Don’t Wait For A Tesla Model 3 – 5 Reasons To Buy A Model S

Tesla Model 3



Ben Sullins shares why you might be better off getting a Tesla Model S now instead of waiting for a Tesla Model 3.

This has been a topic of discussion in many places for some time. While there are obvious reasons to choose the Model S, like free Supercharging (which will save a ton of money over time) and short delivery timeframe (1-2 weeks), there are also a few reasons to argue for the Model 3. It’s less expensive … it’s Tesla’s “new” big deal … and if you don’t really need a new car right now, why not wait?

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 / Model S comparison on the automaker’s website

Ben just took delivery of his first Tesla Model 3 (he also owns a 2013 Model S and will eventually own a second-gen Tesla Roadster). Apparently, he has multiple Model 3 reservations. However, now that he’s had the Model 3 for a while, he’s concluded that if he was in the market for a car today, he’d choose the Model S instead.

Sullins other main points include the lack of software features in the Model 3, the single screen versus the Model S’ two screens and better layout, and significant cargo capacity and performance discrepancies.

It’s important to note that Ben is not necessarily referring to only new Model S vehicles. He reminds us that there are many used S’ on the market for less than $60,000. This is all fine and good for those that have the money and planned to purchase a more expensive variant of the Model 3. However, for those that originally intended to get a $35,000 car and enjoy the $7,500 federal EV tax credit, this plan wouldn’t be viable.

Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

Stop waiting for your Model 3 and get your Model S today!

After having a Tesla Model 3 for a month I’ve concluded I would rather buy a Tesla Model S if I were in the market for car today. Here are my reasons, let me know what you think in the comments or don’t, either way this is my reasoning…

// screens / interior
* 2 screens vs 1
* instrument cluster w/ navigation
* clarity of screen and camera
* layout and design

// Storage Space / Hatchback style
* double the storage space 30cu vs 15cu
* huge hatchback with wide opening
* bigger frunk

// Software
* Model 3 Missing Features still
* No camper mode
* Navigation slow
* Missing energy maps / projections

// Performance
* 2.5 – 4.2 vs 4.6 (measured by drag times)

// Free supercharging
* Obvious Benefit, especially on trips
* Saves a ton over time

// BONUS! Delivery Timeline
* 1-2 weeks vs 12-18mo
* Timelines just pushed back to late 2018 for standard option

* Tons of Model S under 60K
* Might not get the latest and greatest, but still more car for your money in my book

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Or a Bolt, if you’re looking for the better value.


My question exactly.
Why on Earth is the author not even including this in consieration?

Indeed, Musk has the auto press and in particular the EV press in his back pockets with all the shennanigans.

The Bolt would have sold even better if sites like this one had given it more respect. I am no GM fan, and personally have driven Leafs for 5.5 years and haven’t made the switch yet – but respect is highly due.

Especially how GM’s two main competitors in Western markets are struggling to bring out a mid-priced 200-mile EV. When all is said and done, Bolt would have been the first to fit the bill by 2+ full years, both over the Model 3 and the Gen 2 Leaf. And customer reports, reliability, etc. etc., are rather stellar at this point.

Add to this that right now, Bolts are selling easily $5-6k below MSRP, and there’s no competition at all between getting a brand-new Bolt or a used Model S, in particular in states that provide additional incentives beyond the Feds.

The Bolt would have sold much better if GM would give it more respect, let’s start at the root.

I test drove the Bolt, I think its a great car, like a 2015 VW eGolf but with a bigger battery. It is pretty expensive though for what it is, if you are wiling to pay that much money you may as well try to get a tesla model 3 which is way next level compared to the Bolt or eGolf. Which is probably why it is not selling that well yet, partially because of the reluctant rollout in the US and billions of GM advertisement spent on trucks instead of the Bolt, which may be due to not having to compete with Model 3 since it’s ramp is slower than originally expected. Bolt did beat Model 3 to market by a year at least.

But it’s no secret at this point that paying MSRP for the Bolt means getting ripped off., you make a 100% valid point, but blame can be shared across several “parents”. GM EV marketing and outreach suck, but at least their leadership+engineering delivered a superb 200-mile BEV, on time and on price-point.

Meanwhile, the automotive press is still stuck in its perverted obsession of brainwashing drivers to expect nothing less than a car that will give them multiple orgasms each time they enter it – and to heck with any other consideration.

@Michael Will, regarding “…if you are wiling to pay that much money”, reality check.

– 220-mile Model 3: still nonexistent
– 310-mile Model 3: *maybe* available if you have a reservation or another Tesla, costs $50+k
– 240-mile Bolt: available nationwide since mid-2017 (and in leading EV states before that). Sells on average $5k below MSRP, so $33k for base+QC model, before incentives. Link:

It is not even in the same ballpark as the model 3 in terms of cost. Not even close.

blame can be shared across several “parents”. GM EV marketing and outreach suck,

Same old GM as Pre-BK. Nothing new here.

I test drove a Bolt when I had an eGolf and I would disagree that they are the same except that the Bolt has a bigger battery. Interior quality and most importantly, comfort is far better in the eGolf. Had Chevy made the Bolt’s interior as good at the eGolf, they would have had sold at least 3x the number of cars. IMHO.

+1 I wanted to go deeper, and be vicarious about owning/driving a white Sportwagen, in green ‘Clean Diesel’ livery, with a stuffed monkey half out the lift-gate, but I won’t.

GM’s Bolt should have come with less battery, was my first thought of its interior. That’s when “budget?” first crept into my head. You’d have to buy 4 Panamera E-Hybrids, to equal one Bolt’s storage.

In the end, I think what applies to the Model S versus Model 3 applies to others: If you have room for a Model S, it won’t disappoint. Two cars later, nothing’s topped it. Elon’s “compulsions” have taken over.

I’m a big Bolt EV fan but you can’t blame poor Bolt EV sales on the media. The blame for poor Bolt EV sales has to rest on GM’s shoulders, from designers all the way down to the dealers. No tax credit on leases, no advance AV features, no support for fast charging infrastructure and no towing capacity all factored in to poor sales.

The Bolt EV is a nice car but with lack of features and charging infrastructure I never could justify the price. Unless you really need the range, I think the Leaf and Focus Electric for $10,000 less are a better value. Because it has Level 3 AV features, even though it has less range, I think sales of the 2018 Leaf are really going to surpass sales of the Bolt EV.

But a Nissan Leaf is not in the cards for me. I want my next EV to have real towing capacity and I don’t want a Tesla. I’m looking forward to the Audi eTron Quattro or something similar from Ford or GM, until then I will be content with the 115 mile range and CCS charging of my 2017 FFE.

The Model 3 also has no towing capacity.

The Model 3 is not being advertised as a crossover, the Bolt EV is, go figure.

Where? It’s clearly a compact hatchback, same as the Golf or Leaf (and I don’t care what the EPA calls it, the Leaf is not a “midsize”). Their dimensions are all nearly identical.

Crossovers are slightly smaller visually-look-likeSUVs cars built on a car rather than truck chassis, and are taller.

Most of the normal, non-car enthusiasts, non-EV enthusiasts people I talk to about new car buying, are highly skeptical/fearful of the new auto driving technologies. I don’t think it is really a major purchasing decision for most people. Rather cost, reliability, seem to be the major things. I try to educate on how, while an EV may be a bigger upfront cost, it is a better value long term vs an ICE.

Most people just don’t know yet what it is like. I have had the model 3 for more than a month now, feels like driving a spaceship. Love commuting with autopilot driver assist. I already know autopilot was worth it from our Model X, but it feels even more solid in the Model 3. Still not all hands-off, but lots of relaxation time, especially in stop and go traffic. I heard honda clarity can do something similar now as well? Here is a short video from my morning commute last month:

Relaxation time? Aren’t you supposed to be aware and hands on the wheel when using AP? Seems like you’re being lulled into a false sense of security.

How exactly does a spaceship drive?

I get entirely the opposite impression and I think most auto manufacturers and governments do too. A few years ago you could only get advanced AV features on high end cars but now at least Level 2 AV features are available in higher trim options of most models. I expect to see Level 3 AV features to be as common place as cruise control is now in a few years and I expect the transportation industry to be revolutionized by Level 5 AV systems within a decade.

The Bolt has a High List Price, and the Lease offer is nothing but Horrible.
That’s why Bolt sales suck.
Then there’s the issues: Plastic interior, questionable seat and suspension. In this price range???

You’ve got to be literally dazzled by the range to continue the buying process.

Well, this article was written by a guy who for all his in-depth articles/videos, likes to think nothing exists except Teslas. His view is also very US-centric — The Model X/S do not fit in most European cities. The Bolt has another serious problem: It’s much more a European-tastes car (Golf-size hatchback with good acceleration, the #1 car form factor in Europe), as you yourself noted a while back. I was very surprised to find out that GM & PSA didn’t work out a deal to continue to supply the Bolt as part of the Opel acquisition deal, and I don’t know if it was truly difficult to manage or they were all just incompetent. After all, both companies have rebadged others’ cars as well as providing car for rebadging, and handled the associated long-term servicing and parts supply issues, so there’s nothing new there. It’s not just that GM would be able to sell twice the Bolts as otherwise (there are no significant markets for it outside North America & Europe: Not Japan or China since it’s not a local carmaker, not India/Brazil etc. because it’s too expensive); PSA is very much behind on EV development, and this would… Read more »

Bolt would sell much better if you could actually buy it. In Europe, that is.

Because of lack of content. There is no ACC or optional Super Cruise. No 20-way seats. No high-end Bose stereo option. etc. etc. etc.

It does have a Bose 7 speaker upgrade option.

20-way seats are just heavier with more to go wrong in the future. For something you set pretty much once.

And the Bolt dos have CCS DCFC as an option, so not sure why you claim no fast charging.

Could lease a Bolt, until you can pickup a used Model 3 in 2020.

Because even putting roofracks on it doesn’t prevent it from looking like a minivan…

The Bolt looks stupid.

No one who actually likes cars would drive a Bolt.

Because the Tesla chargers are everywhere, where the Bolt chargers are almost non existent at least for cross country travel. The Tesla chargers are faster too.

$55k for a 3 year old S 60kw with almost 50k miles is just nuts! No deal!


You could make this argument for any S,and yet… 🙂

$55.8k 2014, 41k miles, S85, autopilot1, free super (5 miles nearby), vs $54k (maybe $7.5k tax cred) Mod3, autopilot, 330 range, no super.

I went with S85…?

This Commercial brought to you by Tesla….

Complete sellouts.

A Model S is about twice the cost of a Model 3 with similar options. IMHO its well worth the wait for Model 3, feels like driving a spaceship. You can always lease a Bolt in the meantime if you need the range, or even cheaper electric vehicles if you don’t. has some amazing cheap leases.

I really don’t understand the obsession with leasing EVs. The last two EVs I bought were slightly used, I saved I lot of money over a lease and I could get rid of the cars whenever I’m want. If you can find a good, low mileage EV, I would recommend buying used over getting a lease.

From my standpoint, I leased the FFE because I knew the range was going to be an issue for me, other than commuting to work during the week. Weekend stuff limited the car for me, but I wanted to try it without committing $25k to it. In all I don’t regret the experience, but I ended up having to spend money on my suv’s brakes because I wasn’t driving it as much. The $$ I saved on the fuel costs was negated by that. Next car will be an EV that can handle all my demands so I can trade my suv in.

This FUD brought to you by Steve.

Complete Troll.

You should know, we all know you’re the best FUDing troller that visits this website.

‘Get Real’ doesn’t even know what FUD stands for, LOL.

LMAO at serial anti-Tesla troll Texas FFUD and his FFE buddy Steve.

We get it, neither of you are never going to get a Tesla and guess what–we are ok with that!

No you’re not fine with that. You’re critical of anyone that isn’t a blind Tesla vealot like you. There was no purpose in attacking Steve other than showing your contempt for anything non-Tesla.

Everyone sees through you. There is no “we” as you suggest, there is just you. People have a right to their opinions, I’m sorry that upsets you.

Right TexasFFUD, I have so much “contempt” for anything not Tesla that I own and drive a 2017 Bolt and a 2012 Volt.

GM could only hope that there are more people like me with as much “contempt”!

Yeah, right – sure you do.

Should be ‘neither of you are ever’, and that wasn’t true until last week when Elon lied for the last time to me, as a reservation holder. I’m not blindly following someone that can’t be straight up with it’s customers, or even perspective customers. Boldly lying quarter after quarter about issues in manufacturing (finally admitted that the battery packs were being done by hand) after telling everyone the bottle necks were figured out and resolved. You’re a follower, James Jones style, have a nice drink of the koolaid at the church of Elon.

You are full of it dude! You have never said a nice thing about Tesla in your life and want us to believe you had a reservation? Get the f out of here!

I don’t care what you think. I have said good things about Tesla, when they warrant it, not blindly accepting everything they say or do. I haven’t even received my refund yet, been 3 business days. Go figure that..

Steve continued his Tesla Hater cultist campaign:

“… until last week… as a reservation holder.”

It’s not contemptible enough that you’re a serial Tesla FUDster, posting lies and half-truths about Tesla and its cars on a daily basis. For some reason you (and “Six Electrics”) feel compelled to lie about reserving or buying Tesla cars, too!

Dude… if you honestly believed the negative things you keep saying about Tesla, then you wouldn’t have to constantly lie about it.

Sure if you are rich as Ben is buy whatever you want. But some of us will have wait.

Yep. By the time the standard 3 is available, there will be more competing products. And I’ll only get 1 EV and keep it for as long as I can. That would be better for the environment.

“5 Reasons To Buy A Model S”

Here’s one reason not to:

Too @#%$^& BIG !!

For us city dwellers still afflicted by parking areas designed for “compact vehicles only”; you know, the ones where our truck driving friends park atop the dividing line and dominate two spaces (if it’s free), a model S is just an oversized boat!

I’ll stick with my model 3 res. even though it seems to slide further from my grasp as time progresses.

Model S is smaller than other large sedans. Park it next to a Chrysler 300, for example.

If I could get a 75D for $50-60k, I’d go for it. Don’t need the ‘P’ option. Or a later 60D with the 75kWh battery. They’re all in the $70-80k range though. Almost as much as a new one.

I think the best deal is a new 75D. AWD, Fast (if that matters), free charging, etc. $75k less credits/rebates plus tax. Largely debugged from 6 years production.

By comparison the used offerings seem too expensive to me.

It’s too big for me (and outside my budget) but seems impressive to me.

It’s too big a car for me but seems like a reasonable

Shop around. I just purchased a Dec 2016 S 75D, uncorked, 13,499mi, with AP2, PUP (leather not vinyl), Air suspension, glass roof, free super charging and much more for $65K There are good deals to be had if you look.

This is exactly why I absolutely hate the Model S, and I don’t even live in a city. It’s too @#$%@$ big. Just try getting out of the back seat when you’re parked between 2 cars. I feel like I’m in some giant boat from the 70s when I ride in it.

Also, this article should be renamed… don’t wait for fully loaded model 3… The whole point of the Model 3 is to cater to people who don’t want to spend $50k+ on their cars.

Yes, size and sheer mass DO matter for folks like me! Model S wouldn’t even fit in my garage with a very handy workbench at the front. Only Model 3 fits my bill…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Same here. The TMS is too big a boat.

Good Video Ben Sullins.

As a Model S owner I totally agree.

Ditto. It is nice to have options and to know about them.

I still wonder if Tesla will ever make a $35k Model 3. If they can sell as many higher priced cars as they can make, they will never need to make the base model. If the hype continues, and production woes continue, they may stay making a $50k car for years.
I wish I could gauge the odds better. I’m on the fence of buying another new or used car assuming it will take 2 years if ever for the Model 3 base to show up. By then they’ll increase the price anyway.
Someone spotted a Model 3 with a white interior. Rumored to also be AWD. Another way to sell an even higher priced car rather than lower. Could then be pushing $61k (+$4k AWD).

Thats why I cancelled my res. I’m not sure they are ever going to do it.

So, you claim to have reserved a Model 3 after making hundreds of Tesla Hater cultist FUD posts, telling us how awful Tesla cars are and how nobody should buy one?

Tell us, were you lying then, or are you lying now?

The answer, of course… is both.

Will still have to drive my Ford S-Max diesel until Model 3 short range gets to Europe. Hopefully by Q1 of 2019 I’ll be driving electric, not interested in anything else…

Right. Like they never improved the door handles. Like there isn’t a part that costs $3 and takes about 45 min to replace that fixes most of the problems.

Like my 3 yo, 52k miles sedan that has all 4 original handles.

Like a Porsche is the pinnacle of reliability and cheap ongoing costs.

Too funny.

Oops – I almost bumped into the CCS around the corner….

Mission E charges twice as fast. Right. The one was parked around the corner at the CCS was done in 10 minutes. Oh wait. Not really available yet? 2019 you say. Ok – get back to me after you drive one.

On the other hand, Porsche is owned by Volkswagen, so, never.

Another Euro point of view

I remember how 8 months ago when I was commenting here that it was very unlikely that the base $35K Model 3 would be produced any time soon the usual suspects like Pu&pu were were making noises like outraged virgins. I mean, it was so obvious back then. Model 3 is like a 80% Model S, so why 50% of the price ? As regards those economies of scale…what is current cell production of gigafatory ? 5 Gwh per year ? 3 Gwh per year ? As with all matters concerning Tesla we can only guess as this company’s operations are completely opaque. It is not sufficient to build a huge hangar in the middle of no where to make economies of scale. Now I really hope Tesla can soon find a couple billions of dumb money somewhere as to stay alive a year or 2 as to keep OEM’s under pressure regarding future EV’s production.

Why do you come to this website? Why would your nickname be “euro” point of view? Do you have some kind of mandate to speak for all Europeans? When you say TM3 is 80% Model S, it cant be 50% price, do you know anything about car manufacturing and the differencies there are between almost hand built cars vs. highly automated produced ones?

Did you have some stale Cheerios this morning??

and don’t worry as I only provide another US point of view…

but in regards to your only real question I don’t believe he is saying the m3 is 80% mS and 50% price… I believe he is making fun of all the posters here who said that previously…

and I also agree that the mS is too darn big but I also thought the Leaf I bought is too big for my tastes but the choices are what they are… limited… very very limited…

“…making noises like outraged virgins.”

If you were a lot more clever, I’d think you were making a pun on an archaic meaning of “outrage”. Sadly, you’re just Tesla Hater cultist, just making another post full of whinging, lies, and half-truths.

As far as making noise like a virgin… well, if you still are one, then that explains why you can’t find anything better to do with your time than post troll comments online.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Rumormill has it Tesla will run the line for a set quantity of $35K builds.

Just talk around drinking beer with some dudes from Fremont.

The question is will it have a software limited battery or a lower modules/cell count one. Tesla tried hard to limit the number of options to speed up production, having a different set of components for a limited run seems contrary to that objective. We do have the Model S 40 as a precedent.

Even if we didn’t already know the curb weight of the short range (SR) TM3 will be lower than that of the long range (LR) TM3 — indicating a lighter battery pack — anyone with even a gram of common sense would realize that Tesla isn’t going to put a larger battery pack into the SR TM3.

It made sense for Tesla to do that with the Model S40, because they made so few of them that it wasn’t worth tooling up to make just a few 40 kWh battery packs.

But anyone exercising even the tiniest bit of critical thinking ought to realize that a lot of people want the smaller of the two sizes of TM3 battery pack, and that Tesla will wind up making a very large number of them.

Sadly, it seems that common sense — or at least critical thinking — is a rare commodity these days. 🙁

Second gen. S60 that had 75kWh batteries?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Will it have a software limited battery or a lower modules/cell count one.”

Great question! I totally didn’t even think about that to ask……lol

Just IMHO, I doubt it will be software limited. Most likely the smaller pack. That’s just my SWAG though so don’t quote me on it.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Man, this was a reply to vdiv above…

Looks like most commenters have given up on a low priced Model 3. Used model S’s are not that inexpensive, and, having been a Tesla owner, the most important part of the car is the New-Car Warranty. I’d never buy a Tesla without one. As far as the BOLT ev goes, it is stretching the point to blame GM here. How many advertisements have you seen for their Panel Vans? Or, their other Alternative Fueled CNG products (they are the only manufacturer that doesn’t do add-ons, but are CNG from the get-go. I know – GM really HATES panel vans. I suspect the reason they don’t do multi-million dollar ad campaigns for the BOLT ev (and also, the VOLT) is that the cars are slow sellers, just like panel vans. But that didn’t stop dealerships in my area from EACH having 20 copies of the BOLT ev, in all trim levels from stripped (not a single option) to loaded (every available option). The BOLT ev is not perfect, but there STILL is nothing like it on the market for the price. For a cheap econobox EV, you get: 1). Extremely long range (238 epa), : Ive gotten 278 miles with… Read more »

Good Post.

“3). A very peppy performer what with its oversized 200 hp drive motor and extra beefy drive train.”

Isn’t that a 149hp motor?

Steve: “…Isn’t that a 149hp motor?..”

Only if they are Budweiser Clydesdales. London draw horses (746 watts) make it a 200 hp rating. Or 550 foot-pounds/second/horse.

It is 149,200 watts which I think is what you mean.

Actually I did mean 149hp, but that was based off the ‘sticker’ on the dealer site here:

But looking at chevy’s bolt site it’s definitely 200hp. Hmmm… Thanks.

+1 for Clarity. I’m in week 2 of ownership and very happy. Great build quality (Tokyo plant), decent EV only range, Honda Sense/lane keeping included, classy interior and super comfy. Not even regretting dropping my Model 3 reservation.

^^^Clarity PHEV. Not the EV.

I think Mr. Sullins is mainly talking to what I’d call “second wave early adopters.” By that, I mean people who are wealthy enough to afford to pay $50-60 grand on a car and want the latest technology but don’t consider themselves rich.

So from that standpoint, I can understand his points. But to Tesla’s primary market for the Model 3 – upper middle class people who will be comparing the car to the last luxury brand they owned, things like slow or partially functioning software could very well be deal breakers. I hope for their sake and the spread of electric vehicles these issues get worked out quickly.

This article is startlingly obtuse in ignoring that many people can’t afford a Model S, which was the hook on the “$35,000” Model 3 in the first place.

And I don’t think it’s exactly realistic to say that the kind of folks who want to buy a $35k new car are going to buy a $50k used car. There is a significant difference in buying new vs. used, not least the interest rates for financing.

Yeah, I’m not sure what planet the original author is living on. I could easily afford a Model-S, but couldn’t stand to blow that much money on a depreciating asset with crazy vampire draw.

And before anyone says they hold their value, that’s because Tesla goes to great lengths to be the major source of used Teslas. That allows them to prop-up pricing on the secondary market by offering attractive CPO warranties.

Once a large portion of the early cars exceed all warranty coverage in a year or two we’ll see what they’re really worth. Free supercharging will help, but I’m betting the values crash given the high cost to repair them.

“And before anyone says they hold their value, that’s because Tesla goes to great lengths to be the major source of used Teslas. That allows them to prop-up pricing on the secondary market by offering attractive CPO warranties.”

If that’s not 100% wrong, it’s at least mostly wrong.

Some of us have been following the “story” of Tesla long enough that we still think of Tesla’s CPO program as something fairly new. Used Tesla cars have always held their value very well, much better than the average car, CPO program or not.

Why do Tesla cars hold their value so well on resale?

1. High demand means limited supply, driving up price

2. There is a waiting period before you can get a new Tesla (unless you manage to snag one of the relatively few “inventory” units), so buying a used Tesla avoids the wait.

3. Tesla does not make meaningless style changes to their car bodies for each new model year, making Tesla cars somewhat timeless and thus not quickly outdated. (Obviously that’s not entirely true, since the Model S has had one “facelift”, but it’s certainly more true of Tesla cars than most.)

#1 and #2 are not currently accurate. You can get a new Model S in two weeks or less.

#3 is good, though the Model S is now overdue for a refresh, so it won’t be a factor forever.

Very few people are willing to buy out-of-warranty Teslas because maintenance is such a risk. So, Tesla does dominate the secondary market through its CPO program. This let’s them control secondary prices.

I, like you, prefer the original ‘Catfish’ grille compared to the new (to me ugly) ‘ChickenLips’ thing. To me that was a needless change.

That’s exactly why I didn’t wait for the Tesla Model 3. I wanted to drive something earlier than 2019 plus I was able, as many have said here before, to get my fully loaded $55,000 – 2014 i3 Rex for $27,500 after a one year lease return.

Lovin’ my i3 Rex after two years, especially with all the free FAST charging in my area, but still hoping the Model 3 does well !!!

YES..I’ll get a 2017 i3 Rex for East coast use as soon as more show up off of lease.

Drop the price and raise battery capacity. They will sell.

Every one of these Tesla YT channels should be required to declare the follow upfront IF TRUE.

FUD Free Environment

Welcome to my Tesla / EV channel. The commentary / information provided on this channel represents my personal opinions and in offering use of my Tesla referral code means I PROFIT from:

1) Encouraging traffic to this site
2) Earning Tesla credits for gifts
3) Earning a free Tesla by speaking positively of Tesla and pushing my referral code

Please don’t hold me accountable for fact-based information about Tesla. Negative Tesla commentary will be discouraged.

We promote on YouTube so Tesla does not need to offer cars to independent journalists (who do not benefit personally) to review and comment.

None of that nonsense prevents dissenting opinion toward Tesla. Tesla does NOTHING to prevent independent evaluation of their automobiles.

This is why when you look at Tesla on the internet, you see the good the bad and the ugly with regard to opinion. You don’t like the opinions given, look around, I’m sure you’ll find something that more jibes with whatever bias you have.

Right, we found another troll in TeslaPlease.

I guess he is to stupid to figure out that he holds the power to either click and read/watch or not.

WOW lots of coments..simple for me.

This is exactly what I did. CPO 2014 S85 w/autopilot 1, $55.8K coming this Saturday (2 week wait).

Tired of all Musk’s talk and no acton. He’s too busy with rockets, flamethrowers, tunnels,shooting cars into space rather than delivering them to the 400,00 local customers who have put $1,000 on the table. He just takes us for granted, and shows no respect for our great show of support.

I give Elon a -5 for style, -10 for performance, and NO GOLD medal!

Make sure to keep the extended warranty active to replace the power steering rack, ball joints, door handles, instrument cluster and MCU, like on my 2014 P85D.

Hmmm, no, I rather suspect that his Tesla car will be real, unlike the pretend cars belonging to you and “Six Electrics”. Maybe you share the same pretend car? 😉

Fast is in the eye of the beholder. If it’s good enough for your use then great. CCS is not rapid enough for a long-range BEV, IMO.

Do you realize that the Falcon Heavy that did the Roadster test flight has had customers waiting twice as long as the Model 3 customers have been waiting? They’re also $100,000,000 customers.
…And the hats and flamethrowers are being sold by a bunch of interns that you wouldn’t want fixing Model 3 production, lol.

A tale of two monkeys. Which one do you want to get off your back first.

The ‘You said you were going to make a $35,000 car dude!’ crowd. Since it’s not available yet, there’s going to be a LOT of both, happy people(bashers and shorters) and unhappy people(those with reservations and those planning to reserve).

The ‘You said you were going to be profitable this year dude!’ crowd. Since THAT hasn’t happened yet either, there’s also happy people(bashers and shorters) and unhappy people(investors and creditors).

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
They chose the second, much heavier monkey to get rid of first, by selling the higher margins and reducing the debt faster. I personally think it’s a wise choice.

When you got a ton of people that want $35k cars and a ton of people wanting $60k cars, who in their right mind is going to build the $35k cars first?

Note that both of these monkeys are “You said” this and “You said” that.

Insert proverb about making a bed…

Reason number 6 – At 2,500 per week it will take 4 years to fill a new order. Who wants 6 year old technology?