Hyundai Kona Electric Compared To Kia Niro EV: Video


Which is right for you?

Hyundai is leading the affordable crossover charge with its Kona Electric. But, very closely on its battery-powered heels is the Kia Niro EV, a slightly larger vehicle but built on the same platform as the Hyundai. If you’re in the market for a compact crossover SUV, you now have a couple of pretty decent choices from two Korean companies. So, which do you choose?

The Kia may be slightly larger, but does that make it automatically better? The Hyundai might be a little more efficient and able to eke out more range than its corporately-connected competitor, so is it the best choice? Then there are the looks. The exterior styling and the interior layout of the two are somewhat differentiated. What we need here is a side-by-side comparison.

Lucky for us, then, that electric vehicle YouTuber extraordinaire, Bjorn Nyland, has scored an example of each and placed them adjacent each other in a parking garage somewhere in Seoul, South Korea. Busily making his way back and forth between the two, he examines them both inside and out, allowing us to make up our minds about which is best.

There are some interesting differences. The charging port on the front of the Kona Electric is nicely illuminated, while on the Kia Niro EV, owners may be forced to pull out their phone flashlights for guidance. Similarly, the Kona has superior illumination in the parts of the cabin. Also, inside the passenger compartments, the consoles are laid out in a completely different fashion.

After all is said and done, though, the Kona Electric is the better choice. Oops, we mean the Kia Niro EV. Ok, well, clearly we can’t answer this question for you. Perhaps it’s best if you just whip up a batch of popcorn and check out the video above and make up your own mind. When you do, let us know in Comments what element helped you reach that final conclusion. Enjoy!


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The first Hyundai Kona EV deliveries in Europe have already taken place.

When will the first Kia Niro EV deliveries in Europe take place?

Early 2019. Press cars arrive at the end of this year.

Hyundai has made some good moves in recent years.

They created some very desirable EVs, but aren’t producing nearly enough of them to satisfy demand. What is good about that?…

Tesla can’t produce enough Model 3s to satisfy demand either, so…

I choose the Niro overall but Kona definitely has a few features I would like to have

Is there any word on theUSA release date yet for either car? I’ve contacted some dealers, but they don’t have any info.

We sat in the ICE Kona at our most recent car show. The back set is pretty unusable compared with the Bolt and Leaf and if anything the Bolt felt more “CUV like” than the Kona. We will see how the Kona sells.

How come all those cars are parked in the EV spots and not charging?

They are charging. Didn’t you watch the video?

At 32:48 looking down the row of chargers, I only see the 2 cars being reviewed plugged in. It also appears from other shots, that the cars at the other stations are also not plugged in.

If you look at them closely, some cars aren’t even EVs.

A bit hectic but fun overview of the two cars.

Kona entertainment console is more desirable as it sit close to eye level with big buttons flanking it, the screen should be bigger. Also it should be easier to replace if needed. Nero is much wider so space wise should be better elbow room more comfortable. Rear seats ducts are better too. Now please do a range test on Nero so we know how far it will travel.

He did one here and got 310+ miles, averaging 56 mph.

“A comparison of two Compliance States Only vehicles”

Buy them used like people do the 500e.

This comparison was amazing, it was exactly what I was looking for – thank you so much!

Having very much enjoyed Bjorn’s energetic “running” comparison I am taking upon myself to research any development for either car can be converted / retrofitted with lowered cargo bay and perhaps even inclusion of a ramp for wheelchair access.
Want one for my next car.
Great work Bjorn, thank a million.
Stefan Johansson
Canberra, Australia.