Highlights And Webcast From Tesla Supercharger Launch – “Travel Forever For Free”

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With much fanfare Tesla launched their Supercharger into California Monday night, and while their was some technical glitches actually getting the unit out from under cover, the event was Tesla-quality hype.

Elon Musk Demonstrates His Latest Vision

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, standing in front of the Tesla Supercharger and charging Model S, spend a good 10 minutes giving us the background on the process, the specifics on the machine and Tesla’s rollout plans.

Of particular interest was that the statement that the Superchargers are not that expensive “due to  zero marginal energy cost after installation” and that Tesla Model S owners “can travel forever for free,” as the units will be no charge to Tesla owners.

Tesla Touts 150 Mile Charge In 30 Minutes

Some of the other highlights:

  • Superchargers coupled with SolarCity (of which Musk is Chairmen) will produce “more energy than the cars will draw” from the unit, so you can be confident of truly green power in your Model S
  • units currently charge at 100 kW according to Musk (although Tesla’s official Supercharger page lists the rate at 90kW), and 120 “into the future”
  • Supercharging is available for both the 85 kWh and 60 kWh versions of the Model S (not the entry level 40 kW)
  • Network consists of 6 stations now, that almost give total coverage of California (provided you are driving a 85 kWh/265 mile Model S)
  • Network will expand into Nevada and Oregon next year, and will cover “almost all” of the US in 2 years, with total coverage planned in both the US and southern Canada in 5 years (over 100 stations), as well as limited coverage in Europe and Asia

Tesla Supercharger Network Now

Four (Out Of A Current 6) California Superchargers At Work

Musk likened his Supercharger in importance to his SpaceX company’s first docking with the International Space Station earlier this year.

Also of interest, that Model S shown coupled to the new Supercharger at the beginning of the presentation gained about 35 miles of range during the 10(ish) minute demonstration.  Impressive indeed.

Check out Tesla’s dedicated page on the Supercharger for no more details here.


Video Recast of Supercharge Premiere Event:

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Elon is sure pushing the boundaries, as he has to given Tesla’s strategy and obligations. He’s to be applauded for slightly higher risk path.

I’d like to see the PV panel area actually used to support these ‘superchargers’. Does each charging station have its own PV setup that is grid connected, or is the PV a grid connected centralised system(s)?

What does Tesla say about 24 hr charging? Is this Tesla PV supplemented with a commercial construct with power companies for net positive renewable electricity or is the renewable energy being provided wholy by Telsta 24×7?

It has to be grid connected, I can’t imagine the size of the battery bank needed when charging at night….


Agreed. Still another forward thinking move from Musk to make all of the stations solar powered. “Free for life from the sun” goes hand-in-hand with the EV movement. I am now eager to find out the size of the array. I am not much of an insider so I am expecting King Cole to get there first! Now that a few are in place it should be pretty available info.

Musk is the true rockstar of the EV world; Ghosn was merely a Milli Vanilli pretender.