CHAdeMO: 18,449 Chargers Installed Worldwide

JUN 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

After the recent CHAdeMO 2018 General Assembly in Tokyo, we have received insight into the progress of the CHAdeMO fast charging standard around the world.

CHAdeMO share in plug-in car fleet (2010-2017)

As of April 2018, there were 18.449 (up roughly 3,000 year-over-year) confirmed CHAdeMO DC chargers installed in 71 countries and the most falls on Japan (7,253 / 39%) and Europe (6,633 / 36%).

The latest big improvement for CHAdeMO is an increase in power output to 400 kW in 2.0 version.

CHAdeMO Association said that it has highest share in plug-in car fleet among fast charging standards. In case of all-electric models, it’s 35% (including Tesla via adapter) or around 20% without Tesla we believe. In case of plug-in hybrids, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (CHAdeMO-ready) managed to achieve 15%, but other PHEVs don’t have fast charging at all.

In Europe, CHAdeMO is also very popular as 32% of all BEVs are compatible with CHAdeMO. After including 15% of Tesla cars, it turns out that up to 47% of all-electric cars in Europe can use CHAdeMO.

For 2018, CHAdeMO Association intends to focus on three areas:

  1. Geographical expansion Geographical expansion
  2. Functional expansion of CHAdeMO charging infrastructure
  3. Expansion of V2X system

CHAdeMO cars in Europe

CHAdeMO chargers in Europe

New ultra-fast infrastructure projects in Europe

CHAdeMO – Expansion of V2X system

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21 Comments on "CHAdeMO: 18,449 Chargers Installed Worldwide"

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What do you mean by “charger”? 18,449 locations or 18,449 stalls?

Individual connections (stalls), not sites.

The same as Tesla meant when they announced the opening of the 10000th charger.

It would be interesting to compare to the number of 22kW AC in EU. I don’t know if that number is available?

Since it is about fast charging it would make little sense to compare it to slow chargers.

It does, if you want to compare DC charging (45 kW) with AC charging (22 kW)

Millions. Nearly none public.

There are several thousand available in Sweden alone. Public.

Oh…I have forgotten that Tesla’s are also CHAdeMO cars due to the adapter..

Disingenuous to include Tesla as few get the $450 adapter. There is a trim level of Leafs without the CHAdeMO plug, so a few % of them shouldn’t be included.

The good thing about CHAdeMO is that it’s the same worldwide. If the group is serious about remaining extremely relevant, they should look to really get a jump on things in the Southern Hemisphere so that CHAdeMO cars become the logical choice for more people in that region.

Anyone know if the Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter works for other Type 2 cars? In Europe at least, where Teslas have the standard Type 2 plug? Obviously it fits physically, but I suppose no one else has implemented DC charging on the standard Type 2 plug… In any case, it can’t be all that complicated to make and program a CHAdeMO to CCS Type 2 adapter, can it? Asked the mechanical engineer…

Obviously it doesn’t work as Tesla uses proprietary protocol, not standard Type 2.

It is really complicated, this Tesla adapter has bunch of programmable electronics inside (see disassembly on internet), and it is for up to 50 kW only. Standard Type 2 (not CCS) DC use is also more a theoretical feature.

The one good thing that CHadeMO has going for it compared to CCS is that there is no external latch that’s subject to getting broken like the CCS Type 1 plug that’s used in the U.S..

In Europe, the CCS Type2 plug doesn’t have a latch either, neither has the CCS Type2 US plug for heavy vehicles (effectively the same plug as european CCS type2).

Only 19 in Africa! Increase your footprint on the African continent please Chademo..

Yeah… but a lot less CCS.

Not very impressive when you consider that Tesla alone has 10000 chargers installed.

Tesla destination chargers don’t offer 50kW last time I checked.

As a Tesla owner I am very happy with the CHAdeMO adapter purchase. I especially like EvGo’s solution, so simple to use with the phone app.

CCS-2 will be the future in Europe. In 5 years from now no charge point operator in Europe will install new CHAdeMO charging infrastructure.