Chevrolet Volt Has Best Month Ever With 2,961 EVs Sold

NOV 1 2012 BY JAY COLE 17

If it seems like we just reported this story last month, and the month prior, you would be right as Chevrolet broke its all-time monthly sales result for the third month in a row.

In October, Chevrolet sold 2,961 Volts, which bested September’s result of 2,851 and August’s 2,831.  That brings the year to date total number of plug-in extended range hybrids sold up to 19,309.

Chevrolet Volt At Hamtramck Assembly

All of these sales came amidst the idling of General Motor’s Hamtramck assembly facility that builds the Volt in preparation for producing the upcoming Chevrolet Impala.

Thankfully, there were no delays in re-opening the plant, and on Monday October 15th, the plant went back into high gear attempting to restock dealerships that had aggressively sold off Volts during the month.

After the GM’s Hamtramck assembly re-opened, it managed to build 1,710 Volts in October, but GM decided to put a hold on building international exposts (Opel Ampera, Holden Volt and RHD Volts) in favor of replenishing US stock.  It is expected that production restarts shortly this month.

So what was behind the record month of sales in October?  More deep discounting.

With the shutdown of production during the month, GM turned to moving as many cars as they could off the lots.  For 2012 models still left in inventory in October, InsideEVs has learned that GM offered/is offering $3,000 ‘consumer cash’ off the MSRP, as well as $2,000 of 2013 inventory.

This MSRP reduction, coupled with financing discounts, added up to an average incentive per Volt sold of approximately $6,000 according to industry estimates.

It appears that although GM has not publicly lowered the MSRP (which starts at $39,000), they unofficially have.

…and it has paid off in sales in a big way.

GM Sales PDF here.  GM Production PDF Here.


Update for our friends north of the border:  GM Canada touted an over 100% increase in October sales for the month, which was kinda a play on percentages because GM switched from month over month comparables to year over year.   Sales actually dropped from 214 in September to 148 this month.

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I think it would be smarter for GM to just lower the MSRP, to generate sales, then giving discounts at the dealer. Sticker shock could steer people away. Get the price under $30K after the $7500 tax credit.

kdawg, I agree. GM would be well served to reduce the MSRP and then tout the “I haven’t filled up with gas in 6 months’ testimonials hard. And a few shots of the Volt screaming around curvy roads with the hillside full of autumn foliage wouldn’t hurt either…


I was musing that (lowering of the MSRP) when I was writing the piece, but we try our best not to turn sales reports into opinion pieces, heeh. Figured we would just put out the 411 on the rebates and leave it at that, (=

But here in the comments, lets speculate away, lol.

The price was intimated for a cut on 2013 MY after the reduction/de-contenting in 2012, however it seems the new management wasn’t as keen on that when the time came to pull the trigger, figuring on incentives in lieu of sticker reduction the past three months.

In the end, what we might see is some kind of mid/late year adjustment when Nissan re-prices the LEAF, and when the real competition for the Volt in the Fusion Enegi (and the C-Max this month to some degree) hits the market.

To be fair, most sales on the Volt are now via the lease, so the $XXX/month is really the defacto MSRP that is moving metal.

Opinion as news? There’s someone else who is already doing that.

Well, November and December sales should explode if a Chevy Volt is essentially going for $25k after Federal/State tax incentives.

I effectively bought my 2011 in July for $25K after applying the PA state rebate and GM-card earnings. But I’d do it again to bring home a 2013 for about the same. Need to talk to my wife about a purchase in December 🙂

Aside from Fed. & any local tax incentives; how does $3,000 off 2012s as well as $2,000 of 2013 = $6,000 off MSRP of Volts? Math wasn’t my best subject, so please splain this to me. Thx.

Total incentives also includes lower than market/newly discounted financing arrangements, like 0% financing or special lease reductions.

OK, got it, thanks. It sure helps when you know what cards the Dealer is holding.

The headline “Best Sales Month Ever” just keeps bringing a smile to my face. I agree with KDawg…lower the MSRP price and more people will be interested. Sticker shock is a very powerful phenomena that can exterminate even the most likely sale. High MSRP’s need to be stopped!

Seriously…Great job GM!

Next month, it could read “Best Sales Month Ever, Again”

Or it could read “DITTO”. Perhaps “Volt’s Sales Set New Record” should be hardcoded in the top banner.

>> Monday October 16th

October 16 was a Tuesday.

That said, woohoo! Go Volt! I had only estimated about 2100 Volts to be sold, so this is quite the pleasant surprise.

If they can keep up this rate (~2900/mo) they can hit 25K Volt’s sold in 2012. That would be impressive.

Sigh. Perfection not attained again, (=


I nearly sold three Volts today. #1. I made a mad rush into town early to mail a letter at the post office and stopped at the local breakfast burrito shack and the lady who co-owns the place remarked what a great looking car I had. Did my dog and pony show about driving for pennies now, and telling her that my 2012 Volt has never, ever been to a gas station and probably won’t until sometime in early 2014. #2. Hauled out 16 year old dog Checkers to the vet for meds and etc. The office manager carried out a prescription bag of dog food as I walked my old gal to the back seats. The office manager remarked what a great looking car I had. Did the dog and pony show again. #3. A lady pulls up in one of those generic looking SUV thingys… She unloads her dog and remarks “what a great looking car you have…” I do the dog and pony show and this time show her the insides and my “unique” bumper sticker and I tell her I’m tired of $700 billion of our wealth going to foreign nations (OPEC) and $28 billion extra… Read more »

Opps… a typo. Should be “might be buying gas the first time in 2013… but at the rate I’m going, don’t be surprised if I make it to 2014.

I got 6,000 in rebates from Chevy. Then I also get 1,500 from the state of California, which adds up to 7500. I leased for 36 months, all maintenance included, onstar included for 3, as well as the satellite radio. The down payment was 3,500, payment 335 per month.