Joe Rogan – The Blowback From Owning a Tesla: Video


But, he says, “Regular cars are stupid.”

One would think that buying a new car would bring kudos and congratulations from friends. That’s especially true if that car is a Tesla Model S P100D, a battery-powered sedan capable of destroying supercars on the dragstrip, and also able to carry your latest load from the shops back home in quiet comfort. For Joe Rogan, it seems that is not the case.

In the video above, a short excerpt from a longer podcast, he tells his guest David Wallace-Wells that he actually got blowback from friends after buying the car. Much of that negative reaction came in the form of comments that questioned his masculinity, apparently. You know, the kind of harassment a boy might have gotten in middle school if they were to step outside the socially-accepted norms of their peer group. He does go on to admit that his friends are comedians, and so the judgments were mostly made in a joking manner.

He later also concedes that he himself was skeptical about electric vehicles before having Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a guest on his show. He says he has some muscle cars and an older Porsche and says they’re fun. But, he also remarks that they are stupid. The Tesla, he says, is a way better way to get around.

One area we do take issue with Rogan’s comments concerns his description of Autopilot. He characterizes the system as the car driving itself, allowing the actual driver to not pay full attention. While he may have been exaggerating for affect, we note that drivers are still responsible for control of the car regardless of the assistance system being engaged.

He then fills his guest in on the fact that the California automaker will offer a car — he refers to the Tesla Roadster — around 2020 with a 660-mile range. That, fans will note, is something of an exaggeration. Tesla has said the new electric sportscar will “only” boast 620 awesome miles of travel on a charge.

Before clicking on the clip (above), be aware that there is some NSFW language tossed about. Considering that Wallace-Wells is the deputy editor and climate columnist for New York Magazine and the author of The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, some readers may want to watch the entire 2-hour episode. We’ve embedded it for your convenience just below.

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Like Joe Rogan or not, it’s his reaction to driving a Tesla that captures what folks that own the cars try and translate to others. I’ve had so many people walk away after driving mine say “I never knew..” I’d challenge anyone that stands against Tesla to first go use their product before you form your opinion.

In my little cul de sac there are 3 3’s and 2 S’s and one guy who works for Tesla. We know 2 others with X’s.
They’re ubiquitous here.

Ehh, not for us.

Don’t really want anything about them. And before someone rattles off all these things that are important or impressive to them, just not interested. Also not interested in our neighbors Maserati if that is any help to you. I’d take the E63s next door though, but is never buy one myself.

But more than anything I think I’d take a pickup truck next.

“But more than anything I think I’d take a pickup truck next.”

Why? Because you need it for work or recreation? Or because it’s the manly thing to own?

why does it matter to you? If that person wants a pick up, that is their business, not yours.

He just attempted to explain his dislike for a car-type using “not for me” as his best reason. Clearly there has been no thought about it. Must be social pressure.

Lol. Comments like this are no better than the people Rogan is complaining about. Can’t claim it’s laughable to chide someone over their vehicle choice… and then chide people over their vehicle choice. Complete double standard.

“If that person wants a pick up, that is their business, not yours.”

The trend of us Americans driving big-arsed vehicles which are much larger and heavier that actually needed for personal transportation, merely as a status symbol, and given that greenhouse gas emissions are something that affects everyone on the planet, not just the guy driving the big-arsed truck…

It’s most definitely everyone’s business how much he, or you, or I contribute to global warming and to poisoning the atmosphere that everyone breathes.

* * * * *

The attitude in the comment above is the same as cigarette smokers used to have. “Hey, I’m only polluting my lungs, so it’s none of your business.” Well no, actually, second-hand smoke is a public health hazard, so no it’s not just your business.

And the amount of emissions spewed from your gasmobile tailpipe is just as much or even more of a public hazard. It’s not merely a hazard to public health; global warming (and its secondary effects) is a hazard to national security and to everyone’s lifestyle. In poorer countries, it’s a hazard to human life itself.

When you start generalizing people you lose the argument. It does nobody any good to go around bucketing people and proclaiming moral superiority over buckets you don’t like. In fact it actually entrenches many of the bucketed people and makes your point less acted on, not more.

When you make statements like “The trend of us Americans driving big-arsed vehicles which are much larger and heavier that actually needed for personal transportation, merely as a status symbol’ you are no different than someone saying all EV drivers are self important smug people. You join them in their my side vs your side tit for tat go nowhere ping pong diatribe.

You telling people they make their choice for vanity, as a status symbol, is not helpful to your cause.

My two cents.

Because it would be significantly easier for lifestyle.

Are you interested in EVs at all?!

I’d say I’m propulsion agnostic once my needs are met. That includes gas, electric, and diesel.

That’s fair and that’s fine. All my point is to anyone who actively stands against Tesla was to at least drive the vehicle first. I would say, though, that anyone who would dismiss anything about a product without learning about it is pretty close minded.

Why does it have to be “stand against tesla”? I test drove a Model S and while I found it impressive in a straight line with a good ride, I found the handling ponderous. It is a large heavy car and even the P90D I drove could not hide the weight transfer in the corners and this was at moderate speeds. As someone who values handling in my cars above all else I would not buy a model S if I had the money to spend. I would certainly buy an EV but I want a smaller, lighter and better handling one. I have driven a BMW i3 and that is the size (not style) EV that interests me.

Does this make me a tesla hater?

Nope- simply because you took the time to at least drive the vehicle. My message was for folks who come here and admit they’ve never driven a Tesla, yet constantly drone on against Tesla. If you notice, I said to drive the vehicle first. You must’ve missed that part in my 3 sentence long comment.

Well it won’t be long before you’re spoilt for choice.

What do you drive now and what was previous vehicle?

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Obvious troll is obvious.

No, someone saying he’s simply not interested in a Tesla car doesn’t make him a troll. This isn’t a Tesla forum… altho sometimes it appears to be. 😉 There are other brands of EVs.

No car is for everybody. Not even Tesla’s cars.

Dam….Grow a pair and get out of the closet!

This is a safe space😄

It was a reply to that troll “Dam” that got removed …so now my comment reads something completely different now…i blame IEVs for setting me up…lol.

Haha. When we delete a comment, the system is “supposed” to delete any replies to it, so they aren’t just hanging out there confusing people. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t work as intended.

Yes, that’s happened to me, too.

I’ll remember you for this one, Steve…got me good this time…kinda funny, i must admit.

Haha. After you mentioned it was going to delete it, but then there were comments “about,” so I wasn’t sure if that would even further complicate the issue.

No worries…i’ll wear my pink pants for a week to make up for the misunderstanding.

I read his comment Mark, and totally agree with you.

Betty White see it differently.

“Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding”

And she is still around, how many of those manly men are dead by now.

People who judge in ignorance are just that, ignorant. Joe got out to see for himself and was convinced by the reality.

Nice puff piece to distract from Amateur Hour at Tesla…

Puff Piece. Good One!

What are you talking about?? Rogan was won over to the EV side, what’s the problem in that??

The problem is that some people apparently can’t stand the thought of Tesla succeeding, or getting positive publicity. 🙄


Should you not mean “All EV’s succeeding” and not just Tesla?
Or are you a Tesla only sort of person and everything else is a POS and needs to be crushed like every ICE on the road today?

The reason I ask is that I was party to one of those ‘Tesla Only’ people berating a young woman in a Leaf for driving anything but a Tesla. That is just not on but it takes all sorts to make up this world.

Probably because the original comment was directed specifically at Tesla??


Speaking of serial anti-Tesla trolls, here’s Golgoth right on tme.

@Golgoth2020 said: “Nice puff piece to distract from Amateur Hour at Tesla…”

Lol… So explain how traditional car maker’s EV programs are getting beat by “Ameteur Hour” Tesla?

INSIDEEVs PlugIn Sales Scorecard shows Tesla selling as many EVs as all other car makers combined.

“…[For] February (only 16 days of deliveries in Germany), Tesla Model 3 sales topped all others [in Germany]. The Model 3 Long Range AWD was officially the best-selling electric car in the country… 32 percent of all EVs sold in Germany were Model 3s….” source:

On the scale of blowback I think Musk got a lot more for toking on a joint rolled by Joe, than Joe got for rolling in a car made by Musk.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Well played!

I wish I could give more than one upvote.

More to the point of the podcast, I think Exxon Shareholders had better wake up, and demand immediate action to get Exxon CAPEX spending to be 51% into the wind and solar industry, or, they won’t survive the coming swing to a government shutdown of all oil subsidies, and forced caps on oil production, and a very high carbon tax. We’re talking about being on a 4 degree Global Warming Trajectory. That’s HORRIFIC, and that’s not Worst Case. Worst case is 6-8 degree warming which is EXTINCTION, with massive apocalyptic economic consequences in the near term. Which means a colossal global recession, which will drop Exxon stock price, along with the whole market by 90%. Exxon trades at $79 today, it will trade at $7.90 in 10 years. For those who only understand money, look at your stock value and cut it by 90%. You will doom yourself into your own definition of poverty by doing nothing. As a matter of fact, what could happen is Exxon crashes 90% and the crashes again another 90% ending at .79 cents a share. Imagine living off Exxon at .79 cents a share. Remember this point of the podcast. 50% of the carbon… Read more »

Dude, you really know how to cool off a room.

Yeah, I’m not happy right now either.
I had no idea it was this bad.
No wonder the people who do know are either depressed or near hysterical.

Yes, it is depressing. I’m not trying to make light of your concern of those of others. There are many that have dire concerns about the direction things are going.

I don’t think you understand what the word “extinction” means. If the human species becomes extinct, there won’t be any economy to suffer an apocalypse. Cockroaches don’t use money.

And if you mean a mass extinction event, extinction of large numbers of plant and animal species in a relatively short period of time, well we’re already seeing a massive die-off worse than anything since the global extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs. So the question there isn’t whether or not it’s gonna happen, but rather how much worse it’s going to get before things stabilize.

Pity comeback… Nothing.

“…he actually got blowback from friends after buying the car.”

Maybe it’s just envy.

(And thanks to whoever it was that pointed out, in an IEVs comment the other day, that the word “jealousy” is often misused when it’s “envy” that is meant. My vocabulary lesson for that day!)

It is not envy it is ignorance.

Just a comparison of leadership.
Trump backing dying coal, bought out by rich coal baron who hasn’t transitioned to mining Lithium or cobalt or cadmium, or using a local solar field for his electric needs.
China putting up a space based solar collection and transmission system.

One “leader” buried under 1900 technology.
Another leader developing 2100 technology.

“I have all the best coal. Tremendous. Believe me.”

The interesting thing is that 2016-2020 may represent a turning point in public opinion regarding AGW. Some of this is Trump’s doing. It is sort of like hitting rock bottom. I mean how many people out there thought that there were powerful people so stupid to think coal was a good thing?
Just like we are back to talking about racism and sexism in a way that hasn’t happened since the 1960s.
Trump is doing a tremendous job breaking up the Republican coalition. We would not have the resurgence of the progressive movement without Trump.

The net positive *could* be significant if Trump proves how destructive certain ideologies are. The thing is, the country is so bipolar right now I kind of think whomever won in 2016 was going to have a whiplash effect from the other side. If that proves to happen then long run we will be better off having the whiplash be to the progressive side than the conservative side. IMO of course.

and in other news…
The Times (London, UK) reported that the USA will export more Oil this year than Saudi Arabia.

Has that been reported in the USA?

Reported many times.

It’s the ridiculous mindset of a lot of egotistical men wherein if you don’t drive a rough tough truck then you’re a big girls blouse. I speak to my friend in the USA who is in a classic car club & he said aren’t they some gay libtard thing!! I had to shake my head in disbelief.

please read the comments on Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq or Renault Zoe around here or other EV forums.

I’m going to bookmark it for later

After driving an EV like a Tesla, anything else feels primitive and clunky to me.

Even the Nissan Leaf makes regular cars seem stupid. I’ll never forget the time I raced a guy with a Harley at a stoplight. I was on a two lane road with a 45 MPH speed limit and I had the cruise control set to 45 MPH. He was behind me tailgating me. He wasn’t just tailgating, he was swerving in the lane as if he was trying to tell me, “Get out of my way, treehugger!” We came to a stoplight with only one lane but he pulled up along the right side of me as if to say, “When the light turns green, I’m gonna leave you in the dust, treehugger” I looked over at him but he didn’t look at me. I thought, “This guy has no idea what’s going to happen when the light turns green”. When the light turned green, I mashed the pedal. About one second later I was through the intersection and looked in my rear view mirror. His was still at the beginning of the intersection with his feet still on the ground, holding up the bike. The speed limit after this intersection was 55 MPH and I kept the pedal to… Read more »

Tesla succeeded in building a compelling car in the P100DL. Glad Joe Rogan bought one and he’s strong enough and quick witted enough to deal with the trolling of his friends. Keep it up Joe. Who knew you’d be a roll model for the future of our planet….

These people were mostly joking, but when people treated me like that in the past because of my love of computers and SF, they quickly found I was nowhere to be found. And later when they got computers I was too busy to help them.

People who make fun of your life choices are not your friends.

The social change over EV’s is coming. I truly believe the Roadster in mass release will do more for the electric image then anything in history. You think the drag racing videos of the S are cool….just wait.

As for public awareness…what was it 3 years ago vs today. What about 3 years from now with a global fleet of 20 million+ roaming around. Roadsters everywhere, E semis operating in the wild.

Has a car guy / gear head I can tell you Joe’s friend reactions are completely normal. Change is hard and converting someone from something they have grown up to love, engines, noises, and smells they make is going to take time. Some people are afraid of the change and others are angry they have to change. Once they take the punge without a major compromise they won’t look back. The torque and 0-60 sprint times are amazing and once they fall out of warranty or the price gets lower people will start to hack them to be even more crazy things with them. A lot of people on these sites aren’t looking at edge cases they don’t normally encounter. Making statements like plug-in hybrids are universally junk or bad. Well if you drive 80% of the time on battery and 20% on fuel. That’s a HUGE reduction in fuel usage. When you have something like a truck, and need to pull a trailer it currently makes more sense to have a plug-in hybrid then an all battery EV despite the marketing. Model X owners are saying you get a 50% reduction of range towing 3000-4000 lbs. Then add some… Read more »

Yup. Gearheads think EVs threaten their lifestyle. Well, you know what? They are absolutely correct. Not that this excuses “coal rolling” or pickup drivers deliberately blocking EV charging stalls.

Change often comes hard for people.

Right on Joe!!!! you got it. That car is amazing.
The mocking makes no sense to me either. It is the most amazing but also masculine car I have ever owned.

I’m sure most of the mocking is from his friend Brendan Schaub, who is a self admitted “meathead”. He’s a former footballer player and UFC fighter who’s taken lots of blows to the head. He’s a EV hater and stereotypically drives enormous pickup trucks and loves his ICE “supercars”.

The guy most likely to be left standing at a stoplight by a Rivian then eh?