Hyundai IONIQ Electric Sales Hit Lowest Level Since Summer 2017

MAY 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 20

Hyundai IONIQ Electric sales decreased In April, which seems to prove the truthfulness of that battery shortage report for the all-electric version.

In total,  the South Korean manufacturer sold 1,138 IONIQ Electrics (down 9.5% year-over-year), 1,144 IONIQ Plug-Ins (up 189%) and 6,349 IONIQ Hybrid (up 55%).

So far this year, Hyundai delivered 10,859 IONIQs (6,665 Electric and 4,194 Plug-In), which is 1.5% of all company sales.

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Hyundai IONIQ (Electric + Plug-In) Sales – April 2018

The decrease of IONIQ Electric happened despite the fact that demand for the all-electric Hyundai seems to be high, so it’s a supply issue for sure.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Sales – April 2018

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Amazing how that works: When you order a low number of batteries from a very busy battery manufacturer it is shocking when you discover your EV production is battery limited. Who’d have ever guessed that would happen.

Hyundai should have definitely ordered more batteries. Last summer Hyundai increased their order to increase production by 50%, but that wasn’t coming close to meeting existing demand.

However, something else is going on. If they were hitting a limit that would mean the numbers wouldn’t grow but just stay flat month after month. In this case monthly numbers for the Ioniq Electric are decreasing over time.

There are these other places called countries. Here’s one for instance. They call it Korea. 3000 of the Ioniq in Q1. Also sometimes when a whole bunch of countries are together it’s referred to as a continent. One of these is Europe. Here there are 2500 in Q1 with around 1000 in March. So it would seem that they are selling a couple thousand a month worldwide in 2018 of just that one model which is a big jump from 2017. Additionally they have introduced the PHEV of it (I just quoted BEV) and remember we have to include Kia so the Niro PHEV which is also now launched and selling quite well. Note that 1000 PHEV Niro in March in Europe as it ramps up. Hyundai/Kia if I remember correctly has a target of something like 40-50k EVs this year and looks to be on track. But yes they are restricted by capacity. 2019 Should be a big year. And in 2020 at least in the US, Tesla, GM, and Nissan will all have exhausted their federal tax stuff and Hyundai/Kia will not. They will be the low cost provider.

When will they start bringing these to the USA in non trivial numbers??? I wish they would. This dosen’t bode well for the Kona and Niro EVs.

The dealers don’t want to sell them either. Just go into one and pretend you know nothing about the Ionic versions and you will be constantly pushed to the regular hybrid…not even the plug in which in CA after the credits is a better deal.

That’s exactly what I’m finding in Pennsylvania.

Kia is separate entity

I think they are under one ownership and many of their cars are the same underneath (like Chevy and GMC trucks), but I hope you’re right re battery supply because the niro PHEV and future NiroEV are attractive.

We’ve covered this before. Yes they are the same company with a huge overlap. I seem to remember 51% of Kia owned by Hyundai or something like that. But yes same underpinnings…..which helps the economics. Also the US govt treats them as separate for the purposes of the rebate. They are going to laugh all the way to the bank on this.

I wish.

What kind of world do we live in where there is an exceptional demand for electric cars and no one, except one producer, has any cajones to build a decent one. Truly sad.

Don’t forget that one producer struggles to keep its head above water.

Um, they’re struggling to keep up with demand. Big difference.

I own an Hyundai Ioniq Electric and it’s a great car. The problem isn’t car companies building a decent one, it is the bottlenecks they with 3rd party companies making the batteries.

No car manufacturer has gone all in with such a close relationship the way Tesla has done with Panasonic, where the Panasonic batteries are made inside their factories giving Tesla more control over production.

90k cars sold so far in may? If 1.5% is 10k… It is sales figure for only some region or for Hyundai worldwide? Quite suprising they would be selling only 200k/yr (all powertrains)

Edit: bad math, 10k * 100 is 1M, not 100k, so 2M/yr, but it is not so much anyways

I saw a brand new Honda Clarity on the road yesterday. Already had a door-ding in it. :'(

Where at? Here theres 3 in my area in Ohio

door ding? Are you sure it didn’t come that way? That thing is ugly enough with weird surfaces and angles that you never know whether you are looking at a dinged up car or it just comes that way.. =)

So will the Kona

Is this world-wide sales?