Watch Chevy eCopo Camaro Electric Achieve 9-Second Drag Run


 Don’t blink!

We knew the Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro was fast. In its first video appearance at the dragstrip, it pulled an impressive 10.14-second time in the quarter-mile, lofting its wheels as it passed the Christmas tree. That’s quick enough to beat any Tesla Model S P100D. But, the team behind the converted COPO knew it could do even better. That initial run was performed at just 80-percent power, after all. After weekend appearances of the battery-powered Camaro at the Auto Club Raceway At Pomona, we now have video evidence (below) of improved performance.

The breakthrough didn’t come right away. On Friday, the team laid down a 10.02 time, crossing the line at 133.39 miles per hour. It served as a great warmup, and we have footage of that run directly below.

The final push into the nine-second range came on Saturday. With Patrick McCue (remember that name) behind the wheel, the 800-volt machine made its way up to the start line, silently spinning up its set of meaty rear slicks in an attempt to get as much grip out of them as possible.

As the light turned green, McCue instantly drops the hammer, unleashing the car’s 780 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque. Once again, the front wheels reached for the sky as the rear rubber dug into the asphalt. By the time it had traveled 1,320 feet, only 9.837 seconds had elapsed and the electric Camaro was flying at 134.07 mph. You can see the extraordinary performance in the video below.

The result may be a new National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) record in the concept vehicle over 800 volts category. It is interesting to note, though, that it is not the quickest four-wheel electric dragster out there. Even with the resources of the mighty General Motors behind it, the time is still short of many other electric racers. McCue, for instance, drove “Shock and Awe” — a car put together by his Bothell High School students — to an 8.328-second result at an astonishing 166.29 mph. We’ve embedded that run below as a little bonus.

Shock and Awe goes 8.328

Shock and Awe goes 8.328 @ 166.29 mph at Woodburn Raceway during the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Division 6 Regional Event qualifying on 9/16/2016. Big thank you to the track owners for being so accommodating, NHRA and NEDRA for allowing us to compete, Cody and Jeff Lane and the entire Hancock and Lane crew for the mentoring and help, all our team mentors, and student crew of Nathan Schuler, Jared Troy, Oswaldo Beltran and Andrew Burden. Another big thank you to Chris Brune from Rinehart Motion Systems for coming to the track and working to repair a glitch in the controllers overnight! They obviously worked great! Also like to thank all our sponsors; Foundry10, Jerry Bickel race cars, Weldon pumps, Driven oil, Mickey Thompson Tires, Racepak. Mark Williams, Pacific Power Batteries, ARP, Biondo Racing, BTE Transmissions, Flex-a-lite, Rinehart Motion Systems, AMRacing, Lonestar Batteries and Manzanita Micro.

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You’re asking us to watch this modified one-off Camaro, that has no trunk space and no back seat, do a fast quarter-mile? Why?

Because this is inside EV, not inside big trunk space back seat.

What does that have to do with anything? It’s a drag car. It’s probably completely gutted on the inside.

This isn’t a one-off Camaro. It’s a regular Camaro with a crate electric motor conversion.

….so a one off…as in the only one of its kind…as in the only one in the world…lol

No it’s a COPO with an EV powertrain. You can special order COPO’s from the factory. GM is also looking into adding the EV components to their performance parts catalogue for anyone to buy and use.

If GM follows through with offering components that could be used in conversions and the like it would do a lot to earn a bit more respect back from me.

If it were yet another Tesla drag video, would you be happy then?

It’s not particularly impressive for a custom EV. There’s a video on YouTube from 2013 of an EV running low 9’s in what looks like pretty similarly built car.

True Cousins does the electric quarter mile in 7.98 at 170 mph.
Amazing how far these vehicles has come in the last few years!

This is still my favorite. Ultimate sleeper. The Flux Capacitor!

Even mentioning the name Tesla next to this unicorn is an insult to the brand.

Is this an admission by GM that the ICE can’t cut it anymore. They tried everything to beat the P100D with cars that were barely roadworthy and barely qualified for mass production status, it was a joke.

Well this is technically a conversion car, for starters. It’s to show off their new electric crate powertrain that can hook up to an ICE Camaro transmission. Not really trying to compete with Tesla here.

You don’t get it. This is a bolt on conversion. The took a Camaro, took out the V8 and added an electric create motor in its place bolted to the stock transmission. For racers, this would be a dream come true. There is talk of GM offering this as a kit like it’s other crate motors. This has nothing to do with Tesla at all unless Tesla over conversion kits.

You might mention the battery or it will not get far. Maybe the ECM needed changing too. Doubtful those slicks would fit in the stock wheel wells. Good luck with this being a “crate motor” swap.

It has an LS motor mount. So you could put this in a lot of different vehicles. This is also a factory COPO Camaro which is a special factory version for racing. The battery is 800V and 32KWh. Very high power density.

Tesla doesn’t even offer spare parts much less crate motors for conversions. They are anti-aftermarket mods, conversions or even DIY repairs. As a company, there are about as anti-hotrod as they come.

Given Tesla’s delicate financial position while scaling up I can sort of understand their position here, but the resistance to DIY repairs has had me a little hesitant about them. I hope that as they grow, mature and become more stable financially they reconsider some of these positions.

For drag racing, EV technology is just superior.

That is why they are working on/releasing electric catapult on aircraft carriers to launch jets.

Now Make it street legal with same range as Tesla and
Dont forget to build Supercharger network all over the country like Tesla has and you may be able to compete with Tesla..good luck

Who in the hell is suggesting this is trying to compete with Tesla??? What is wrong with Tesla fans?? Why are they are so damn insecure?? GM is simply trying to get a market that they are already well tapped into, a market that Tesla finds repulsive apparently, to consider going electric. What in the world is wrong with that??

Screw the damn Supercharger Network. I am living proof that you can drive and own a BEV without it.

From the original post…maybe that’s the suggestion…
“…enough to beat any Tesla Model S P100D.”

Then why, WHY do folks like you insist on coming to the drag race articles and then proceed to bitch like a little child?? Good Lord, skip the G-damn article then! How hard is that??? You take the time to watch and take the time to comment, both of which combined are WAY more time than simply scrolling to the next article.

You have a pitiful life, Groin. There is so much more to life that you are missing. Most health insurance plans cover mental health therapy.

Ok. That’s about pretty weak. But if hanging out at electric car websites to bait folks into responding to your stupid comments winds your clock, then I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Enjoy your super fun day.

You must be a blast at parties