It's been a while since we last published a video from the EVM channel. Andy Rogerson had just bought a Tesla Model 3, and we wrote about it on March 16. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to hit hard, and he did not make a review of his car then. That only happened recently, and the youtuber states it seems like a long-lasting marriage. He also says that the vehicle is excellent even if many cannot say the same about Tesla.

His comparison to marriage comes from those moments in which he looks at the car and says, "this is why I chose you," along with those he wants to split ways with the machine. Considering what he says about Tesla, his metaphor would be perfect if he compared the company to a bad mother-in-law.

Rogerson says the car is great and that there is a reason for all these automotive channels on YouTube to seem to be made by apologists. According to him, anyone that gets to drive a Model 3 would fall in love with it for the product it is. Chris Harris already said that he loved the EV, but did not buy out of fear of having to be part of "the club."

The bad points of his experience with the car come from the finishing and quality issues, such as the way the rear bumper does not integrate well with the body. What bothers Rogerson is that it is something so evident in his Model 3, like the aspects of your wife's – or husband's – personality that you are sure that are due to the way she/he was raised. In Tesla's defense, the company promised to fix that.

2018 Tesla Model 3

He is also annoyed by the "non-premium" aspects of his car, such as the lack of knobs, the way the frunk lid closes, and the "fake leather" – as Rogerson names the synthetic leather Tesla calls vegan. Imagine a spouse that lacks more sophisticated manners in a situation that requires that.

Apart from the cost-cutting elements of his Model 3, he is positively impressed with his car's performance and its running costs. The latter is the reason why he never bought a BMW 3 Series, the car he always wanted to have.

2018 Tesla Model 3

Finally, Rogerson mentions some people had bad experiences with Tesla but that they were not due to the car, but instead to Tesla. We get that many times whenever someone reports an issue, such as the paint problems the Model 3 has. All owners so far said they loved their EVs: what they can't stand is their "mother."

What do you think about that? Would the experience with these cars be better if the company was different? Is Rogerson wrong in the points he makes? Feel free to share your comments on his video below. Be sure to watch it fully.

Source: EVM 

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