This Is How Bold Daimler’s Electric Truck / Bus Vision Actually Is

JUL 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Daimler has a bold vision of electrification of its entire commercial vehicle portfolio – all of the truck and bus models of all brands around the world will be electrified.

The foundation for the switch is the belief that electric vehicles will be the most economical and environmental solution in the future.

The turn towards EVs began several years ago with several pilot projects that now spread to various brands and models. All of those vehicles were developed and are tested with series production in the next few years in mind.

Daimler – electric truck/buses vision

The electrification will cover major markets and step by step is expected to expand to new models and brands.

To keep costs under control, Daimler intends to develop global electric vehicle toolkit under its E-Mobility Group, so that all of the brands will be able to simply use the general powertrain components in their specific products.

Daimler – electric truck/buses vision

One of the recent announcements was the Freightliner eCascadia and Freightliner eM2 and we believe those will share technology from the Mercedes-Benz eActros.

A major task for the broad electrification approach will be development of all the surrounding services, including depot and on-the-road charging (using CCS Combo fast chargers):

Daimler – electric truck/buses vision

In the case of Freightliner, series production will begin in 2021. That will be the case for the Mercedes-Benz eActros too.

In the hands of Daimler is the Fuso brand too, which is testing the small electric truck eCanter. Separately, Daimler is introducing electric buses Mercedes-Benz eCitaro and an electric school bus Thomas Built Buses Jouley.

Daimler – electric truck/buses vision

Time will tell whether sales of electric vehicles will increase quickly. We wonder how Daimler’s approach corresponds to Tesla Semi – when Tesla entered the EV market with Roadster or Model S, there was no competitive product. The advantage over other companies in the case of the Model 3 is now not that big, but it’s still significant.

The heavy duty segment could be tough nut to crack and if Tesla has a chance here at all it will need to act quickly.

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When i see the foto’s, don’t think that mercedes has engineers in aerodinamica

I don’t see why Tesla will have to act quickly. It seems like Mercedes is going after a very different short range market.

We can do it, so lets do it.

Christ, give it a rest…

When Tesla semi apears in the market the rest only have low range alternatives

Daimler is just using stock images it has of its diesel trucks and slapping an “Electric” or “EV” logo on them.

Clearly Daimler is feeling the heat from Tesla making its prototype Semi Truck, and wants to fight Tesla’s PR. Sadly, it’s pretty clear that Daimler doesn’t have any real development of even a prototype EV heavy truck. These are mostly or completely vaporware claims, just like nearly all of Volkswagen’s vaporware EVs until very, very recently.

Fuso is on their 3 rd generation EV truck, Daimler EV truck experiences go all the way back to the 1890’s.

There’s probably no company on the planet that has more experience in various EV trucks and bus’ applications than Daimler.

I’m sure you know what you’re talking about, Bunny, but 3 out of 4 of the trucks shown in the group photo above have a large grill, which indicates they are not designed to be BEVs.

Daimler may well have one or more smaller BEV trucks they have been selling for some years now. Maybe even a short-range garbage truck? But — correct me if I’m wrong — not large trucks capable of medium- or long-distance travel, as suggested by the photos above.

Anyone familiar with the Commercial Vehicle space, would know that the actual truck is only a fraction of the reasons for that a customer decides for a brand. Much more important is Service-Network, Warranties, additional services, Lease and Finance solutions, reliability and spare parts availability. Apart from the fact that Daimler has development budgets and Engineering Manpower that probably are far higher than Teslas available budget and Manpower for the SEMI (as they have to focus to get Model 3 running), the more important fact is that Daimler has established customer relations, and offers their customer a whole commercial vehicles ecosystem. And to add- Yes, FUSO is already selling a series produced electric truck, the eCanter, to customers in Japan, Europe and the US. And even if Tesla should be first with the Semi, that doesn’t matter much as long as Daimler (or Volkswagen, or Navistar or anyone else) comes in with a heavy duty after a short time. 6 month of prior launch, don’t offset 120 years of commercial vehicle experience. By the way, Passenger cars are different, because emotion and image play a larger role for the purchase. But even here, I see Tesla having a tough future,… Read more »

There are videos of the ecascadia that is running in Oregon. Yes, it’s pure EV

Let’s talk about vaporware. Word on the street is that Tesla bought 4 Cascadias from Daimler to build their 2 mules! This is what I call vaporware. And let’s compare this to Daimler

1. Their eCanter programme started back in 2013. Internal testings and since last year they shipped 500 units to their customers to get feedback before going into series production next year.
2. The eActros was launched in 2016. Started internal testing and gets shipped to customers this year… again, to get feedback before going into series production.
3. The 2 new Freightliners… just got launched, will be in customer hands by the end of this year… guess what? To get feedback!
4. Shall I also mention their eCitaro bus or the electric school-bus by Thomas Build Buses? Or what about their eVito and eSprinter vans? Amazon ordered 100 to test them, Hermes 1500!

This is how a real OEM functions. If Tesla wants to ship their semi next year, it should have some test-mules on the roads for at least some 2 years. This is what I call Vaporware!

absolutely not true they already have EV ecascadia s running in Oregon

EV trucks and buses make sense, good use of lots of valuable batteries.