In November, Plug-In Electric Car Sales Hit New All-Time Record – 141,000

DEC 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 23

Plug-in electric car sales are booming worldwide with a growth rate of 72% in November 2017 and a new all-time record of around 141,000!

The year hasn’t ended yet, but sales already exceed one million (≈1,039,000).

With an upcoming new all-time record expected in December, overall sales in 2017 should be at more than 1,200,000!

Top Selling Plug-In Cars

The BAIC EC-Series raised the bar to some 15,719 units last month. Nearly 65,000 units delivered YTD so far, the small BEV is the #1 seller this year.

Tesla Model S and Toyota Prius Prime take 2nd and 3rd followed by the Nissan LEAF and the Tesla Model X.

Top 10 welcomes a new model – the Chevrolet Bolt EV (with Opel Ampera-e included).

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Worldwide – 2017 November (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Top Plug-In Car Manufacturers

Chinese companies – BAIC (17,812) and BYD (12,869) make big splash. The only other company above 10,000 in November was BMW (10,873).

BYD is in line to be #1 in 2017 provided Tesla doesn’t have a very strong December.

Volkswagen is back in the Top 10, replacing Renault.

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Car Manufacturers – 2017 November (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM.

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It’s incredible that Tesla and BMW sell as many luxury EVs in a competitive free-market as BYD and BAIC sell cheap EVs in a subsidized closed-market. Hard to argue that there is no market for EVs. Imagine how well Tesla, Nissan, VW, Hyundai/Kia, etc will do in 2018 with their more affordable EVs.

BMW does not sell many EVs. It’s mostly PHEVs.

PH-EV… a sub set of EVs.

BEV, all electric, zero emission vehicle (ZEV) are all good names for what you are trying to say.

Tesla and BMW are selling far more than BYD and BAIC. I’m an American living in China and from what I can see, the EV data for Chinese companies might be completely fabricated. I see far more Teslas than I do other EVs combined. In China they are now giving green license plates for EVs so they are easy to spot. Last weekend I walked around for an hour counting EVS and here are my results for GREEN LICENSE PLATES. Tesla model X: 3 Tesla model S: 2 Other Chinese EVs: 1 Electric truck/utility van: 1 In addition 3 more Tesla model S’s with old (blue) license plates for a total of 8 Teslas seen in an hour walking in the city. Keep in mind this is only for green license plates which have only recently been initiated. Maybe the Chinese EVs for whatever reason are not using the green license plates. Although this is only an hour sample, it is pretty representative of what I normally see. I’m in Chengdu, maybe the Chinese companies are selling more in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. I don’t know for sure if the Chinese data is fabricated, but you can’t trust any… Read more »

If you are really living in China, you will not be able to post this comment. They cannot fabricate on everything because many foreign automakers are working there.

Internet censorship is not so bad here, they only block websites such as Facebook, google, Youtube, New York Times, or anything that will help you be an informed citizen….okay maybe it is pretty bad, but most foreigners here use VPNs to get around it. This site still work though, I am turning my VPN off as I send this, see!

While I certainly would not claim that we should necessarily believe numbers provided from China, at the same time I have to wonder if you could get an accurate survey of EV license plates just by walking around and looking at parked cars. The Chinese mandate to buy EVs has the biggest impact on vehicles bought for government fleets, which generally will be parked in government parking lots… not where ordinary citizens park their cars.

Furthermore, your sample size is much, much too low to be statistically meaningful. What you have posted is basically some anecdotal evidence, which means any statistical value is dubious at best.

One question: Do government-owned EVs in China have those green “EV” plates, or do they have special places issued for government vehicles?

It’s true that I speak only from what I see, but I never flat out denied the numbers, I am just skeptical. Although my data is not significantly significant, it is similar to what I normally see every day (I ride by bike about 100km/week in the city). The main thing I am wondering is if Chengdu represents what is normal in all of China. Like you say with the government mandate, maybe it mostly just the government buying EVs and not the citizens, so the Chinese EVs might just be concentrated in places like Beijing. To China’s credit they make very good use of the Evs they have. Many of the Teslas I see belong to a taxi service app named 神马专车, I talked to one of the drivers and it costs 4 yuan/km (about a dollar per mile). Also most of the non Telsas I see belong to another taxi app 曹操专车 which are Geely吉利 Evs. These were not included in my data since they still have the old blue license plates. Also you see many small utility trucks with the green license plates. However not too many electric buses in my city at least. China using EVs… Read more »

2,000,000 EV’s in 2018 World Wide

And I seem to remember OPEC predicting we wouldn’t hit 1,000,000 cumulative until 2020. So much for that prediction.

This ^^

How many global Nissan Leaf sales will there be in 2018?


Nissan are aiming for ~150k.

That would be a respectable 50k per factory and definitely slot the Leaf decisively behind the Model 3 for non-Chinese manufacturers.

The biggest year ever for international Leaf sales was ~60,000. If Nissan can sell more than that with a car that is rapidly becoming obsolete, that would be very surprising.

The general acceptance of Plug-In vehicles is rapidly increasing every year.

Many people will choose the Nissan Leaf as their next car to lease in 2018 and 2019.

Global Nissan Leaf sales:
2018: about 100,000?
2019: about 200,000?

Another Euro point of view

OK but now you want to see when people worldwide will actually get the Leaf 2 they are ordering, I read some comments on the Norwegian EV forum elbilforum that some are only receiving their Leaf 2 in the summer. That is quite late in the year 2018 for a EV market that is usually getting priority from EV makers. For this reason I am being a bit more cautious now about the sales estimates in 2018 for Leaf 2.

The new Nissan Leaf hasn’t even been introduced in America. You’re saying it’s already becoming obsolete?

It’s an EV with basically no competition. In Europe it’s the limited Zoe with same and even more range and similar cost.
Maybe a limited e-Golf/Ioniq, but they are behind.

In the US it’s a very limited Bolt.

In japan there is no competition.

It’s far from obsolete, it’s the leader of EVs available to buy.

The Model 3 you ask? It’s not a competitor to anyone since it won’t be sold outside of current reservations for at least all of 2018.

On the contrary anything below 100k for the Leaf in 2018 would be very surprising. Even though I understand that you have a hard time understanding anything not Tesla related.

For all of us who thought that the 2017-09 record will be broken in 2017-12, we got it 1 month early.

Another fact is that 36,000 plugin buses and trucks were sold in China. Unfortunately this is not reported in many media.

>The new Nissan Leaf hasn’t even been introduced in America. You’re saying it’s already becoming obsolete?

He is walking backwards. He et al declared the 2018 Nissan Leaf obsolete in 2016 because obviously 150 miles can’t compete with 238 miles per charge. The range-range-range crowd didn’t think the PiP would succeed or the Ioniq EV just as they were saying the 2018 leaf would beDOA. If the Leaf sells more than 100k in 2018 it will be yet another data point which soundly refutes their mantra.

Leaf-2 sales is already rocking in Japan as it has overtaken Prius even though it was sold for very few days.

Definitely 100K sales of Leaf-2 in 2018 seems to be a reality as 150 mile / 240 km is significant.

If Model 3 sells very well, then the Nissan dealers will feel the need to sell Leaf.

My guess is that the Leaf sales numbers were low because folks were/are waiting to get the Leaf 2.0 version. The 2.0 boasts 40% more power and range and yet costs less! That’s truly impressive! From what I gather it’s also more efficient and that’s what excites me the most. My 2015 model gets on average 4.8 miles per kWh (~158 mpge), so I can’t wait to try the 2.0 version.