good to see Chevy could sell almost 2000 Volts considering the 2013s are just coming out.

Yep awful Nissan, no excuses when they now have >2250 LEAFs spread over ~600 dealers. No idea what promotions their have ongoing, but they need more more more!

Forget promotions – let’s start by advertising the darn car! Also, what are the international sales numbers on the Leaf? I know the total supply is constrained by a single manufacturing facility, and that the Leaf is a world car. Is supply being matched to demand in the US, or are we simply getting as much as Nissan arbitrarily chooses to deliver here?

>2250 is an inventory number from cars.com, and that number has risen from ~1500 at beginning of June. Unless those figures are wrong, supply doesn’t appear to be the problem. If customers are put off by MY2013 expectations, or better deal/preferences to another model, then whats left for Nissan to do? Promotions IMHO, and yes I would expect Nissan and its dealers to advertise those.

Silly question, do Volt “sales” numbers include leases? That is, are “sales” to the leasing company counted here?

Yes, sales include all transactions in which the title changes, of which leases are part.

Thanks for the clarification. I thought that was true, but why the huge discrepancy in Volt sales versus Volt production? 13k Volts sold, and 25k produced? That’s 12k of inventory that seems to never be available at the dealership.

What am I missing?

I think your looking at MYTD (Model Year to Date) and CYTD (Calander Year to Date) numbers.

Since January 1, 2012 GM has made 13,770 volts and sold (delivered to customers) 10,660 in the United States. Add some exports, and they fact they they made very few late last year (during the “battery fix” problem) and inventory was very low in January – it looks like supply and demand are pretty close to balanced.

Keep in mind that not all Chevy Volts produced are for U.S. consumption. Some are for Canada and several countries in Europe. Yes, all Opel Ampera cars are for European consumption, but in some countries in Europe they sell BOTH the Chevy Volt AND the Opel Ampera, even though they are effectively the same car, made on the same assembly line, etc. So given the information, you simply can’t tell the size of the U.S. inventories given that all countries in Europe have not (yet) reported BOTH Opel Ampera AND Chevy Volt sales numbers.

21,299 MY2012 produced through this month, and 3,712 MY2013 produced, totaling over 24k produced. I do realize they’re sending some to Europe, but I don’t believe it has been near this number. Canada also sold only roughly 60 in June, not a lot there yet as they are still ramping up.

Don’t get me wrong, the Volt is in short supply, and I’m not trying to suggest otherwise. I just don’t see the numbers adding up to suggest where all these cars might be, which perplexes me.

What About Tesla? Have they only delivered the first 10?

Are the UK/Europe sales known already? Can’t find them on dutch websites. See whether the trends in sales are similar in the US compared to Europe

They are a little laggy compared to the US system where the automakers themselves report the week after the month closes. Give it a few ticks and you will be able to ferret it out.

And for Europe of course the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera, the sister car of the Volt

Give the Leaf a Premium, Sportier Look, that does not penalize the owner– and Americans will buy it… Fugly don’t sell.

For the Netherlands (17 mln people), the following number of ev’s received their licence plates in July:

* Nissan Leaf 10 (1 in July 2011) and cumulative 140 (109 in 2011)
* Opel Ampera 195 (0), 1476 (0)
* Tesla 1 (2), 18 (33)
* Chevrolet volt 20 (0), 119 (0)
* Fisker Karma 6 (0), 118 (0)

Each month for the past several months it has more and more apparent the Volt has been accepted by mass market buyers, while the LEAF has not.

Time is growing short for Nissan to justify producing the LEAF in Tennessee. As I don’t see LEAF sales going much upward, don’t be surprised if Nissan changes their plans.

The Volt is a Hybrid, as such… it has an engine… and people are comfortable with that. The HOV stickers on the new CA version really helped around here, too… at least 10 people I know bought one just for that.