Hyundai Kona Electric Sales Soar Past 10,000 In South Korea

DEC 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 20

Almost 3,000 in November alone in South Korea is a strong sign.

Awaiting the global sales results of the Hyundai Kona Electric, we take a look at the South Korean market, which in November brings us a new record of Kona Electric sales.

As it turns out, some 2,906 Kona Electric were sold (over 400 more than in October), which translates to more than 10,000 total sold since its introduction in May.

The sales increase in South Korea encourages us that on the global level Hyundai will set a new record, hopefully beyond 5,000 per month.

The Kona Electric accounted for more than half of total Kona sales (5,558) and 4.5% of total Hyundai car sales for the month of November in South Korea.

Hyundai Kona Electric sales – November 2018

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Come on Hyundai/Kia. Be ruthless like Samsung and increase production and bring in more EV models. EVs are your best chance to beat the companies like GM, Toyota, Honda and Ford.

Hyundai is able to sell compact SUV like Kona EV at a higher price higher than performance ICE model Stinger. EVs provide the chance to raise the brand value for companies who are struggling to go up market their ICE models.

After South Korean subsidies, KonaEV costs about half of Stinger. In absence of Bolt (sold out in Korea), there’s really no alternative other than Kona. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out all of them in Korea alone.

Sold out in Korea, one year delay here in Canada – Does GM want to sell the Bolt?

Yes, they want to sell the Bolts that they make. But they won’t (or possibly can’t, depending on LG Chem) make more than about 30k/year.

Do you mean you have heard that those of us who ordered in the summer have to wait a year? Just wondering as we have had no updates since November.

The problem with the Bolt EV is it is sold in a market that doesn’t want it, instead of the rest of the world that actually wants the car.

Whatever the reason, it’s best to sell in US the most as long as there’s tax credit that’ll benefit US consumers. Because of dealer model, that necessarily means having Bolts sit on US dealer lots even when not selling well.

GM could do special order thing in US like Kona and FocusEV which will keep the price high (no negotiating) and resulting low sales. But that won’t benefit US consumers. Heck, even having Bolts sit for weeks/months on dealer lots and giving thousands in discounts have people here howling how GM doesn’t want to sell Bolts. It’s plenty available in US.

GM is doing right with US consumers, which is limiting foreign sales and letting Bolts sit on dealer lots and resulting sales and discounts.

MT’s abominable Jan 19 issue puts “estimated” $44,000 on US Kona EV, versus about $21k base. No explanation.

Reviewers complained of lack of “ground clearance”, as if that’s the new enthusiast desire; higher roll centers.

Auto journalism, for manufacturers, not enthusiasts or gear heads, is becoming a problem.

If GM can brag about “$143/KWh”, years ago from LG Chem, how much does Korea pay to put them in their own car, years later? 20 thousand? Hello, MT. Any story here, or just the marching orders to drop Tesla” and focus on that Honda Insight?

It’s an SUV, not a performance sedan. Many of us think ground clearance is very important!

Auto journalist reviewing cars for the masses, rather than car enthusiasts? How shocking! 😀

The Kona is a car, not an SUV, as evidence of the low ground clearance 🙂 Plastic diaper (grey trim around the bottom) and fake skid plates doesn’t make it an SUV.

However, I still like this style of car, I drove a Juke for 4 years. At least it was AWD, but it definitely wasn’t an SUV.

My hunch is loaded Kona EV will be more like $44,000, but starting price is lower as we know. Also remember, that issue was probably printed before the price was actually known, so no surprise. Gas version starts at $20,000 + delivery.

Hyundai will easily sell more than 20,000 units of the Hyundai Kona Electric in South Korea in 2019.

The global demand for the Hyundai Kona Electric in 2019 will be more than 200,000.

Unfortunately, Hyundai will not produce that many units of the Hyundai Kona Electric in 2019.

How many will they produce?

Probably less than 100,000.

Battery limitation?

Hyundai-Kia sold 52,370 BEVs this year (until november), up 112% from last year. Assuming similar growth, they would make around 120k EV next year, shared between Kona, Niro, Soul and Ioniq. I bet total Kona run next year will be tops 50k.

Bottom line is it might take 2 years to adjust battery supply enough to meet demand (and everyone else wants more too). I think they underestimated what demand would be when they made contracts for batteries.

A nice quite affordable car that provides a decent entrance to BEV world.

When $35k Tesla?