Jaguar I-Pace Deliveries Exceed 200 In Netherlands In October

2019 Jaguar I-Pace

NOV 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Almost at the level of the Tesla Model S.

Jaguar is finally increasing the deliveries of the Jaguar I-PACE the to Netherlands where the importer waits for 3,500 units in 2018.

In October, some 209 were registered, which is the highest batch so far (the total number now stands at 268). The volume of deliveries also increased in Norway where 441 were registered.

Interesting is that I-PACE now accounts for 85% of Jaguar sales in the Netherlands, and with two months to go for the year, it could enable the British brand to achieve its biggest gain in the Netherlands in years.

For comparison, Tesla delivered 348 EVs (257 Model S and 91 Model X), while Nissan LEAF registrations hit 360!

Source: RAI Vereniging

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85% of Jaguar’s sales in the Netherlands are BEVs! That’s crazy! Now I’m curious – what’s the breakdown for other manufacturers in the country?

37% of Nissan’s sales are Leafs in 2018.

Correction, 37% in October. 18% in 2018.

Jaguar is a tiny tiny brand in car sales (volume).
The normal sales numbers equal some weird and/or exotic brands.
Still, it must be cool for Jaguar to see their global number of cars more then double all because of one single model.

It does not get Updated for latest figures, can you tell how to do that?

Reason of 300 units per month, Uber reserves will be satisfacer in 60 months

Only good things can happen to a car maker when it stops selling bad cars and replaces them with good cars.

Well…good things happen to carmakers who launch EVs in markets heavily stacked in favor of ZEVs because of fiscal incentives like Norway and the Netherlands. But yeah, in the end bad things will happen to all carmakers that sit on their hands while the world is changing.

Jaguar is also producing 20,000 I-Paces for Waymo.

“Jaguar is finally increasing the deliveries of the Jaguar I-PACE the to Netherlands”

What’s with the bad vibe? They only started deliveries last month.

So basically what tesla makes every 4 hours.

Just wonder if 1000 ev in october.100 cars needed, with E Golf also popular and Zoe and i3 should be easy