Global October Sales: New Record For Plug-In Electric Cars

DEC 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 23

About 2 million plug-in electric cars will be sold in 2018

In October 2018, sales of plug-ins again not only grew like crazy year-over-year, but also hit a new all-time high.

EV Sales Blog estimates that in total, some 208,800 plug-in electric cars were sold last month (up 75%), several thousand above  the record from September. November and December probably will raise the bar even higher.

See more our sales reports for October 2018 here.

With about 1,490,000 sales in the first 10 months of 2018 at average 1.9% market share, it’s very probable that 2 million plug-ins will be sold this year with well over 250,000 in December (usual peak month of the year). In 2017 ,total sales were 1.2 million, which shows us how fast the market expands.

The best-selling model in October was surprisingly BAIC EC-Series with 20,648! Tesla Model 3, in its slower first month of the quarter, needs to be satisfied with #2 this time and 18,552 estimated sales.

It seems that Nissan LEAF will not be able to stay in second place for the year, as 8,307 sales is not even half of what BAIC EC-Series is achieving in China.

October brings us one more interesting result – the BYD Qin PHEV is now the best-selling plug-in hybrid for the year, slightly above the Toyota Prius PHEV, but in general, only 5 PHEVs were able to break into top 20.

In October BAIC and BYD sold the most plug-in cars, while Tesla was 3rd:

  • Tesla: 22,943 (177,287 YTD)
  • BYD: 27,156 (163,755 YTD)
  • BAIC: 27,814 (118,816 YTD)

If you check the graph below, you will see which manufacturers were the most serious in plug-in cars this year (and in the past years, as current results are fruits of previous investments).

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM

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Lackluster interest and demand? Irrational FUD, zero logic.

If that happens, which it wont, I guess you stand to make a lot of money, huh? You might want to ditch your short positions sooner rather than later though. Since the model 3 is 1st class and demand is huge. Or just hold your position and lose the short shorts off your @$$.

LOL. Your anti Tesla rants are so preposterous that they are too funny to not LOL. How many times have we heard of Tesla bankruptcy already? It sounds like scratched vinyl record.

Tesla sales globally has historically depended on month. Since they don’t have local production. So first month of the quarter always saw lower sales. Looking at historical Model S and X sales, it seems quite stable to me.

Also, since there has been a truce in tariffs in China, that will help sales there.

Model 3 will do even better outside the US due to its smaller size.

Sweet news. Wow, 208,820 is a big # and October is the new #1. This may fall in November itself.
Nice to see Tesla maintaining 14,000 lead over #2 BYD.
Hope Model-3 sales in November is more than in October. Many more Chinese models are joining in, while in USA, Tesla alone is doing all the lifting while others are just watching.

Chevy has no model in the top 20. They dropped from fifth to ninth as a brand. And Ford is ? Nowhere to be seen.

Tesla is America’s flag bearer and it keeps the star spangled banner at #1.
Yet the mainstream media neither recognizes, nor appreciates since they are controlled by Big Oil.
What a sad state. But we will continue to relish and appreciate Tesla’s success and also the rise of plugins from Tesla and China.

What Tesla has done is astounding just like Porsce said…
Tesla is the only non legacy Auto company in the world who has made more than 10k cars period…(to the best of my knowledge)

The American legacy’s are a BEVs embarsement…

On a start up note it will be very interesting to see how fast NIO scales as their sales will probably hit 10k this year after only a several months of production…
NIO went what might be a smart way and outsourced their production to an established Chinese automaker…

Byd? Legacy?

Great results. If EV sales keep doubling every year it’ll only take 5 more years until they represent 64% of the market. 2023 here we come.

And only 6 more years until they represent 128% of the market.

China numbers from now on will be stunning. There are many models being released in China going into 2019. Initially most of these will be from major Chinese companies and new startups. From 2020, this growth will be continued by the major brands like VW, Tesla, BMW, Honda, etc… Good thing is most of these will be full-electric (not plug-in hybrids) and all with decent battery and range (40 KWh+) due to subsidy policy change.

Rest of the world numbers still dependent on Tesla Model 3 ramp up, Hyundai/Kia’s willingness to increase the production of their Kona/Niro and Soul EVs. $35,000 base Model 3 will be very critical as it not only set the benchmark for price and range and will force other automakers to price their EVs below that $35,000 mark.

China BEV sales could be crazy high next year and higher still going forward…

Last month two Chinese companies out sold Tesla.
If the Fanboys were anything to go by you would think that impossible.

And BYD is battery restrained as the only Auto company that makes their own batteries…
And the fanboys said that was the only way to go…
On the same note BYD could probably sell 20k plus BEV Yuans a month like BAIC does with their EC series which is in the same price range but has way better specs…
BYD is probably wisely putting the most batteries in their higher dollar plugins…

Last month two Chinese companies out sold EVERY big western OEM.

Uhm, multiple budget cars selling at lower prices SHOULD outsell a premium brand. That is perfectly normal.

If anything, it simply makes you shake your head at what the non-Chinese automakers are doing.

So if I hit you with a 40% price increase on the car you wanted to buy that was arleady at a premium price, you would still buy it knowing that the price would fall again in 6-12 months? No, you would not…if you are smart. Once the pricing normalizes, Tesla will decimate and especially with the Model 3. Say good night.

Last table in the article has two columns labeled “Oct.” – I believe the second one should instead be labeled “YTD”.

The Renault Zoe and the Leaf are both selling quite well now in Europe. Overall (including the US), the Leaf has sold not much less than the Model 3 this year, despite a lot less media headlines.

Don’t forget leaf advertises. Just like every company….but Tesla. Also, Tesla cannot sell in all 50 states in America. They beat every other EV with there hands tied.

This chart made me remember an article from 2013 about the Frankfurt Auto Show where the CEO of VW, Martin Winterkorn was saying that in 2018 VW would be the top electric automaker in 2018…

Well at least they made top 10.
I am sure they are happy about that 🙂