Clutch Your Pearls: 2019 Bolt EV Color ‘Shock’ Lives Up To Its Name


This Bolt Is So Bright I’ve Gotta Wear Shades

Americans tend to be very conservative in their car color choices. Well, ‘color’ is perhaps a strong word. According to Kelly Blue Book, 50% of all vehicles are silver, white or black. More free spirited, rebellious buyers might be drawn to a dark blue or gray. Maybe.

So when we heard that Chevrolet was adding a new yellow color option called ‘Shock’ on the 2019 Bolt EV we were curious how the new color would appear in person.

It was not quite what we expected:

New Bolt EV Shock Color From Side

New Bolt EV Shock Color From Rear

In a video uploaded to their dealer YouTube account, Bill from Chevrolet of Naperville, IL introduces us to what he calls the “Tennis Ball” of cars. That playful description is accurate, as the car is a very bright neon yellow. “Safety Vest” or “Yellow Highlighter” of cars would also be appropriate.

No more wandering in a dark parking garage trying to remember where you left your Bolt. You’ll be able to spot it from a mile away. No car on the road is going to draw attention like a Bolt EV with a fresh coat of ‘Shock’.

We had hoped for something more similar to the yellow shown at the Opel Ampera-e reveal events. Sadly this was not the case.

Opel Ampera-e

However, the uniqueness of this neon yellow Chevy Bolt will absolutely appeal to some drivers. Like driving an Acid Green Porsche, a buyer knows their car is going to stand out.

While Chevy’s newest color option is not our cup of tea, what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

More photos and vehicle information: Chevrolet of Naperville


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71 Comments on "Clutch Your Pearls: 2019 Bolt EV Color ‘Shock’ Lives Up To Its Name"

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You should get an insurance discount for this standing out.

I’m going to refer to this as the Driver Confidence 3 package.

You won’t need the slow speed pedestrian audible alert with this color, it’s already loud.

What did you say? Couldn’t hear with the video still playing (on silent) above….

Korean very very Special Color for you!

You do realize the cars are built in the US which includes painting?

A lime green popsicle, is it sweet or sour?

It’s sweet *then* sour! 🙂

*then* sweet again.

This color will be very popular here in Seahawk country.

That’s not the Seahawks accent color. This is more akin to a tennis ball or a reflective safety vest.

For those not familiar, the ‘Hawks’ eye in their logo is flourescent green. Its green, not this hellish color.

I will grant them one thing, it will be a safe car. That thing can be seen from space! Is this a direct result of the tie in with Cruise Automation? Those autonomous Bolts in this color make sense. Like a traffic cone saying: “stay away, I am a freakin’ ROBOT!”

Football is stupid.

Can you imagine adding some blue striping? It would sell like $3 beer at the stadium.

My advice is that if you do something stupid like buying a car in this color, blame that decision on somebody else.

Blame GM, they’re Expert in how to not get this vehicle sold.
-Plastic interior, poor quality seats, poor quality suspension, now teenager colors too.

Who made this decision?
This is the incremental “improvement” they give the Bolt?
And they think their “competing with Tesla”???
They’d lose to Fiat.
Ms. Barra should be Fired.

And lets remember this is a $40,000 car.

“They’d lose to Fiat”
Someone needs to take your keyboard away ( just for a little while 😉 ).

I criticize with “love”, meaning GM engineers could do better than this, much better. The Bolt is a Management Failure.

I really doubt the engineers decide what colors are made available.

“( The Bolt is a Management Failure )”

Before you “take…keyboard away”, a more suitable punishment, for REXisKing, might be for him to take a 300+ mi. road trip in a Fiat 500e.

There is more than one way to “Lose to Fiat”!

At least you don’t have to pay thousands extra just to get a color. Not my choice, but black on black is a show stopper for me as well.

Try to troll harder. This post is a fail.

A $40k car you could lease for no money down and $300/mo which makes it closer to the equivalent of a $20k Tesla (based on Tesla $77k car with $7k down $946/mo lease).

Of course that changes a bit when GM loses the $7500 tax credit when leasing cars.

In very few markets! Lease rates in all but a few urban locations are in the $4500 down, $450/month range for 10K miles over three years.

Stop saying competing with tesla this is more the 2019 leaf with 225 mile class not the model 3. Witch is a luxury car that is costing 57000 to 70000 for performance model. You will never see a 35000 model . It is going to be at least 40000 since they raise the paint charges and orther cost .

I’d like to see long term drive reviews on both the T3 and the Bolt. $100 bucks the Bolt does better long term. Say what you want about the “quality”, but GM materials last forever these days. Far longer than the “soft” materials in many other cars.

I’ve got one, and love it! At 60, I’m in my very late teens.;-) I don’t understand the sneering— in my opinion, anyone driving a car the color of snow or asphalt is just asking to be killed by some texting fool. I don’t get why people who prefer to blend in with the herd are so aggressive about color on OTHER PEOPLE’S CARS.

If I buy a Bolt, I’ll probably want a color like that. And I’m generally pretty conservative about color choice. (A good friend bought a Honda Fit in what she calls “Minion Yellow”, and it looks really good in person.) Color choice is often a matter of simple economics. If I expect to use it up and wear it out, I’ll pick a fun color. What’s the difference if it’s only going to be worth a few thousand when I’m done with it? Same thing applies if I ever lease where I’m not responsible for resale. More fun is better a value. If I have any thought of future resale, I choose silver, white, gold or similar light color, always metallic. If it’s going to be worth $10,000 or more when I sell it, I want to be able to sell it quickly instead of waiting for someone willing to consider a quirky color. And I don’t want the color used against me when negotiating. Fewer troubles, less stress, better value. Cars have increased in price so quickly relative to consumer income that it’s no surprise that everything is going white, silver and black. It’s simply a matter of protecting… Read more »

Your economic analysis is spot-on, in my opinion, although I do disagree with your last paragraph. I don’t think the average US car buyer is that analytical, and they tend to buy what they like. For some time, many Americans simply don’t want to stand out on the road, for a variety of reasons.

Plus, as we all know on this site, it’s been scientifically shown that driving a black car is more efficient, make you more attractive, and improves your sex life.

Most Americans are uptight as hell and don’t want to stand out in any way. Boring colored cars, drab colored houses. For a country that supposedly prides itself on individuality, a strangely large number of us are terrified of being noticed for any reason.

Though you can usually get more money for quirky colors.

Interestingly, the car trade in calculators on the ‘nets usually downgrades a car for an odd color. But, at the dealership, they seem all too eager when you bring in an odd color vehicle. Not sure the two are talking much, because the reality is quite different from the expectation. Odd colors rarely have issues in resale, and often do better. Not the case all the time though.

I definitely would pick this color over some shade of black, some shade of silver, or some shade of white. For the record, my only regret on purchasing my White Pacifica was that I did not realize they were offering it in the Copper color. I would have totally gone with the copper.

I always thought bright colors were a smart decision, especially if you drive in areas that are prone to sudden horrible visibility conditions.

Example: sudden downpours in South Florida summers…the kind where your wipers can barely keep up, your side windows and mirrors are worse than useless because you are not sure if that is a white car next to you or is it a refraction of the road mist and streaming water going across the windows/mirror….. and you run the risk of getting hit/grazed when pulling to the shoulder…and good luck merging back in after the storm passes…

The shades of greys, blacks, dark blues and whites fade into the background/pavement and while still able to make them out, it takes extra effort…especially if they forget to turn on their headlights…yellow cars I’ve noticed are way easier to see during these crappy conditions….

Not hating it, but wish they’d have gone a bit further green and matched the Porsche 911 Acid Green. This color straddles the yellow/green line and I think that turns off some people. Reminds me of the Brazen Orange Metallic GTOs. In low light they were a nice orange but too often in person with sunlight they looked gold and totally wrong for a muscle car. Stop trying to be cute, just make yellow, yellow. Green, green. And orange, orange.

Same with the Arctic Blue available for Bolt, it’s stuck in no man’s land. It’s not silver, it’s not blue, and it’s not gray. I haven’t seen a single one on the roads. Instead they should have committed to a bright blue, like the Focus RS Nitrous Blue perhaps.

I fully ack that color is personal pref, but I don’t think i’m alone on this.

Exactly. This color pick is “off”.
Off everyone’s list.

What is that almost-orange, or almost-yellow, and the other almost-neon-green?

I miss the orange

I will NOT miss “The Orange” in 2020.

Especially Cheeto orange.

Adds new meaning to “going green”.

I didn’t know they made a RHD Bolt.
Go Chevy!

Probably would have gone with this if it had been available to us, would provide a color balance to our orange Crosstrek XV.

I would have picked the kinetic blue instead of Arctic blue if I could have a do over..

Kinetic blue is a great color. It would be my pick after seeing the orange in person (too dark). Now however I’d have to go with yellow. That being said I do sort of like the Ampera E yellow more.

My simple mind prefers distinctive colors that can be described with a single word (as in “blue” vs. “Cyrenaica seaside cyan”). The yellow Bolt would fit the bill perfectly, except that they don’t sell them in the US. The white one we have is pretty, though – reminds me of this

Someone on GM’s Board should be DEMANDING Ms. Barra DOUBLE Bolt sales.
Because this isn’t going to do it.

Her attitude seems to be we’re going to put this poorly designed Bolt out in the market to Die.

That “Poorly designed” car won all sorts of awards. But we should take an EV haters word that it sucks? Don’t think so.

You ain’t gonna be blending in the background in this color Bolt, that’s for sure. Lol

True. No more time wasted looking for you car. It’s impossible not to see it.

It will match my bicycle helmet nicely. But that’s the only good thing I can say about it. The bug-like green-yellow neon is just not right for a car.

And I think part of the reason half of all cars are white, black or silver is that’s what they make; it’s really difficult to find other colors. We’ve been looking for a red Bolt EV and are having an impossible time finding one in the trim we want.

It perfectly suits my Ryobi electric lawn equipment and power tools. It would be well color coordinated to pair Ryobi tools with a Shock Bolt EV!

I love the red. It was my second color choice behind midnight gray.

If you aren’t in a rush, you could always place an order through a dealer for the exact specs and color that you want. 🙂 (Although it limits your haggle ability. )

There was an article I read (maybe from edmunds?) that cars with more rare colors like green, orange, copper, etc hold their used value better than standard colors.

Maybe this color is for the Maven Cruise AV so that people stop driving into them.

This color is so loud, it won’t need the low speed pedestrian audio alerts.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

The press hailed the Bolt as a Tesla killer.

Sorry, but the only the being killed by a Bolt in that color is good taste.

The news outlets, catering to EV enthusiasts, would “hail” almost anything that has least one electric traction motor and at least 3 wheels as a Tesla killer, so that people would click on the article 🙂

It could have been if they actually intended to market it. It could have taken the place of the old Leaf and eat up much of the market the 3 was aiming at.

Only SUV-nut muricans get it at a decent price, even them with some difficulty. The rest of the world need efforts to even find overpriced Ampera-E’s. GM just wants to fail…

It could have been if they actually intended to market it. It could have taken the place of the old Leaf and eat up much of the market the 3 was aiming at.

Only SUV-nut Americans get it at a decent price, even them with some difficulty. The rest of the world need efforts to even find overpriced Ampera-E’s. GM just wants to fail…

(this moderation is absurd)

It’s not absurd. It flagging you for some reasons, likely due to an IP address similar to the abusers and harassers we had to ban. I approved your comment. In the future, don’t send it over and over and over. It won’t help. I’ll just whitelist it and it will be fine. Sorry.

I give up. All my comment attempts are held for moderation, lord knows why. But it could have been. General motors is just a joke at marketing it.

I approved it right away. It was the same comment over and over. Sorry.

Love the bright colors… It’s about time… Every manufacturer should offer at least one bright intense color per year… Just an option please… Cause beige, grey, black and white are just for boring folks.

Love the color and technology in this vehicle!
If they are trying to appeal to young tech oriented males they nailed it.

This is pretty much exactly firetruck yellow/green:

Seems like a perfect color for fleet buyers. Very distinctive. Also a great color for a business owner that uses their car to promote the business.

That is the most AWESOME color that I’ve ever seen available on any production vehicle!

If I could buy one this INSTANT I certainly would. Wow, what a beautiful concept.

Still waiting for adaptive cruise control and a driver seat with lumbar support….maybe one day? Nah probably not. *facepalm*

I think it’s a joke. They will maybe sell 20 of them.

I’ve actually got one coming to ME– and the dealer here in Minneapolis says they’ve had a couple other orders for the color already.Personally, I like to be *visible* when all around me are road-colored cars full of texting tailgaters
who can’t be bothered to turn on their lights when it’s raining.

want it! And my local dealer has one on the lot! Might be mine by this weekend!

Nice! Let us know if you pick it up!