What’s Inside A Tesla Supercharger? Let’s Take A Look


“Made on Earth by humans”

The Tesla Supercharger features a nicely-designed exterior, but have you ever wondered what lies beneath the smooth, glossy finish of an individual pedestal? We have. And so has Erik and David of the Tesla-centric YouTube channel DÆrik. Luckily for us, them, and our curious readers, Erik managed to get his hands on one last week and has now taken off its covers to reveal what’s inside. It’s actually pretty neat.

Despite the fact that the unit Erik had discovered on eBay was apparently used in a Tesla store as a display item, it seems to have the same interior components found in a functional Supercharger. Only the stand at the bottom and the lack of a heavy feed cable distinguishes it from the ones charging cars out in the wild.

After removing the snap caps to reveal the torx-headed bolts, the guys seem to quickly advance to the cover removal stage. With the exterior panel taken off, we get our first glimpse of how, exactly, the red letters are illuminated. It’s not just a matter of a single light source shining through a translucent red material. Instead, each letter is individually lit by a number of LED bulbs in the basic shape of the corresponding letter. That’s an unexpected level of detail.

After going over a number of other parts they can see at this stage of disassembly, the guys decide to go a bit further and remove the lighting unit. This reveals the metal bars that the feeding cables are attached to which then, in turn, pass by a controlling circuit board.  The guys do a pretty good job of showing the whole flow of things.

While it’s all pretty geeky and not really knowledge anyone outside of a Tesla technician really needs, it’s still great to see it all laid out. Perhaps our most favorite part, though, was simply the script printed on the circuit board of the lighting component that reads “Made on Earth by humans.” This, you may recall, was also printed on a circuit board of the Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s personal Roadster which was shot off into outer space in the general direction of Mars. Neat-0!

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I was hoping they were going to shoehorn in a Mobile Connector and make the thing work like the totally home made thing next to it. Oh well, next video maybe.

I suggested that on their web site.

Four bus bars in, four out to the cable!

This is not a supercharger, it’s a supercharger pedestal. The supercharger is in the tall white cabinet with the big fan.

Jimmy thx

Oh really? I thought the thing you plugged into the car did everything.
Perhaps he should patent his HOMEMADE SuperCharger since that one REALLY DOES 10kw. Honest, it does.

Innards look elegantly designed…

14 minutes? Seriously?

Those four flat bars are solid copper. They can carry higher current than stranded wire since they have a larger cross section. Yours, in the US, has two bars in parallel so they share the load. In France, where my Model 3 will live I have 3 phase power so the four bars would be N, L1, L2,and L3.

Actually Tesla uses DC in SuperCharger mode. So while the AC Tesla chargers have L1, L2, L3, and neutral, the super charger has two pairs of positive and negative terminals in Europe.

The fact that you don’t realize that the supercharger dispensers in your county *ARE NOT* running on 3 phase AC but are running on Direct Current (only 2 wires) rather indicates you know nothing else about them.

The conversion from AC to DC is clearly external (“in the tall white cabinet with the big fan” – Syd)… and the reason for the two wires feeding the right side being split to four bus bars feeding four wires in the cable, is likely to reduce the cross-section size of the individual bus bars, and to allow the cable to be more flexible and better shaped (round instead of oval).