IONITY Ultra-Fast Charging Comes To France, Launches Map

AUG 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

The European ultra-fast charging network IONITY expanded in late July to France with two 350 kW stations

In total, six stations have already been installed (out of 400 planned) – one in Germany and one in Denmark, as well as two in France and two in Switzerland.

The latest stations in France: “are located at the Aire de Porte d’Angers South and Aire de Tours la Longue Vue on the two major trunk routes through France’s picturesque Loire Valley. Heralding a new chapter for E-mobility in France, this development is the result of a partnership between Eurogarages, VINCI Autoroutes and IONITY.”

The new IONITY on-line map indicates three more coming soon stations in Austria.

Each of the stations are equipped with several ultra-fast chargers with CCS Combo plugs that are expected to provide up to 350 kW of power to cars that will be able accept such a high level of power.

The IONITY network was established by the BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.

IONITY Ultra-Fast Charging Map

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It is kind of funny that they have installed them so far apart so far that even if you had a car that could charge that fast it would not have the range to go between them.
I know they will expand it but still seems funny. Unlike for example the Tesla supercharger network that started somewhere and then grew outwards. Or along a route. 😛

There are plenty of fast chargers in Europe, google CCS map. Building most likely depends on permits

I’d hardly call 50 kW chargers fast chargers… 😉 Anyway, this was about the ultra fast charging network and their massive gaps.

They are fast enough to keep up with a Model X if your car is energy efficient enough. Anyways, there are also plenty 100 kW and above chargers installed and more are popping up everyday.
A lot of different players are in the charging network market which will help in achieving low market prices for charging.

(There is no such thing as free charging, manufacturers that provide “free” charging make you pay up front and everyone who uses it below average gets overcharged)

I have driven our i3 (pure electric car) from Norway to the Netherlands, and there was never any range anxiety. Even though it is not the “ultra fast charge” that Ionity will give, 50kW chargers ment I rarely had to charge more than 20-30 minutes at each stop. Ionity will only be one of many networks that provide fast charging for these cars.

They have to start somewhere I guess. I’m sure it’s better to have access to one of these on a trip, then none. There are many slower chargers they can use too, if they have to.
I’ve read that they install chargers in the order the permits are OK.

More frustrating is the lack of progress against promised timescales, but then they don’t have a lot of cars (bar the i3) to charge anyway

That is just how it feels now. The Green shift is huge. We’re on a roll for a massive EV infrastructure.

Can’t find any information on the pricing structure of these chargers, does anyone know how much it is to charge at one of these?

At the moment they are free to use.

“In total, six stations have already been installed ”
No, 8! Please use the zoom 🙂

Counting the charging spots opposite each other on two sides of the same highway as separate stations seems a bit of a stretch…

The map looks kinda sad right now 😉

Come back in 12 months (August 2019) and compare.