Cummins Acquires Electric Powertrain Supplier Efficient Drivetrains

JUL 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Cummins is expanding its competence in electrification through another acquisition of electric and hybrid powertrain supplier Efficient Drivetrains.

There are no details on the deal, as the closing of the acquisition is expected during the third quarter.

Silicon Valley-based EDI was most known for providing powertrains for all-electric and plug-in hybrid buses and trucks and that’s what Cummins would like to do in the future.

Earlier Cummins acquired also UK-based Johnson Matthey Battery Systems and North America-based Brammo.

Cummins AEOS Electrified Power

“Cummins began developing its electrification capabilities more than a decade ago. During the past nine months, it accelerated investment in this business when it undertook strategic efforts to build capabilities across the entire range of electric storage, as evidenced by the acquisitions of UK-based Johnson Matthey Battery Systems and North America-based Brammo. Upon the addition of its fully-electric and unique four-mode hybrid powertrains, EDI will broaden Cummins’ electrification expertise and products. EDI’s hybrid system is the most versatile on the market today, able to switch, in real time, between fully electric, series and parallel modes.”

“Based in the Silicon Valley in California, EDI’s portfolio of hybrid-electric drivetrain systems, the EDI PowerDrive™ series, have traveled more than six million miles in a fleet setting in the United States and China. EDI’s products and diverse customer base will provide a springboard for Cummins into electrified markets, enabling the company a more immediate ability to grow market share.”

Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc said:

“As power needs and technologies continue to evolve, Cummins remains committed to innovations that will deliver the right power solutions for the right applications at the right time to help our customers’ succeed. This acquisition will combine EDI’s talented workforce and electrification capabilities with Cummins’ expertise in developing and manufacturing the technologies that power the world.”

Joerg Ferchau, EDI’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said:

“As the industry continues to evolve and OEMs move to include hybrid and electric technologies in their vehicle offerings, the combination of Cummins and EDI represents a tremendous opportunity for growth and category leadership. EDI’s advanced portfolio of plug-in-hybrid and full electric technologies paired with Cummins’ industry leadership and focus on innovation will allow us to deliver best-in-class products, service and support worldwide. Vehicle OEMs and fleets evaluating new electric and hybrid technologies prefer to work with well-established companies that have the depth and resources to provide the support that’s needed to scale into high volume mass production. Together, we can lead the electrification category, and provide exciting new options that the market will embrace.”

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9 Comments on "Cummins Acquires Electric Powertrain Supplier Efficient Drivetrains"

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“Lead the electrification category” behind… Tesla, Nikola Motors, Daimler, Volvo, Renault, Wrightspeed… Yeah, it’s called catch-up, Joerg, not lead.

“EDI’s portfolio of hybrid-electric drivetrain systems, the EDI PowerDrive™ series, have traveled more than six million miles in a fleet setting in the United States and China.”

That sounds like they have already delivered vehicles into fleets.
How does that compare with the fleet miles of the companies you mentioned? Maybe, leading?

Not true. Cummins is starting production of some of their pure EV powertrains in 2019, I wouldn’t call that behind. They have EXCELLENT service centers too.

Cummins has already generated a lot of loyalty and respect for their Diesel engines. Introducing electric drivetrains proves that they know how to stay competitive with a technology that could eventually replace diesel engines altogether. I give them credit.

I think this is really good news because understand when you spec out a new truck it’s like whatever brand you pick then you pick an engine like Detroit Cummins Cat, transmission typically Spucer rear axles like Eaton or Dana
It’s pretty rare to buy truck made all by one company. It’s normally a combination of best performance available in each part of truck.

So with Cummins doing the hard part on the EV part, this is good news for more truck mfg to get diesels off the road.
Then as years go by just keep improving.

In that context, it must be difficult for a company, whose expertise is in engines, to transition to electric power. To take advantage of the full benefits of electrification, the whole drivetrain should, ideally, be developed as a whole – not as separate entities being developed by different companies.

This is why Tesla’s approach is so important. Their drive unit has pretty well done away with the huge weight penalty of separate transmissions and differentials and allowed for a totally new approach to the layout of the other parts of the truck – including the cab.

Just because Panasonic makes great batteries doesn’t mean they make a great electric motor or inverters.

Does that context work for you?

I would applaud here if Cummins would cut off all parts deliveries to Fitzgerald, the company that builds the polluting glider trucks using old Cummins engines, and refuse to service these trucks.

I agree on stopping building gliders. The glider rules have been abused to the max.