With Chattanooga, VW Will Have 8 Plants For EVs Based On MEB

JAN 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 54

Volkswagen MEB platform to be utilized all over the world

Volkswagen announced an investment of $800 million in its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant to make it ready for all-electric car production from 2022. The plant will be supplied with battery cells from the new battery plant in Georgia, announced by SK Innovation. The production in Chattanooga will concern vehicles, electric motors and battery packs.

With the Chattanooga plant, German manufacturer intends to produce all-electric cars, based on MEB platform in 8 places around the world and we expect that more will be announced in the future:

  • Zwickau, Germany – from 2019, Volkswagen I.D.
  • Anting, China from 2020
  • Foshan, China from 2020
  • Dresden, Germany
  • Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
  • Emden, Germany from 2022
  • Hanover, Germany from 2022
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S. from 2022

Volkswagen builds electric cars in Chattanooga, USA

The first all-electric, MEB-based model in the U.S. is to be Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ in 2020. We guess that Chattanooga will produce several EV models, including the Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ.

Through the investment of almost $50 billion (44 billion euros) on EVs and digital services through 2023, Volkswagen Group hopes to produce 150,000 BEVs annually by 2020, and 1 million by 2025. For comparison, in 2018 it was 50,000 for the VW brand (including plug-in hybrids).

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With VW, Rip Van Winkle could wake up and think, nothing’s changed. VW just made another announcement.
Correct thou art Rip, may as well go back to sleep, for another 20 years, by then maybe they will have done something.

And they don’t even have a tent yet! We all know that it’s vaporware unless you have a tent…

That roaring sound? It was the point flying over your head.

And ffbj’s point flew over yours.

Go kiss your Elon poster now

Another Euro point of view

47 down votes, wow, that seems not far from an Insideevs record, the tunnel vision that was quite familiar here not so long ago seems now completely out of fashion.

Because people are getting tired of having to read the same meaningless spam in the comments of every article about VW.

top spam leads to bottom spam, a vicious cycle.

Yup, suddenly all this VW “hope” shows up. LOL

2022 is the new 2020.

Make that 63 downvotes … times are changing indeed 😉

Day-um! I am impressed. That is really laying the groundwork for serious EV production.

And that’s just for the MEB. They also have MQB based electric cars in China as well as the e-tron factory for Audi in Brussels and the Porsche factory in Stuttgart where they are going to build the Taycan.

Again: Major technology disruptions have a tendency to change the pecking order of companies in an industry, and it seems a few (VW, Hyundai, Kia) are determined to make the most of their opportunity. I hope Honda and Toyota (among others) have really ambitious plans that we’re not aware of yet…

I‘ve always said that VW getting caught cheating emissions will save their behinds in the long run.

Otherwise VW would just act like Toyota and say EVs aren’t needed, we can do that with internal combustion engines, too.

Actually, vw is losing out on it. I agree with others.

Keep whistling past the graveyard

To be fair, the plant in Dresden isn’t really a factory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transparent_Factory

Last year they built 15k e-Golfs there.

It will be interesting what they are going to make there next once the eGolf production is stopped. Maybe the ID Vizzion which is sort of Phaeton sized.

Depends on when they stop making the e-Golf. The Vizzion won’t launch before 2022 (and probably more to the end of the year). If they stop production of the e-Golf at the end of this year then this would leave a 3 year gap.

Maybe super premium large cars such as Vizzion, Lounge or so will be built in there.

Huh. Maybe those announcements are how companies do business and this is all leading up to some cars…

This is the real success of Tesla, another major company spending big money and resources on BEVs. Good to see.

Still wish they would sell the Neomn America though.

Yes – President Trump congratulated Tennessee and VW for spending $800,000,000 for a plant dedicated to producing Electric Vehicles and also generating jobs for 1,000 Americans. Well done.

That guy is really cool I hope you reelect him.

I’m actually serious.

Yeah, he is a complete idiot, so he has a reasonable chance.

Careful there! You are insulting the good name and reputation of idiots everywhere.

You only have to leave free markets behind, and believe every American wants a truck.

oh then no steep auto tariff on German carmakers. Well, grats for them.

Wow, almost makes me question if it is a good thing….

More importantly what did Putin think about it?

The Chattanooga plant seems to do a good job on the Passat. My sister’s “clean diesel” went 100K+ miles with nary a rattle even with her crazy a$$ driving. Every one I’ve rented has been a good car. I just hope any EV made there is not just a CARB state or compliance car.

Hey, am I off here? Chattanooga is online in 2022, which means the US will see the long-promised new BEVs from VW in 2022, not 2020. Unless they are coming from other factories. So to ffbj’s point, do I set my alarm clock to wake me up in 2020 or 2022?

The first ID Crozz in 2020 will indeed be imported from Germany. They will be built at the Zwickau factory.

Thanks, Link. I really hope these VWs fly off the prototype board and into the hands of VW die-hards who want something new that doesn’t stink.

The ID Neo (First model due in Europe) is already driving around in camouflage worldwide undergoing testing. They aren’t far from production. I wouldn’t call them prototypes. They are early production cars.

Any news of the Crozz testing? 2020 launch is 11-23 months away.

No news yet. Considering the timing of the launch and the way they’ve been going with the hatchback, you can probably expect camo prototypes to show up around 9 months from now.

But by how much? If it’s anything like Kia/Hyundai with a few hundred a month it will be disappointing.

Wish they’d send us the NEO.

Yeah, I know. That question is actually still up for debate. I do hope the NEO makes to the US.

Ya vote down more EV choices sheep

VW always always always rolls out new vehicles in the US last. US sales are around 2% of their total sales. Generally speaking for any model if it debuts in Europe in year 20xx then in the US it will be 20xx plus 1 or 2 years. Last generation of Golf it was 2 years. Additionally VW does model years differently in Europe vs the US (not sure if that’s a Germany thing or a VW thing), but they tend to not do the thing where a manufacturer releases a model in April 2018 and calls it a 2019. If it’s a 20xx model, then it arrives in 20xx (or very late 20xx -1). It’s just how they roll. They manufacture cars all over the freakin world to many many different standards in different countries. Brazil? Here’s your dual fuel vehicle that will burn pure 100% alcohol or any blend of gasoline. How about a CNG golf dual fuel with gasoline instead? VW has a dizzying array of engines and models worldwide. And most of those places couldn’t care less about the diesel scandal. They stopped production of the original Beetle in 2003 in Mexico….65 year run.

They probably do all these announcements so that they can hopefully sway future EV buyers (of Teslas likely) to hold off buying until their models come out.

VW is a publicly traded company. They are legally obliged to announce investments like this.

Very unlike Tesla, which never announced things way in advance.

I mean you could have leased a Bolt for 3 years, while waiting for the base Model 3. And now that we are somewhat close to the base 3, the only Tesla with actual (EV) competition, becoming a reality, we will soon see a Model Y reveal, with fantastic specks, set out to come really soon and everyone in line for a Kona, or Niro will happily wait a long time for that base Y.

Now compare that to announcing to build a factory and you can clearly see who is keeping people form buying other EVs.

Edit: That doesn’t mean Tesla hasn’t done great things for EV adoption, but some things have to be seen in context. You can’t say only Tesla is allowed to almost always have more things announced (Y, pick up, semi, roadster and where are those solar roof tiles?), than in production, but complain about VW announcing the retooling of a factory.

how the heck does tesla make frunk when all the other makers cars look like the one in the photo?

By building cars that look like ICE vehicles with large hoods.

Bad engineers and executives. Seriously.

That’s nonsense, looking at the Volkswagen neo it’s clear that it has a very short front hood and the Volkswagen engineers put HVAC equipment that would normally go in the car under the dashboard under the hood instead. This means the interior of the car will be much more roomy for it’s given footprint plus being a hatchback it’ll be four more usable. The frunk is more of a gimmick in my opinion. By the way Porsche has had a frunk on cars for many years.

From what I’ve seen of the Volkswagen it has a very short front hood and the engineers put HVAC equipment that would normally be in the dashboard up there so there is no frunk but there will be much more interior room for the footprint of the car overall.

Lol. Tesla is going to truly be established and own the market by the time VW hits America. And Chinese gov will never allow a foreign car maker to own their market.

Does Tesla pay you by the post? Not everyone is it well off single man of a certain age in southern California. Some of us would like to get a EV that’s more practical, so we can fit our families and stuff if you get my drift, and is it a more reasonable price and can actually be serviced and have parts available that are made by a real car company. Yeah Tesla makes a great family car called the model X you can get one well-equipped if you have like $130,000 to spend on a car so I guess a lot of people will be crushed shopping that with a Honda Odyssey right?

I don’t believe that vw do and real ev.
They only do pictures and promises but never do before a pure ev

Another Euro point of view

Good choir singing. Wish I had your talent.

Finally, a mainstream auto maker is getting serious about EVs. Not before time. If only some of the others would wake up and start getting serious instead of continuing to mess around with drawings, concepts and promises.

VW should sell a decent number of EVs when they start selling these new models in a year or two’s time. Hopefully everyone here can cheer about that.

Some will be worried about Tesla with this news. Tesla won’t be worried. The cars that VW will be producing will be selling to different consumer groups than any Tesla models. There may be a little bit of overlap, but for the most part sales for VW’s EVs should displace sales of existing ICE vehicles in their class rather than displacing any Tesla sales. This is also a good thing, even if you’re just an EV fan rather than a Tesla fan. This situation may change over time as both Tesla and VW expand their EV range to include models that compete more directly with each other.