CCS Charge Map For Europe


CCS Charge Map For Europe – June 7, 2014

CCS Connector in Europe

CCS Plug in Europe

Mutwin Kraus, who describes himself as a developer of JavaScript, Ruby and Objective-C software, created a wonderful map with European CCS (called Combo) fast chargers.

According to this map, about 160 such points are already open.

For comparison, the number of CHAdeMO chargers in Europe exceed 1,100. Noteworthy is that a small number of these points have both CHAdeMO and CCS plug.

In Germany, the number of CCS is similar to CHAdeMO, but in France CCS does not exist. Northern Europe  is more universal with both solutions.

CCS Charge Map – Europe

Map for CHAdeMO:

CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers Density in Europe in April 2014

CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers Density in Europe in April 2014

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18 responses to "CCS Charge Map For Europe"
  1. Mikael says:

    I just hate those maps where the points (in this case chargers) gets bundled together and move around a lot when you zoom at different levels.
    This one is far from the worst though and they seem to be popular right now but very annoying and uninformative.

    This: is a typical example of an extremely annoying map.

    1. Surya says:

      They all use Google Maps. You can change the look of the points on the map, but I’m not sure if you can choose for Google not to group them.

      1. mutle says:

        It is actually configurable. I’m the creator of that site and I’ll look into either disabling the clustering completely or providing an option for disabling it.

        1. GSP says:

          I think that would be a nice improvement. Thanks.


        2. Mikael says:

          Yay! I would be so happy if you could change that or give that option. =)

          I have two objectives when looking at pages like that. One is statistical, seeing like chargers per country, which means they need to group not by area close by but by country borders.

          The other and the most important objective is to look at possible routes to drive, which is close to impossible with the grouping on.

        3. Mikael says:

          And a big thank you for creating it. It’s often hard enough to find a map like that for a specifik country, not to mention to get more countries at once. 😛

          One sick feature that I would like to see on a map like that one day is the possibility to get driving directions from one place to another where you get the distances between the different chargers on the route specified.
          I have no idea if it’s possible or really hard or easy enough. But it’s something that I would love to have one day. 🙂

  2. Spec9 says:

    160? Wow, that is far more than I thought.

    C’mon USA, start installing.

    1. JakeY says:

      Surprises me too, but I guess the legislation really helped. US really needs to catch up.

      1. mutle says:

        I think what helped most is that the price difference between CHAdeMO and CHAdeMO+CCS are very small. Many of the locations listed also provide a CHAdeMO plug.

  3. zoe-driver says:

    Think about CCS ist not always 50kw CCS. A lot of them are 20kw CCS fpr 10x the Price as 22kw AC.

    1. mutle says:

      Except for the ones in Switzerland, three in Germany and two in Finland, they are all 50kW. However with most cars the difference is only 10 minutes since most of the charge is not done with 50kW but lower rates.

      1. Alok says:

        Nice map! I really like it. Surprising info for me too.
        Would it be possible/easy to add the info about power? And the info about whether it’s a CCS only or CCS+Chademo? Probably it would not have much practical value, since those who drive a CCS enabled car would only need the info you’re already providing, and those who have Chademo should look at a Chademo map. But it would be nice for us EV supporters to know, I guess.
        Maybe the marker could be in different colors for the two situations, and instead of having a symbol could have a number (kW). Just a thought…

        PS: about kW, I really hope someone will start installing 100 kW chargers (ideally with CCS+Chademo), with two cables for each standard, each supporting 100 kW, associated with two adiacent parking spots. For now it would be used to allow 2 cars to charge at 50 kW (or whatever they can get) simultaneously. In future, it will allow bigger/faster charging batteries to charge at up to 100 kW (one at a time). Or any combination.
        A 50 kWh battery EV (say, next gen Leaf) will already need about an 80 kW charger to get 80% in half an hour. And still bigger, or faster charging battery, might come in a few years. So, very useful to have 100 kW. Also, Model S can charge at Chademo stations. Does anyone know if the adapter and everything else supports a 100 kW Chademo charge, for the S?

        I’m saying this to say that the info on power would become more important if 100 kW chargers start being installed. Cheers.

        1. mutle says:

          That’s a great idea. Right now many of the markers include a detail link back to the source which should include that information. I’m considering using a different icon in the map for locations that also have a CHAdeMO plug.

          1. Alok says:


  4. GSP says:

    A nit-pick, but the CCS plug in the photo is the North American version (Type 1, J1772), not the European Type 2 version.


    1. mutle says:

      I searched long for a symbol of the EU-plug and couldn’t find one in the right quality. If you know where I can find one I’ll swap it out.

  5. Chris O says:

    Real eye opener. Some providers on that map will charge you well over $1/KWh claiming that’s what it costs to operate these CSS combo charging stations once the subsidies dry up. Even in Europe that’s a lot more expensive than driving on gas (or diesel!). If that’s the best the competition can offer “free for life” Tesla has a huge competitive advantage.

  6. Phd says:

    Thanks Nissan for allowing the late movers piggy back on its work!