Chevrolet Spark Priced Under $25,000 With Incentives

NOV 27 2012 BY JAY COLE 23

General Motors is officially introducing the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV today before its debut later this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The company says that the car packs “smart performance and connectivity technologies into an affordable five-door urban mini car designed to make the trip as electrifying as the destination. It will be priced under $25,000 with tax incentives.”

Spark EV Dash/Climate Control Cluster

While not stating the exact range just yet, Chevrolet says that the Spark is expected to have among the best EV range in its segment (which at the moment would seem to only include the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, that starts at $29,125) and also be the first electric vehicle to offer SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability.

“When you engineer a technology-filled, all-electric mini car that goes from zero-to-60 mph in less than eight seconds, customers won’t miss the gas,” said Mark Reuss, president, General Motors North America. “The Volt and now the Spark EV show that Chevrolet not only knows EVs better than anyone else, we also know how to help customers get the most out of their EV experience.”

Initial markets are listed as California, Oregon, South Korea and Canada.  (Yes, it will be eligible for the HOV lane programs in California and other participating states)

The Spark EV has all the things you would expect of a well-designed EV, including high-resolution, 7″ LCD screens, MyLink radio and full function navigation.

The electric car, which is expected to have a range of about 75 miles, also has what General Motors is calling a “confidence gauge” that shows the expected driving range based on driving habits and other conditions.

2014 Spark EV Interior

About the Spark EV

The Spark EV is powered by an advanced electric motor and battery system. It consists of a coaxial drive unit and electric motor that together deliver 130 hp (110 kW) and 400 lb.-ft. (542 Nm) of torque for instant acceleration; and a more than 20-kWh lithium ion battery.

The long-life battery is “designed to be safe, durable and reliable,” and is warranted for eight years or 100,000 miles. It consists of a 560-pound (254 kg) square lithium-ion battery pack with a volume of 133 liters, comprising 336 prismatic cells.

Spark EV colors include Electric Blue, Black Granite, Summit White, Silver Ice and Titanium. Inside, designers sought to create a comfortable and spacious cockpit with noise-reduction features and a combination of bright accents in Electric Blue and chrome.

Rear Hatch Of 2014 Spark EV

So, How Will It Sell?

Given its limited roll-out and pricing, probably not that well.

The phrase “$25,000 with tax incentives” means a starting price around $32,500, which represents a price miss of sorts to those following the development of the car; it was hoped that it would start under $30,000 before incentives.

Natural competitors will be the Mitsubishi i-Miev (62 EPA mile range) at $29,125, the two-seat Smart electric drive (est. 70 EPA mile range) at $25,000, and the mid-generational update of the Nissan LEAF (est. 80 EPA mile range), which includes a new entry-level model expected to be priced at around $31,000.

Exact facts and figures will be released Friday, November 30th, 2012.

GM has hosted some additional photos of the Spark EV and can be

Technical Map Of Spark EV

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Not terrible, but not overly competitive either. Although with performance specs like those, this will be a fun car to drive. That may be worth more than a few miles of range and a slightly larger trunk in the 2013 Leaf.

Any idea whether this price includes the SAE DC fast charging port, or if that’s extra?

Does it seat seven?

I guess we can try squeezing you between the car seats and putting both of my cats in the trunk (in carriers of course)…does that count as seven?

When they were first introduced the new SAE Combo plug, I was talking to a rep about the Spark and this new system, and it was worded to me at the time as “the Spark would be the first car to have the new standard available.”

This was going on I would say 7-8 months ago, so plans may have changed, but my impression was that it wasn’t standard. Even the wording today from GM has the same feel to it – “the first electric vehicle to offer SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability.”

You’d think if it was standard that would be something you would want to feature.

Very disappointing price.

I disagree, especially if this includes the SAE quick-charge port. It’s priced comparable to the entry-level Leaf. Sure, it has a little less room, but on the other hand, it’s peppier and possibly more agile.

I wouldn’t say disappointing, no. At the moment that would be cheaper than anything but a Mitsu i-MiEV. The SmartED should be along soon, and that is indeed priced lower, but it’s also much less useful for most folks (no back seat, limited cargo). Nissan’s “Leaf S” is still somewhat speculative (I haven’t seen a firm price on that), but $32.5k is certainly cheaper than the current SV.

I wasn’t expecting a breakthrough price on the SparkEV, but was hoping for a competitive one. When some earlier comments made it sound like GM thought their goal was to be competitive with Ford’s uber-pricey Focus Electric, I was very disappointed. Coming in over $7k less than that is a very positive development.

Now they just have to actually ship them to your market . . .

I agree with George S. When I heard reports that this car might come in at $27500 before tax incentive, I felt very interested. Where I live, there are no Chademo QC’s, and I’m guessing I won’t be seeing any SAE QC (unless GM displays more smarts than Nissan and actually installs QC at dealerships).

I guess that’s the difference between you two and myself. When I heard rumors that this car might come in below $20,000 after tax credit, I didn’t believe it for a second. It was never official, or even “leaked”. It was simply people guessing. Combine that with GM’s target for the Volt to be under $30,000 yet coming in at $40,000 and you begin to see that these cars aren’t cheap.

That makes two Brian. I don’t think 5 seats is the only criteria for buying an auto EV or ICE. And I think any price within $1000-$2000 is negotiable. I used to work in measurement software and was amazed at how everyone forgot everything they knew when introduced to a new product. EVs seem to be like that even for those of us who live and breathe it. I am still waiting for a BEV of any flavor to bust out in sales. For now, I am betting that the PHEV/EREV will show the big numbers Volt/Plug-in-Prius/C-Max/.

As for really nice BEV’s, I got to experience a Tesla Model S Signature today #741. Truly the car of the year.

GM’s restricting availability to California and Oregon sounds like what Japanese car companies did when they first came into the USA market and focused on the West Coast. Go to where chances for success are greatest, find buyers, and then allow success to drive beyond.

Let’s hope they follow through with a consistent marketing plan. I’ll be cheering for success in finding what market there is for a $25k pocket rocket that uses zero gas.

“I’ll be cheering for success in finding what market there is for a $25k pocket rocket that uses zero gas.”

Hear, Hear! The high school hotrodder in me is chomping at the bit for this! Every vehicle I’ve ever owned I’ve customized for power, speed and handling: VW Beetle (’69), Triumph Spitfire (’72), Mustang GT (’97). The killer app, as it were, would be the Mitsu i or this Chevy with gobs of torque, great grip…and it would rule!

C’mon, Chevy! Put Up or Shut Up!

400 lb-ft of torque!?! That is almost as much as the Model S Performance. I hope this thing has traction control. The tires don’t look wide enough to put all that down to the ground.

With sticky tires, this thing would eat Corvette’s like popcorn 0 – 30.


Have you heard from anyone inside GM who has driven this stoplight rocket?

Hey Josh,

Actually there has been a few short media drives given out. The words “torque-steer” is certianly at play, GM is actually aware the car has too much power at the low end, and they have no plans to correct it into production.

Wow! I really thought the torque might have been a typo. They seem to be learning something from Tesla 😉

Any word on heated seats? That might be enough to talk me out of my 2011 LEAF.

Sounds very promising. Compared to Fit EV, $5k less (+), Lighter (+), More HP (+), 3.3kW charger (-), SAE Combo connector (+), Buy or Lease (+), Bigger battery (+), Thermal Battery Management (+). Add a 6.6kW on-board charger option and what’s not to like?

6.6kW charging on-board would seal the deal for a lot of folks I think.
After all it is a pure electric car.

Selling only in CA & OR (why OR ?) = Compliance Car.

I don’t expect better price for a compliance car.

Oregon is a strange case, more specifically the great Portland area. For some reason they have a high acceptance of EVs (as well as leading the nation in hybrids per captia since about 2007) and a huge charging/support infrastructure (2,000 chargers just in Portland by end of 2013..all free), as well as a ‘accessible’ state government that gives a 35% rebate between cost difference on a gas car to an EV to businesses.

Project Get Ready started there, ecotality put their first fast charger in there, electric avenue, etc. You have some small attempted start-ups too, like Arcimoto out of Eugene, but also about 40 small EV-component makers within a hundred miles of Portland, like Synkromotive and AmForElectronics.

Also featured in the 2012 EV City Casestudy as one of the top 12 areas in the world:

So, you get all the ‘players’ wanting to go there like Honda on the Fit EV, Chevy with the Spark EV, Navistar some of its fleet work there, Toyota put a hundred or so PIPs there back in the day, Mitsu rolled out there first, etc.

/its cool to be in Portland

Between Portland & Seattle, Seattle is the bigger EV market. I’m not saying this just because I’m from Seattle 😉

No argument from me there…but you are 250 miles further from California than Portland, (=

(I don’t understand it myself, Oregon is just sexy to anything with a plug for some reason)

If GM gets serious with selling the SparkEV and it shows a pulse, I would think Washington would be one of the first markets to enter beyond CA and OR.

And let’s not forget AZ. I’ll bet there’s lots of sales potential for an EV with a good battery there -):

I want one. Any ETA rumors for the rest of us? Say Illinois? Thanks.

ps: I wonder how it looks in a chrome wrap. 😉