Ford Releases New Details On Mach 1 Electric Crossover


Ford has let slip a few new details on the upcoming Mach 1 electric crossover.

The automaker says it will be a world car and has even revealed when it will be available in Europe.

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Ford says the Mach 1 electric CUV will be front-wheel-drive, which is slightly disappointing actually. Perhaps an AWD version will be offered at a later date?

In addition, there’s now a known codename for the crossover – CX430.

The Mach 1 reference is believed to be connected to styling only, meaning the electric CUV will have some resemblance to the Mustang that bares the same moniker of Mach 1.

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Ford Electric CUV Render

Autocar states:

“The all-electric crossover, dubbed Mach 1 in reference to its Mustang-derived styling features, has been confirmed as a globally engineered model to be revealed next year, with UK deliveries starting in 2020.”

“The crossover, codenamed CX430, will be built on the C2 platform used for the new Focus and has been in Ford’s product plan for several years.”

“The CX430 will be additional to the Kuga and, since it is based on the front-wheel-drive C2 platform, it is expected to be conventional hatchback-like, with a slightly raised driving position.”

Back in January, Ford executive Jim Farley teased the Mach 1 by asking: “What happens when this,” the roar of an internal combustion engine is played in the background, “meets an e-racer acceleration?”

He added: “Can a battery electric vehicle stir the soul?”

The 300-plus mile electric CUV should really boost Ford’s electric car sales, which up ’til now have largely relied on plug-in hybrids.

Source: Autocar

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The mustang is a great looking car but I hope it has its own look and doesn’t copy the mustang.

It sure as heck better NOT look like that Mustang.
It needs to be a REAL CUV, or a real Electric car, or it will CRASH in the market.

After killing their sedans, hasn’t Ford bet the company on the 50 year old designs of F-150 and Mustang? This is worse than the endless Hollywood remakes. How boring!

Is Autocar combining two products into one? This CX430 sounds like the long-anticipated small crossover EV designed to replace the Focus Electric. I expected the Mach 1 to be a separate, larger vehicle given its comparisons to the Explorer in the initial tease.

They are wrong… the Mach1 will be on the EV platform not the C2 platform.

Agree with Sean, Autocar is wrong, wrong, wrong. Very disappointing, sloppy reporting. Wrong program code, wrong drive type, wrong timing. Throws doubt on everything else in the article. SMH.

Is the Mustang on the C2 Platform ?

So its an electric raised Focus with some fancy metal work. Bla, disappointed is an understatement.
Don’t want lipstick, just a good car/truck/van.

Terrible looking, let’s lift a mustang and turn it into an SUV?? Looks like it doesn’t know what it wants to be. Yikes..

Or Change The Name Tag and call it something Else , Our Customers will never Notice the difference , They’ll Think It’s a Brand New Style…

I think that is a fan rendering, not a Ford rendering. This site is really bad at clarifying that.

Of course, Ford would never build something like this..

The Ford Focus is a TINY car, it can’t be based on that.

Looks just as practical as the original.

The outgoing Focus is already 10 inches longer than the Bolt EV and the 2019 Focus is even longer. Don’t forget that Focus RS is AWD and has 350 hp. A Focus based EV platform could be a pretty potent CUV.

Correct !

“Tiny” cars are the size of Fiat 500s or Smart cars. The Focus is certainly NOT tiny.

When it comes to ICE SUV/ Truck transmissions the heavier the vehicle sooner they go out when compared to light weight ICE Sedans. Most of the time they don’t even last half the life span that of a Sedan.

Really. Where did you hear that? Don’t they like, make truck transmissions heavier duty?

Of course they do. The transmission on my 2003 Silverado, known as a relative pos in the light truck performance community, went 270,000 miles before needing transmission repair ($700 – cheap because there are millions of them). The transmission on my current 2006 Ford F250 is strong as nails with 260,000 very hard miles, really one of the more impressive parts of the vehicle.

Maybe you are referring to cuv’s that share the same drive trains with cars because your claim about trucks is simply not true.

Got proof to backup those claims?

If the product is based off the Ford Kuga, you should have that pictured, because that is a real CUV.

Secondly, it’s based of the Kuga, than is this going to be another substandard conversion? And this is why it will be front-wheel drive. That’s what the Kuga is. So, they’re going to shoe horn an EV design into an existing frame. Did Ford run out of money? How hard is it to design a new car with AutoCAD these days?

Ford uses Catia, and yes, I too would like to see something better looking than what is shown above. How about a for an electric sports car/sedan, make a modified Mustang, slightly longer for more rear leg room and battery room, with a closed grill? For a CUV, modify the Ford Edge design.

Wow, I sure hope it is not that ugly…

Another ford bev tease. How many times has ford announced new bevs would be coming this decade but nothing arrives?
I’ll beleive this 300 mile “cute ute” when I see it in person on the streets of the states next decade

Keep things in perspective: many, if not all, of the previous announcements were made under Mark Fields’ tenure as CEO. Since he is gone, so are many if not all of his programs. This is a new day.


Seems there are a lot of “holes” in this and the source article. Will wait for something more official from slow as molasses Ford….

That rendering is fugly…

I need clarification. For the $7500 US Tax Credit – Are Ford, GM, and Chevrolet all different for the 200,000 unit count?

Ford is separate from GM (which includes Chevrolet). Each automaker has its own count.

So what keeps an established car maker from spawning a new indendend brand and equip them with employees and IP to start over on the 200,000 ?

Interesting for sure. If the brand falls under the automaker’s umbrella in any way, it would count toward their 200K. I can’t speak to what might happen if an automaker was able to pull off a brand-new completely independent brand. That would essentially be labeled as a new startup created by ex-execs and ex-employees from an automaker. Money made by this new startup wouldn’t be able to benefit the previous automaker, so I don’t know how it would be helpful in that sense.

I’d gather, it couldn’t be run by anyone currently working for the automaker or have any affiliation whatsoever. So, you could call BYTON a new startup related to Tesla but completely separate, for example. Bad example really, but I don’t have another quick one.

If GM did something like that, and then made cars resembling or using similar parts with the Chevrolet Bolt, wouldn’t that be an immediate red flag and showing an obvious attempt to work around the rules? Even if so, GM wouldn’t be able to benefit. The only benefit would really go to consumers (and the newly founded company, of course).

This is surely something that’s worth looking into. Great question!

Ford seems totally confused on all fronts. If this rendering is anywhere close to being accurate, it seems Ford is willing to sacrifice the successful Mustang to try to shed some “halo light” on its EV efforts. And a sports performance EV with front drive? Brilliant Ford, just brilliant!!!

This is not a Ford rendering – it is an rendering.

I don’t understand all the negativity. Compared to what’s available out there right now, I would definitely consider this as my next vehicle.

Because it whores out the design language of the best looking Ford Mustang in a long long time.

I have to say that this article lacks real information and was pretty disappointing. In order to have an offering for the 2020 model year Ford needs to be showing a concept now. I still like Ford but I’m it looks like I’m going down a different path.

So you know more about how to introduce cars than a company which has been doing it for 115 years? Wow.

Aaaaaaand lost me at FWD. No reason for that torque steer garbage in an EV because RWD doesn’t cost more (like it does in a gas car)

I think this article is all mixed up and contains little real info. Hopefully F is making essentially a Kuga/Escape EV and not some jacked up mustangy thing. They ARE going to offer a slightly lifted version of the new Focus (but not the car Focus) in USA. so maybe the EV will be based on that. It would be nice to have some real info on what (if anything!!!???) they are doing.

I have a (super cheap lease) C-max energi and actually like it (just got 26 miles on one charge) except for the battery in the trunk and the fact that it is heavy (3900 lb.) I would consider a serious Ford EV if it isn’t some jacked up mess of a design.

Sorry, Clive. The long link took it to spam. I discovered it in the spam folder and pushed it live for you.

Cool man, I saw that, thanks ‼️

This very important global car the Ford Active Crossover is pivotal for Ford Motor Company. You can bet it will be coming in many flavors including 100% Battery Electric.

I have extremely high hopes for a Ford.

^ It will look more like the picture I just posted… “Awaiting Moderation”

I wish InsideEVS would more clearly caption “artist conception” renders which are not from the auto maker in question. I also wish InsideEVs would stop inserting a render into an article simply so the article can have an illustration, even when it has nothing to do with the actual subject of the article. As we can see from many comments here, that gives the casual reader the false impression that the render is actually an official one and that it actually represents the subject of the article!

If you look at the linked AutoCar article, they’ve got a different render, which is also an artist conception, but at least they put a caption under it which makes it clear it’s their imagination at work, not Ford’s!

* * * * *

Well, if Ford really is moving forward with an all-electric SUV or CUV, then I look forward to seeing what that actually looks like. I also hope it’s actually a CUV or SUV, and not merely a 4-door sedan (liftback or otherwise) which is raised off the ground to an inconvenient height.

I like FWD for daily driving, but as a performance vehicle? Doesn’t quite fit.

And FWD-only does not make it a CUV/SUV.

A vehicle without AWD will not be accepted as a crossover in USA and I hope Ford knows it.
Its lot easier to make an electrified vehicle like Hybrid/Plugin/Electric an AWD.

Just place a small motor in rear axle.

Option 1. Ford Mustang
Option 2. Ford Active

I don’t know whether I like it or not. This is the new trend for CUV. I think it is called crossover coupe? sport crossover? Just google the BMW X6 or GLE Coupe. It definitely is a head turner when you see it on the road for the first time. But if you stop for a moment to think what has happen to the car, you will be scratching your head. They basically made it to have poorer rear visibility and less trunk storage space. It is basically a oversize 4 door coupe, with giant wheels on stilts. Audi and Mitsubishi is designing their upcoming electric crossover with the same idea. But hey, apparently they sell quite well for BMW and Benz.

Great, a Honda Accord Crosstour with a Ford grille. Yuck! They should check Honda’s Crosstour sales before they commit to this desecration of the Mach 1 name.

Issues with this car:
1. Naming it “Mach 1” should be against the law.
2. Without AWD/4WD, it will not be a crossover.
3. “Can a battery electric vehicle stir the soul?” No.

who cares? its a Ford.

Looks like the elephant man of Fords