Ford Unveils Wild F-Vision Electric Semi Truck

SEP 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 38

Ford hints at a Tesla Semi contender

Ford Trucks (in fact, Turkish Ford Otosan) unveiled at the 2018 IAA a concept semi-trailer truck, the “F-Vision – Future Truck”, that turns out to be all-electric.

Besides it being electric, it’s chock full of all kinds of technologies, from level 4 autonomous driving and platoon function with other trucks, through cameras instead of rearview mirrors. There’s Internet connectivity, as well as fancy features like automatically tinting windows in the colors of the body, too. In a word, it’s wild.

While the Ford F-Vision is just a concept, hopefully we won’t have to wait for years upon years before we start seeing such trucks on the roads.

Ford F-Vision concept
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Ford F-Vision concept Ford F-Vision concept Ford F-Vision concept

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So… footage of it actually driving around people would be great. So far, it looks like a sculpture and an animation.

One video of the Semi on a vehicle turntable shows people looking at it.

So it more than just an animation.

That would be the sculpture from Vexar’s comment, I’d guess.

Sculpture is not the correct term.

Even if it is not a fully functional prototype, it is still a prototype/concept.

Sculpture is David, full scale model would be this.

Having competitors validates the electric semi market for Tesla.

It Further Validates The Fact That It Does Indeed Work And That It Can Be Done , While Confirming That The Naysayers Are Full Of Bull Sh!!!t .

There are a lot of electric semis in the works, and some already on the market. What the naysayers doubt is the claimed range of the Tesla Semi. A concept without any specs doesn’t validate Tesla’s claims in any way…

Now all they need to do is invent the rounded boxes to fit in the trailer. And there doesn’t seem to be any suspension travel. Very pretty concept, but just a concept.

Yes, really very little here.

Nice, However, The Rear Looks Just Like The Swim Platform on a Leisure Boat….

I applaud Ford for their Wild F-Vision. My only concern is that there is not enough wheels in the back to accommodate trailers with greater load as compared to other models.

Traditionally a total of 18 wheels are used (8 on the trailer and 10 on the semi). There are 8 wheels arranged on two axles for the load in the back of the semi and two wheels in front for steering. The 16 wheels dedicated to load (8 front + 8 rear).

It’s not unusual to only have a single screw (single axle drives) that’s pretty common on a lot of day cabs, even pulling multiple pup trailers.

Also lately is having only one set of tandem drives actually driven and the other axle is only there to support weight.

This was done in Turkey so my guess is that the configuration is that which is common in Europe with a single drive axle. In the USA it would have dual drive axles. Though, Ford has been out of the heavy truck business in the USA for quite a while.

*All* European semi tractors have only two axles. They compensate by having three on the trailer. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

But for snowy and icy roads they need two load axles. Those semis with only one load axle are the ones that always get stuck on Norwegian roads in the winter blocking traffic for hours…

Makes the Tesla truck look old

It makes the Tesla truck look manufacturable.

Exactly. Why does Ford not want truck drivers to have side windows?

The prototype of the Tesla Semi only had cameras as well… It reduces air drag.

Looks like a more European oriented lorry which is good news. The long front of the Tesla unit is likely to stymie sales in Europe without a redesign.

They claimed the European variant will be adapted to local regulations… Though we are yet to see how that will work out.

That appearance reminds me of Mercedes Benz Future Truck, which is unveiled over 4 years ago.

It’s the Future Truck so of course it’s always in the future and why it’s not here now.

Yes, the “future” truck was modeled in the Carter Administration, and never built.

Yes , So Were EV’s Back then …And never Built !

F-Vision…sounds like fision drive. This should be able to go 80 years on one charge. But they might get into trouble with proper recycling after the vehicles life span.

F-Vision is a play on how Ford trucks are numbered in the U.S.

For those of you outside the US, Ford’s trucks all have an F-n50 nomenclature, where the “n” is a number denoting the size/class of the truck. F-150 is the consumer truck (actually Class 2), with F-250 being a heavier-duty Class 2 truck based on the same chassis as the bigger vehicles. (The soon-to-be-reintroduced Ford Ranger is technically a Class 1 truck.)

The F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, F-650 and F-750 carry the class as the first digit of the number, with the F-450 being a Class 4 truck, for example. Semitrailer trucks such as the Tesla and the F-Vision are Class 8 trucks.

Should Ford get back into Class 8 trucks, they might continue the F-nnn nomenclature; the older Class 8 trucks were called L-xxx but that was mainly because they were made in Louisville.

Making sense of long haul electric trucking:

Does it make more sense to distribute the (some of the) batteries onto the trailer (like a “skateboard trailer”) ?

Is long haul trucking an application where it would make sense to have swappable battery packs? (i.e. — from underneath the trailer, 2 minutes later you’re back on the road.)

/this has probably been discussed, but I don’t remember seeing it

There was an article quite recently about a concept of a trailer with batteries. Relying on that however would make the tractor *way* less flexible…

Battery swapping has been proposed of course, but I’m not sure there is a good business case. With the ranges the Tesla Semi claims, it’s hard to come up with a use case where charging can’t be done during unavoidable other stops — and the logistics of battery swapping are way harder than the logistics of installing charging stations where needed…

Gee, I wonder if Nicola will sue Ford over the design?

l o l

This is clearly more distinctive than Tesla’s knockoff! 😉

Nice design

Looks gorgeous, which is why they wont build it.

Ford, it’s the electric technology of the future, and always will be.

No specs. No truck. It’s a lie.