Exclusive: Chevrolet Confirms Spark EV Will Arrive Early, On Sale This July In US

MAR 27 2013 BY JAY COLE 23

Chevrolet Spark EV Coming To America Ahead Of Schedule

Chevrolet Spark EV Coming To America Ahead Of Schedule

There is a lot of excitement in the air this week as the New York Auto Show gets underway.  And with the show, comes the anticipation of new models set to debut, new specs to be released, concepts to be presented.  This news, strangely enough, has nothing to do with any of that.

2014 Spark EV Interior

2014 Spark EV Interior

InsideEVs did however catch up with Annalisa Bluhm, from Chevy communications, to talk about the upcoming Chevrolet Spark EV, which has an 81 (ish) all-electric range, and will sport North America’s first SAE Combined Charging System on board.

And while we did attempt (unsuccessfully) to get a more specific answer on Spark EV pricing (other than GM’s statement that it will start under $32,500)…

“Pricing is coming soon, but not at NYC (Autoshow).”

…we did find out that the imported Spark EV will be arriving a little earlier than expected.

Originally, the South Korea-made electric vehicle was not expected in the US until August or even September of this year, but after inquiring about reports of the Spark EV heading to US shores earlier than expected, Ms. Bluhm confirms to us that Chevrolet had a meeting with California dealers to “gauge interest” and we guess it went fairly well, as General Motors is indeed shipping the Spark EV ahead of schedule:

“The cars will be in dealerships by July if all goes to plan.”

100 kW Motor Nestled Under Hood

100 kW Motor Nestled Under Hood

Unfortunately, and unlike with Toyota’s RAV4 EV, interested buyers from outside California (and Oregon) will have to wait for wider availability, as General Motors has apparently had participating dealers agree to only sell to residents of their home states.

The Chevrolet Spark has a 20 kWh liquid-cooled battery, and has a segment best, 0-60 time of 8 seconds, thanks to a 100 kW (130 hp) motor, providing 400 lb-ft of torque.  The Spark EV also has a 8 year/100,000 mile warranty.

The Spark EV also goes on sale in Europe in Q1 of 2014 , and in Canada as a fleet only vehicle for MY 2014.

Chevrolet Spark EV Gallery:  (double click)

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Hmmm.. They asked dealers not to sell to residents of other states. Does that not immediately suggest that GM doesn’t really want to sell a whole lot of these?

You cannot blame any manufactor of being cautious about <100 mile BEVs when they look at the LEAF sales in the past two years. They also need to have dealers qualitied/trained to work on it for the best customer experience. In the case of the Volt they had definately plans and knew it was less risk. Look at all the new plug-ins announces and being manufactured. True and easy to transition technology.

All anyone needs is a decent charger on board, and a decent charger network. It doesn’t have to be even near Tesla power levels (golf cart is to Leaf as Leaf is to Tesla) to be a huge improvement.

MOST public chargers are ONLY 6kW. As in, oh, stop 2 hours for a *whopping* 40 miles. ARG. Tesla is at 90kW. You see, there’s a HUGE GULF to span.

But it’s okay, because the fast charger standards actually specify up to 50kW. A car company only has to actually put a charger in their car that can take that level. Next, they have to get behind a push toward putting more stations capable of that full 50kW along more interstates. There’s SO MUCH ROOM for improvement. This is what Nissan is hearing from customers, and they are acting. I can only say, act faster. Everyone, go faster 🙂

a fast 50kW charger bypasses the built-in internal charger in the car.. its a direct connection to the battery. The exception is the Renault Chamaleon charger, that one sends AC to car at 22kW and 43kW

I’m guessing as long as it’s limited quantities, GM will try to hit the EV-sale-quotes in states like California first.

GM does not want to pay to have a tech fly in to service your Spark EV once you move to Juno, Alaska.. they have to honor their warranty no matter where you move to.

It simply suggests a rollout where GM-trained technicians will be available to respond to problems, should they arise.

No use selling this in Alaska or Texas until they have more fleet data. Plus, I think GM is waiting for the SAEcombo fast charging infrastructure to begin construction.

Honestly, I foresee a TON of these sold in the Baltimore-Washington Metro area-but only as the access to fast chargers comes to fruition.

Didn’t they say Summer before? Isn’t July Summer? In other words, nothing new. Everything just like what they said last November or so.

The lower the price, the better. The masses need to latch on to these types of vehicles.

So is there going to be a MySpark ap. And a Spark-Stats.net?

No, the gas used statistics would be very boring. 😉

Boring? You kidding, it would be thrilling!

Oh the spark is cute, would be a nice addition to a Holden Volt !

8 second 0-60?????
I thought we were talking closer to 7 (or less). This is very disappointing.

Well, there web site says under 8 seconds:

“The connection is direct: head, right foot, power, pavement. Without the traditional transmission, torque has nowhere to go except to the tires and road. This helps explain why Spark EV feels so powerful and exhilarating while also achieving 0 to 60 mph in under eight seconds. ”

But I agree with you … it would be incredibly cheap and easy for GM to make this thing more of a performance car, and the Z-Spec variations look pretty cool:


As designed, I expect it to feel quite zippy from 0-40 … good for around town, but it could have been great..

What battery cells are they using? A123 or LG?
I would never buy a car that doesn’t at least have a driver’s right arm rest.



130hp/100kw in an electric?? As in, a decent amount of power, but EV-IMMEDIATELY? I WANT. Damnit, GM, sell this everywhere! The Leaf is only 110hp, in a heavier car, and it’s a hoot to beat gas punks off the line. The Spark EV would be a hoot and a half.

Cool. All we needed was yet another sub-compact compliance EV 😉

We definitely need smaller EV’s, but not just for compliance.

this looks alluring! after two years of owning a Leaf and just a few months of owing a Tesla S, there are a few things I see here that they did right, IMHO. the higher HP is a good thing, it’s got a decent sized motor! glad to see a liquid conditioned battery and hope that battery warranty is a replacement warranty and as well defined in terms of range loss as the Volt’s, if so, that will show up Nissan with their anemic range warranty. As for the SAE Combined Charging System on board, I used to root for CHAdeMO since we have so much of it on the west coast, but reliability has been such an issue with newbies breaking the plug by using incorrectly that I now am starting to lean in the other direction, cautiously hopeful that the SAE plug is more user friendly, easier for folks to use “out of the box”. hoping that back seat middle cup holder console is removable and has a seat insert… reality is, people often just want wider seats, I’m guessing it’s hiding the battery “hump” like what is in the volt. After owning the Tesla S, it’s a… Read more »

You could have so much fun making up random absurd answers to the “what is actually powering this car” question. Aliens. Hedgehogs. Nanomites. Gravity. Dark matter. Dilithium. Yo mama. Hopes and dreams. Unicorn poop. Rainbows. Voldemort. Ground up puppies. Fusion reactor. Oooh… even better… drop a Mr. Fusion toy in the “frunk” and randomly stop places and dramatically drop in carrot peels before solemnly resuming your journey.