Watch Deutsche Accumotive Battery Production


Deutsche Accumotive is Daimler’s battery arm

If you ever wondered how Daimler’s Deutsche Accumotive produces the batteries for electric smart cars in Kamenz, Saxony in Germany, here is a video that shows the process.

The company only assembles the modules and packs, as the lithium-ion cells come from LG Chem.

In the case of smart (both the fortwo and forfour), the pack is just 17.6 kWh. Enough for 58 miles (93 km) under the EPA test cycle.

Deutsche Accumotive produces batteries for all-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars, as well as energy storage systems.

Deutsche Accumotive batteries

Soon, production will include new packs for long-range EQ models – here is the prototype of the EQC pack:

Groundbreaking at ACCUMOTIVE in Kamenz for one of the world’s biggest and most modern battery factories

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Maybe improvise a second production line like in a tent or something, looks like EQC badly needs some extra battery capacity to become competitive with Tesla products. Plus it takes a lot of battery production capacity to sell in numbers that could seriously affect Tesla sales. Not that that appears to be the point, all of these so called Tesla competitors appear to be slated for relatively minor production runs befitting their marginally competitive stats.

They only needed a tent to hold the press coverage of the construction of the second battery factory next to the factory seen in the 1 year old video from Accumotive. They’re building 5 battery factories btw. . . and all the car brands are investing heavy in EVs, and not to mention new production technology. This is investments that is not related to EVs, but to car production in general. I’m sure you knew this, just wanted to give a boost to Tesla. . . if not, use Google and really take the time to study the green shift in Europe. This is absolutely massive. It is based on major changes in many areas. (I’m sure the same is going in the in US as well). It affect grid design, massive infrastructure investments, investments in wind and solar, huge investment in education in several levels, reeducation of current workers, installation of smart production equipment, R&D from a lot of huge companies. Since I work with technology, this is where I make my money. I have studied the rules and regulations that will try to prepare people, businesses and societies on what’s coming With the combination of new rules… Read more »

Production numbers floated for these “Tesla competitors”appear to be in the 20-30K range, hence my comment. If EQC is different that would be a pleasant surprise but somehow I doubt it. Until comprehensive 100KW+ charging infrastructure for this car exists the demand isn’t going to be there anyway I suspect.

This is an OLD video showing the second generation Smart 451 ED vehicle battery. It has no relation to the EQC

That process looks really slow

Looks like it won’t take them more than four years to catch up to where Tesla was last year.

This production line is over 5 years old.