Fremont Factory Flyover Reveals Hundreds Of Tesla Model 3 – Video


The surge is surely coming soon.

A drone flyover video of the Tesla Fremont factory reveals lots packed full of Tesla Model 3.

Video description:

Flyover of the Tesla Factory in Fremont on 12/20/2017 in 4k with a Mavic Pro.

Special attention paid to the two car storage lots with Tesla Model 3 inventory.

Via Reddit, the video uploader adds:

I said I’d do a drone flyover, so i did.

Still Photos from my drone flyover today, 12/20/2017 of the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA. Flew over the Model 3 buffer visible from the freeway. Also flew over the Model S/X buffer at the back of the factory.

Looks like old S/X buffer is now cars being prepared for shipment, there are def. 3’s mixed in there. (most had white protective wrap) wile the “model 3” buffer near the freeway is Fremont/bay area delivery with no protective wrap (and def. had some S and X in it). Plenty of 3’s visible.

Also there is a yard with some prototypes or training vehicles or something under wraps and out in the open in one of the shots. Site was incredibly busy today, tons of trucks arriving and leaving the logistics hub near the S/X buffer.

And here are those still images, via Imgur:

Tesla Fremont Factory – 12-20-2017

Source: Reddit, Imgur

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Let me see if I understand this right. Tesla has a PR/$$ issue surrounding the M3 manufacturing and we’re supposed to believe that they have hundreds of M3’s just sitting in a parking lot? In a quarter in which they could claim them as delivered? LOL…

What makes you think they’re just sitting? I’m of the impression that there is actually stuff going on at the factory, including the movement of vehicles.

I think the people that would be receiving those cars would be making noise, don’t you think. At the very least Electrek would be making a lot of noise.

Actually, Electrek HAS been running a series of stories about the rapid increase of reservation conversions, and several people reporting deliveries scheduled for the coming days.


I’m taking delivery of a M3 this Sunday. How’s that for noise?

More noise:

Deliveries were already happening before you even posted.

😆 😆 😆

Steve, the idiot Tesla hating troll whines again! Poor baby, you’re in such denial about Tesla’s success in putting the Model 3 into production!

Amazing as it may seem, no auto maker can instantly whisk cars which roll off the assembly line onto waiting car carrying trucks or railroad cars or ships for overseas shipment. All auto makers have depots where large numbers of cars await shipment by one means or another. That the number of cars in Tesla’s depots is growing is a sign that Tesla’s production is growing! Hooray!

Go Tesla!

Seriously, Steve says nothing personal about anyone, merely gives his opinion on the situation with the “hundreds” of Model 3’s sitting in a parking lot, then you come in and personally attack him, calling him an “idiot troll” for him merely giving his opinion.

Who really is the troll here? I hope the admins are taking notes of the numerous personal attacks made by PP. Other Tesla zealots on here at least try and mask the personal insults in a more witty manner.

Jay or any of the other admins, I think you need to reel in PP, and he is getting out of control with the personal, hateful attacks. If he doesn’t, I suggest you give him the Sven treatment. PP really is a drag on this website, especially with the increased personal attacks on other posters at IEVs.

If you want to see a change here, start with your own posts.

If you watch the video from 5:12 to 6:02, you can watch 8 car transport trucks being loaded with cars, and a 9th car transport driving away with a full load of cars.

All the cars in that lot beside those transport trucks are wrapped for shipping.

They are very busy actively shipping out cars as fast as they can based upon this video.

I think I saw the one I reserved. I sure wish I could go and pick it up at the factory. With only 2 options they can premake them and match the config when it comes through.

For sure in car factory lots there are plenty of cars , not only in California .

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

or even at the destination docks.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They’re waiting for more practical/tried and true less “over engineered” and KISS door handles to be retrofitted…….lol

Latest estimate still is only 1000 model 3 for quarter 4

Latest estimate from who?

Now that they have missed their target, I’d bet Tesla is slow rolling the Model 3 to gain maximum tax advantage for M3 buyers.

Shareholders and investors will surely be happy to hear that, lol.

This. If they deliver early Q1……

Tesla like gaming the laws . They are adjusting their M3 deliveries with the sunset of the 7500 usd Fed subsidy .

Tesla likeS …

Absolute lunacy.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Every business “Games” the system. Nothing new.

Except the system seems to keep gaming them, with the once gone tax credits…they’re baaack.

The credit is based on production, not delivery. So stacking vehicles at the factory has zero advantage in shifting the quarter that they hit 200,000.

That doesn’t match the information that the IRS provides on the Federal Tax credit:

“The credit begins to phase out for a manufacturer’s vehicles when at least 200,000 qualifying vehicles have been sold for use in the United States”

Adam Martin said:

“…I’d bet Tesla is slow rolling the Model 3 to gain maximum tax advantage for M3 buyers.”

Well, thank goodness the people running Tesla have better business sense than you!

Even if Tesla wants to put the brakes on reaching the 200,000 limit of customers getting tax rebates, that wouldn’t put any damper on cars shipped to other countries. That 200,000 limit applies only to domestic sales.

Is that 2-3 days production? Or have they solved all problems, and have reached the 700+ cars a day?

Common sense suggests no new auto assembly line is going to go from <100 per week to ~3000 per week, in the space of a month.

Of late, Tesla has been more cautious in their estimates of how fast they can ramp up production. It would be prudent of us Tesla fans to do the same.

Looks to me like 1000 + at factory… a few hundred each at the various delivery centers… they are finally getting ramped up… so… next… enough folks to deliver the cars and get the checks? Let’s hope soon so the cash crunch will ease. Great news from Norway for this quarter… and loads of Model X and S’s hopefully knock BOLT off top since GM is so half hearted about it… no marketing compared to their ICE campaigns… and busting open Q1 2018 for Model 3. Really glad to see this. The stock could blow past $400 soon.

So just to clarify you hope a company who doesn’t advertise whatsoever knocks a company off the top because they don’t advertise their EV enough.

See anything wrong with that logic?

Personally I would hope for the Bolt to retain the top spot for the sole reason that it consumes fewer resources overall to produce than a S or an X to put down the same # of miles and that’s a good thing.

Depends: a tesla could replace my company mercedes that was delivered last friday, a bolt could not.
There are rules what I HAVE to drive. mercedes, audi, bmw. Tesla would be ok, if available, an opel ampera-e would not.
And I drive a lot.
So on average a tesla might save more co2 than a bolt.

Tesla advertises heavily, just not by traditional (for automaker) means. They have referral programs where they reward people for selling their cars for them. Amazon, Camera stores, many others all rely heavily on those.

For example, Pro Photographer XYZ shoots with camera ABC so Joe Blow who buys a camera thinks he needs to buy camera ABC as it takes good pictures. For every Camera XYZ sells, he/she gets a percentage kickback from the manufacturer.

Personally I hope the Bolt gains in sales and that the 3, which uses fewer resources than the X or S, still blows right past it, signalling the transition to electric is accelerating.

DJ asked:

“See anything wrong with that logic?”

Yeah, I see a lot wrong with a Tesla bashing troll calling his B.S. FUD “logic”.

You couldn’t win a debate with a tree frog, dude.

Perhaps you’d care to comment on the actual content of the post.

Nothing worthy of commenting on, troll.

Okay, here’s a general comment on all the posts in this thread from you and the other serial Tesla bashers:

We should circle this day on our calendar as the day the Tesla haters jumped the shark!

In response to a report of a surge in the number of Tesla cars accumulating in holding lots, the serial Tesla bashers are posting comments as if that is somehow a bad thing!

😆 😆 😆

Honestly, this is going to be hard to top in the category of not merely B.S., but unbelievable B.S.!


DJ — Are you STILL going on and on about a car selling around as many units as another car that is 3X to 5X more expensive?

That’s actually an embarrassment. At that price differential, the much cheaper car should be CRUSHING the much, much more expensive car in number of units of sales. This is basic economics.

Tesla didn’t do the same sort of advertising the traditional manufacturers do, the comparison is that the traditional manufacturer is not advertising their EV the same way/amount as they do their ICE, so really they are not trying to sell it.
Tesla didn’t need to advertise, they have more reservations, which many will translate into sales, than they know what to do with.

Just to put this is prospective. GM produces about 1000 Bolts a week. Also the Bolt isn’t what Tesla needs to worry about. The Bolt will steal some Model 3 sales. But the question is what’s next for GM? Manufactures are starting to show their hands. Tesla has played theirs. All their cards are on the table except the Model Y.

It took GM a year to get to that level. They haven’t build and sold 50,000 Bolts in the last 50+ weeks. They are at about half that, averaging 500 cars a week.

What is your point? That ramp-up doesn’t happen over night? Even for GM?

Hey Tesla, A good $300 Remington 870 shotgun will take care of dem pesky drones…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

LMAO…….. ︻╦╤─

Welcome to “Delivery Hell”…

As “Production Hell” for Model 3 gets resolved the next step for Tesla to work through will be “Delivery Hell”… but Tesla will adapt as needed and also get through that transition.

So expect the TSLA naysayers to soon move their criticism from Tesla struggling to produce Model 3 in volume to a new taking-point that Tesla is having difficulty delivering Model 3 in volume.

After the current crop of TSLA shorters get squeezed-out (count on it) a new crop of TSLA shorters will step in and declare Tesla has gotten too big to sustain rapid innovation… and that Tesla can’t globally compete against low cost Chinese EVs that copy Tesla products…

Then after that crop of TSLA shorters get cleared out will come the shorters claiming…

..that Tesla suppliers can’t keep up with demand, and the M3 is supply constrained.
It’s always going to be something.


ZEV credits are worth more in 2017 then 2018…Why not sandbag deliveries and hold a mass delivery event at multiple locations to announce that you delivered 1000+ Model 3s? Holding an event like that would immediately create Semi and Roadster reservations…

That only works if you can follow up those deliveries with steady deliveries after.

Good to see production starting to come around!
2018 should be good year for everybody EV wise

Give Tesla a break. This is their 4th release and each is completely different. It’s not like GM putting a different grill and taillights on a car and calling it a new model.

Initial (US) monthly sales for Model S – 12, 19, 43, 86, 300, 400, 1790. They hit their stride in month 7.

Initial (US) monthly sales for Model X – 6, 4, 5, 199, 214, 270, 270, 1860. It took them 8 months for the X; perhaps those rear door thingys.

Patience, patience…

I don’t know how many Model 3s will make the cut this quarter, but next quarter’s likely to be so gangbuster that even Green Car Reports will have to say something positive! Seeking Alpha though, will STILL twist it into a negative.

Those cars are awaiting missing parts. Ones in the front lot are missing gas caps, and those in the back lot are missing oil pans and dip sticks.

LOL good one, for some crazy reason average people think EVs are alien technology, I had a tire laceration so I called AAA for a tow on my Leaf, I got a call from tow truck driver asking what was wrong because they have never towed a Leaf before, I responded with it has four wheels and steering wheel only difference is no gasoline needed.

So I’m sold on everything Elon is doing, but don’t you guys think it’s weird that this Fremont factory has ZERO SOLAR PANELS on the roofs? And zero solar parking lot roofs!
I’m so excited about all these Model 3’s, but so confused as to why there’s NO solar anywhere? Or maybe I missed It?

Balls! As a journalist and drone operator, I salute you!