Henrik Fisker Confirms Future $40,000 Electric Car, Discusses eMotion

Fisker EMotion


It’s coming. Eventually.

Back in the autumn of  2016 when Henrik Fisker launched his latest foray into the automobile manufacturing business, the focus was on a “game-changing” flagship vehicle, since revealed to be the EMotion. Like Tesla, and the original iteration of Fisker for that matter, there was also mention of a future model which would bear a more modest $40,000 price tag.

Despite the brief mention of a $34,000 vehicle during the unveiling of the $190,000 (loaded) EMotion at this year’s CES, we haven’t heard too much about this more affordable Fisker. That is, until it came up in a recent conversation with Autocar. In a discussion of his companies announced products — the sexy EMotion and the somewhat-less-sexy autonomous Orbit — the topic of a third $40,000 product was broached, with Fisker defending his firm’s ability to handle producing multiple products at the same time.

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Fisker Atlantic concept car in red

The Fisker Atlantic was to be the more affordable model of the original Fisker company.

It is the entrepreneur’s view that automakers today need to have a varied lineup: no more only focusing on only sportscars, for instance. And certainly, no one can accuse Fisker’s proposed vehicles of being too similar. The key to success, according to Mr. Fisker, is partnering with companies that can help him scale up production “in a high-quality manner.” To that end, the California outfit already has a relationship with China’s Hakim Unique Group for production of the Orbit.

Speaking of production, the Autocar article also mentions the company’s U.S. manufacturing plans, saying an announcement will come this year and hinting that it will happen at an existing facility. In a seeming slam at a different would-be automaker that announced an ambitious plan for an expensive new factory, Fisker said “We’re not in a hurry, like some other car startups, to go out and build a big factory.” Zing!

While fans of Fisker’s deft design look forward to a new “affordable” model, the executive seems to be more focused on the EMotion and developments around the flexible solid-state battery the company is working on. His Twitter feed of late features a number of photos and promising-sounding intonations around the tech that he contends will allow his cars and go farther and charge faster than competitor’s.

Source: Autocar

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Maybe so. But Henrik Fisker is a great var designer turned useless manufacturer. So far it’s been style over substance in s way previously unseen in the industry. I’ll remain skeptical until something else is proven, thank you. 🙂

Well if it’s anything like Elons $35k Model 3 we’ll never see it…

Destination and doc fee is $1k so again you won’t ever find a $35k Model 3. Well at least not a new one!

All cars are quoted with destination, doc fees, tax, title and license separately .

Hey DJ can you show me a single new car where they include the price of everything? Didn’t think so. Now go back into your hole and let the adults talk some more.

I’m glad that here in Henrik Fisker’s home county Denmark, as of today (April 3, 2018) all car prices are required by a new law to include everything. Before an additional shipping fee was always put on top of the quoted car price, but that’s not allowed any more, so now they have to include all fees the listed and quoted prices.

I wish our country did that. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the advertised price be the price you pay!

Quite often our dealers have “drive away, no more to pay” pricing. If you’re happy with that, you literally pay that price, all charges, taxes, etc are included in that price. Of course, they still try to up sell you optional extras and get a bit sour when you actually just want that priced vehicle.

So is the eMotion available now? Seems like that should be first priority.

I believe their targeting 2020 for first EMotion deliveries.