Honda Commits To Production Of Urban EV In 2019

FEB 1 2018 BY MARK KANE 39

The all-new Honda Urban EV Concept, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will enter production and commence sales in 2019 beginning in Europe.

Honda Urban EV

However, Europe will not be the only market for the electric Honda. Japan will get the Urban EV Concept following its launch in Europe.

The production version will be “largely unchanged” from the concept (the wheels “will likely be toned down”). It’s expected that it will be a five seater compared to four seats in the concept, though this has not yet been confirmed.

In the U.S., where larger cars are more popular, Honda is unlikely to make the Urban EV available.

Specs for the Honda Urban EV remain unknown. Some expect short- to mid- range, suitable mostly for city driving.

Source: Autoblog, Autocar

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> *roll – eyes*

I wouldn’t expect it to ever come to America. We don’t really buy many cars that small.

Honda already has a fully competetive (for the 2011 model year) BEV Clarity with 80 miles of range for the true Honda faithful.

Honda just released the sub-100 mile range Clarity EV, so one wonders if they will release yet another ‘sub-100’ range vehicle with the Urban EV. The world does not need more compliance EVs. Here is hoping that Honda gets serious about an EV with real range.

Why electric cars always have to look weird, unpractical and expensive? Couldn’t Honda build an electric Accord or CR-V?

They don’t have to. Honda just showed it with its well though out concept about to become a reality.

I’m sorry, but to me the Clarity DOES look like an Accord.

But the Clarity has only 89 miles range, this way out of practicality.

No argument there.

Good point, but it brings up, yet again, something I wonder about a lot: What are various car companies working on behind the scenes? For me, the most obvious and interesting things to question are whether, for example, Honda is engineering a 200 to 250 mile Clarity EV or Nissan is working on a US-spec version of their EV minivan?

I hope and expect that all the car companies have the foresight to be working on such things, if only to be prepared for the market hitting the tipping point as battery prices continue to drop. If a car company says it will sit back and wait, then it will be in a lot of trouble if/when the market turns strongly towards EVs and it’s now facing a painfully long development cycle to get a much better EV into its product lineup.

In my most honest opinion they are trying hard to give electric cars a bad name. They want that electric cars to be seen as a quickly obsolete gadget that will get old-fashioned after a few years (like this Honda thing) or something that will not last very long (*cough* Leaf, Volt *cough*). I hope they will lose, like IBM that thought that nobody would want a computer without their brand.

Only for long trips. It comes with CCS standard and is only available in California where the fast charging network is decently robust in comparison to the rest of the country.

Just to give an example of how the range affects the practicality even in the Bay Area. I have a coworker how owns an e-Golf (84 miles range) and works in Fremont. I see him driving his wife’s Lexus at least every other week, usually because of a long errand (like picking up someone in the airport or doing some business in San Francisco). He can charge the car during the errand, but the extra 45 minutes to an otherwise couple hours trip, let alone the cost of fast charging, is a bit of a trouble.

I do the 80 miles commute on the Honda Clarity Electric. So far no problem. DCFC takes 20 minutes.

The PHEV has a 47 mile range, much more usable trunk, and gets 35 mpg at 75 mph. It is a great EV, already put like 800 kwh into mine (Given that it was winter it was maybe only 2000 or 2300 miles EV). Already saved around 100 gallons gas vs my minivan in 2 months.

The Clarity PHEV version is the way to go. I don’t like the exterior styling near the rear wheels. Other than though, this is a compelling vehicle.

Why do ICE powered Japanese cars have to look weird like the Accord and CR-V? The Japanese have watched way too much Anime and so their vision of the future is angular, distorted and angry. Lots of complicated stuff because, well, the future is complicated.

This is one of the first Japanese concepts that finally strips all that junk and clutter out of their design language.

The top 10 sellers are all Japanese. Maybe the problem is with you.

Most of us spend time inside the vehicle and not outside admiring the looks.

Build a reliable, affordable, practical, safe, and comfortable vehicle. One day, Tesla, GM, Ford, and Chrysler will learn this lesson. Don’t try to impress reviewers, they’re not the target buyers.

Strange, I don’t see Tesla having trouble selling cars, just with keeping up with sales.

No, Japanese cars are generally ugly. Korean and American cars better. German cars best.

Why the Japanese cars are ugly seems mysterious but certainly true. The Korean cars got better looking when Hyundai/Kia hired a German chief designer (formerly with Audi).

Guess what? They’ll say “2020 we meant..” in 2019. (If the subject even comes up)

Wouhou that’s great news ! Such a cool little car. I’d love for the wheels to remain as they are though.

In spite of what they claim, very little of this will make it to production. There will be rearview mirrors, not cameras. There will be much chunkier A,B and C pillars. There will be bumpers. There will be real headlights and not glowing fluorescent things. There will be a round steering wheel. There will be small display screens and not just one big one.

And yes, there will be smaller, cheaper to build wheels and tires.

How many cars have distinct ‘bumpers’ today?

At their core, Honda is more of an ICE company than a car company. They make ICEs for everything from cars and motorcycles to ATVs, tractors, lawnmowers, you name it. I don’t expect them to ever move full-force into the EV game.

It’s a shame too because Honda cars come in a nice package. They are practical, fun to drive, and very reliable. I would love a car based on the Honda Sports EV concept. BUT it must have 200+ miles of range AND support reasonably fast charging. I won’t be holding my breath.

Would be awesome if they converted their other product lines to electric. Like lawn mowers, backup generators (battery storage + solar?), etc.

Sure, but that’s not going to happen. Instead, someone else is going to come in and steal the market from underneath them. For example, EGO makes a decent battery powered lawn mower, trimmer, snow blower, etc.

coolest car of 2019

I love it! Finally a new Honda that looks great and doesn’t look like an eight-year old boys idea of a cool car. The design is super clean and the car looks modern, cool and somehow kind all at the same time. The fact that it launches in Europe first and Japan a year later is an interesting surprise (or rather was, when I first heard of it).

Hope it’ll be as good as it looks and sensibly priced…

I love it. Perfect city car commuter. On the other hand, I cannot stand the Clarity or their new Civic designs.

Which means that I will never have an opportunity to buy one … Thanks Honda.

Looks very much like my 1983 Civic S.

Kinda can’t see a small city car selling well.

That’s why it isn’t coming to America. Cars this size sell just fine in other parts of the world, particularly Japan.

It could be a serious competitor for the VW ID Golf replacement, unless “urban” is code for “sub 100 mile range” in which case the retro aficionados will love it and no one else will buy it.

I love this car and wish they would bring it to America. The aesthetics are just fantastic.

Just because I like small hatchbacks doesn’t mean I want to drive 60 miles on a battery. Sure, my current MiEV does exactly that, but I’d rather have a more useful 150.

With that range I can make it to the airport and back, my benchmark for range really.

I am looking for a model a la nissan note with range real range of 450 km .Price = ca.€18000.
Jac iev7s is the one for example.
Indeed why not a simplistic car and affordable????? ….

Looks like a great small car, but what are the specs? Range, battery size, charge rate, CCS or CHAdeMO, motor size (torque and hp ratings), how many passengers? Cargo room?

Just Bring the Coupe to the USA

I want this car so bad!

I think it could be an epic Hot Hatch if they really wanted it to be. It could be like the Civics were when I was a teen, cheap, sporty, fun to drive and well built hatchbacks.

Maybe they could skip the US and bring it to Canada? I’d buy one! It looks gorgeous!!

why are we left out of this cutie pie? because we are so gross in our taste for BIG ugly trucks???? come on please bring the URBAN to CA or ill just have to go to Europe ….