Honda Trademarks “Honda e” For Possible Electric Car Brand

FEB 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 16

How about “Honda e Civic”?

Honda has recently filed trademark applications (in Switzerland and the European Union) for the name Honda e, in a category reserved for vehicles, according to

The new name Honda e suggests that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing a new electric sub-brand or at least it will be the name of a new model. We bet more likely on sub-brand, as many automakers around the world already adopted a similar system like Audi x e-tron, BMW ix, Mercedes-Benz EQx, etc.

At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which appears likely to become the biggest EV unveiling event in history, Honda will present its latest prototype version of the Urban EV model.

Honda is a bit late to this real EV party, but it does have success with its Clarity PHEV, a long-range plug-in hybrid. Therefore, we’re confident Honda will be able to succeed in the pure electric segment when it actually puts a real effort in.


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16 Comments on "Honda Trademarks “Honda e” For Possible Electric Car Brand"

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How innovative. I bet they will make the “e” blue also.

LOL – awesome

Okay. Bravo!

Very nice but we’ll never see one .. * 🙁 * And if we ever do see one , It’ll be a long time coming ..

and it will have a range of 80 miles like Clarity or the stupid Chademo of up to 50kW max charging rate.

I’d be much more excited if they were talking about putting that SportsEV concept into production.

I agree, its stunning looks alone would attract plenty of interest and could potentially revive the small sports car segment, given Honda provides it with some serious driveline performance of course.

The Helpful Honda Folks should also be sure to Trademark the “Honda e-nuff” already!

Right around e-corner

Too Similar to Hyundai pronunciation… Hondae Hon Day… Hunday?

You beat me to it!

amt Many Ways And Miles Ahead Of All The Other Mak

No Sunday . lol .. 🙂

Folks have to keep in mind that car makers file trademarks for purely defensive reasons too, just to keep other car companies from trying to enforce bogus IP infringement suits that are overly-broad. Trademarks can be filed purely to have on the books for IP barter in the future.

I love the smell of capitulation. 😀

These honda folks seem fairly incapacitated and truly lost in the forest. If the Chinese give them batteries at a good price they might survive, otherwise they will simply die quietly.

WTH is that thing in the picture? It’s ugly as hell.