BYD Strikes In China With More Than 10,000 Plug-In Electric Car Sales In December 2015

JAN 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 8

All 8 Of BYD's 8 Vehicles On Display At Shanghai Auto Show Are Plug-In Electric Cars

BYD New Energy Vehicles

After nearly 7,000 plug-in electric car sales in November, BYD set in China another bold record of over 10,000 sales in December!

To be accurate, 10,053 sales of four models were noted, which is well over three times more than one year ago (2,947) when only two models were available.

Another record is 5,503 sales in December for the Tang plug-in hybrid SUV, followed by a surprisingly high 2,255 for the all-electric e6, 1,512 plug-in hybrid Qin sales, and 783 sales of the all-electric e5.

Well, the high number of e6 deliveries probably reflects the huge Shenzhen delivery of e6 and electric buses.

This Spring, BYD’s offering will be reinforced by the Song plug-in hybrid (currently there is only the conventional version on the market).

We can’t forget that the BYD-Daimler JV Denza is growing in strength too with 872 sales last month.

DENZA plug-in electric car sales in China – December 2015

DENZA plug-in electric car sales in China – December 2015

Overall, BYD delivered 58,728 plug-in electric cars in China (plus 2,888 delivered by Denza) in 2015. That’s 3.2 times more than the 18,307 delivered in 2014. 60,000 was the target for 2015.

Even though BYD fell just a bit short of its target, it still racked up enough sales to be #1 in China.

In 2016, BYD should exceed 100,000 plug-in car sales in China and possibly at some point in the future BYD will try to expand in volume by selling in other countries.

BYD Tang

BYD Tang

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8 Comments on "BYD Strikes In China With More Than 10,000 Plug-In Electric Car Sales In December 2015"

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Why are they striking? 😉

Headline needs a little work.

I instantly thought strike? So I think you have a point. Maybe Byd Hits or is a Hit.

I think 58K sales would make BYD the biggest EV maker globally in 2015.

So what is going on with China? Did they increase incentives to EVs heavily? Are they restricting registrations of gas/diesel cars? Was there a change in heart of Chinese consumers?

Their auto market is about the same size as ours yet their EV sales have taken off recently.

In many major cities (Beijing / Shanghai etc) license plates are restricted by quota. EVs are not restricted, if you need a car and don’t want have to go to auction to bid for one of the available ones then you get an EV.

Also – gas cars are travel restricted, cars ending in odd numbers and even numbers can travel on alternate days. It’s much more attractive to buy an EV in these cities

True, and the incentives of up to $10,000 per car have been in place for a while.

I think it’s the Chinese customer slowly catching up. Despite the recent growth, there’s still room for more as the New Energy Vehicles license plates are only 60% subscribed in Beijing and Shenzen. Shanghai is even less.

So expect more explosive growth in 2016.

Speculawyer asked:

“So what is going on with China? Did they increase incentives to EVs heavily?”

China’s central government mandated that 30% of all government vehicle purchases must be alternative energy vehicles.

I’d be interested to see statistics on how many of those are actually being used, how many are actually replacing gasoline-powered miles with electric-powered ones, instead of just sitting around in a parking lot somewhere. Is the Chinese government installing EV charge points in government parking lots, to support these vehicles? If not, they’re probably not being used.

Well, the BYD E6 arrived in Germany this year:

But I would not call it “in volume” right now.