Pure Electric Mercedes-Benz S-Class EQS In the Works


Two roads diverged in a German wood. The Mercedes S-Class will take them both.

The Mercedes S-Class is about to undergo a significant change. The standard version of the luxury car’s upcoming 7th generation will remain the brand’s flagship model and will see increasing electrification, including a plug-in hybrid. At the same time, but on a different platform, the German automaker will introduce an all-electric version. This one — the EQS — will be the flagship for its battery-powered EQ sub-brand.

According to Autocar, the EQS will be built on the modular electric architecture (MEA) platform. More aerodynamic than its siblings, when it reaches showrooms in 2022 it will boast a WLTP range of 310 miles (expect less in “real-world” conditions). We’re told the car will be full-time all-wheel drive, with dual electric motors powering front and rear axles.

Power-wise, the publication says it will feature more ponies than the 2019 EQC. This sporty crossover SUV boasts over 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. While we don’t yet have a figure for the new sedan, we are told that an AMG performance variant will put out over 600 hp.

The new all-electric won’t be confused with the hybridized S-Class, either. Though the latter will have its appearance updated with a new grill design and feature flush-mounted door handles, the former will take stylistic advantage of its unique architecture.  Look, we’re told, for a shorter hood and sharply-raked windshield. Interestingly, beneath the sheet metal we understand both versions will soften their ride with the same active suspension system.

For its part, the plug-in hybrid S-Class, built on the MRA platform, will offer an electric range of over 62 miles under the WLTP regime (again, expect fewer miles in real-world use). Autocar says it will also have the option of a four-wheel drive system featuring “fully variable apportioning of drive between the front and rear axles.”

Source: Autocar

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Nice, I guess for Tesla-imitation is the most sincere form of flattery (close to 300 miles range, optimized aerodynamics, dual motors, hopefully skateboard platform.

Looks like MB is finally getting serious and getting sick of Tesla stealing their sedan sales.

Mercedes had an excellent 2018, they sold an increasing number of cars. Trucks – they sold over half a million making it their best year also.
Many had a great year, Tesla also, as Volvo that never sold as many cars as they did during 2018.

Daimler had issued two profit warnings in a row and I bet they start 2019 with another one. Just face the reality.

2019 could be a recession year, everyone will have problems.

Everone but the increasingly popular EV only brands, like Tesla…

Wanna bet?
People react to recessions by not spending as much. How exactly do you think Tesla will avoid the economic slowdown and credit contraction?

Very nice! I don’t think I could tell it was a Benz without the star on the grill.

2022? Very nice car and a great option for MB people but…

In 2022 Tesla luxury line range will be 450 miles plus
AP will have made tremendous strides
Tesla will have a $25,000 car with range of 250 miles

I wish.. by then I’m ready to upgrade my small car. I would be fairly happy with 150 miles, and a cheaper price too. Maybe they will make a simpler version?
Who ever makes the car that fit my needs will get my money. Wireless charging would be really nice.

I’d expect model Y by 2022.. and maybe the truck and a pick-up..
Which model are they going to sell for 25K? Is that just a guess, that they will make a cheaper car?

Yes, he is totally guessing. Based on everything I have read there is little chance of Tesla producing a $25k car by 2022. If that is what you want and 150 miles of range works for you I suggest a Nissan Leaf.

Don’t worry, by that time the $ will probably lose some more value…maybe the old $25k will be the next $35k. I wish i had a money printer…

Stop drinking paint thinner.

Stop insulting people. Everbody knows you hate Tesla and love all the German Brands. Nevertheless no reason to insult other people.

310 mile WLTP range is a sad joke.
That is 500km WLTP.
The Tesla Model 3 AWD has 533km WLTP range.

Why? Isn’t it enough? Let’s say you only use 10% to 80% soc on long trips, that means ~220 miles, 350 km of range between charges. Depending on how long is your trip, you would be starting with a full charge, that should take you 450 km to the first charger. Then, with two stops, you would add another 700km. I don’t assume you would go further than 1150 km in one day. And even with a smaller battery, that should add an extra stop to your trip, about 30 minutes more for charging in a trip that you do maximum 2 times per year.

And less than half that on the Autobahn…

That is something Porsche tends to take care off. Normal people, even in Germany drive around 120-130kmh. But if you look at the difference at 1000km distance between those speeds it is almost nothing. Just a few minutes. Than the avarage speeds is around 100 km because cities, road works etc. If you drive a little slower like 115-120kmh it will take you further. But yeah that is planning a trip. If you can drive more than 100 km at unrestricted autobahn speeds you have to search really well. Going to the south you pass too many cities. Also the rest of Europe is 130km/h speed limit.
It’s like people saying range is not enough while they only drive 40km a day in total.

WLTP is downhill with the the wind at your back, it’s not realistic. The EPA rating will only be around 250 and that’s OK in CA but not in any place that has winter. In winter it will only have about 180 miles of range. What’s worse is that it’s three years away, in three years the standard will be an EPA range of 350-400.