BYD Reveals e1 Pint-Sized Electric Car

MAR 11 2019 BY GASGOO 17

It sure is cute.

Chinese automaker BYD recently revealed the photos of its all-new mini-sized BEV model—the BYD e1, which is expected to expand BYD’s deployment in new energy vehicle (NEV) area.

The exterior of the BYD e1 basically unchanged compared with the existing BYD F0. However, some nuances can still be discovered in the new model. For example, the closed-off grille flanked by dual circular headlight clusters looks quite fashionable. Besides, the iconic blue-and-white nameplate of “BYD” in the middle of the grille gives the BEV car its distinct profile.

The multi-layered essence of the BYD e1’s side profile is characterized by ridgy waistlines and lines on the wheel trims. It is noteworthy that the new model will not only offer several pure color options for vehicle body—the orange and the gray, but also give a two-tone variant further meet younger consumers’ needs over personality.

The BYD e1 measures 3,465mm long, 1,618mm wide and 1,500mm tall with a wheelbase spanning 2,340mm, according to the information previously submitted to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Powering the vehicle is a permanent magnet motor that produces 61hp (45kW) and a Ni-Co lithium manganate battery pack. Other facilities like rear parking camera, rear parking radar and shark fin antenna will be provided based on different configurators.

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When this car will arrived Europe?

It arrived in Europe in 2005 as the Toyota Aygo/Citroen C1/Peugeot 107

…and BYD has had this copy of it as part of its line up for a very long time. Apparently they have decided to get some residual mileage out of it as an EV.

I know Toyota did some licensing of some of their vehicles that were blatantly copied in China, but I’m not sure they did it with the aygo. If not then a possible copyright infringement claim may prevent it from ever being exported outside of China, even though it’s now an EV.

Looks like a Mitsubishi MiEV. Or at least about the size of a MiEV.

Range wasn’t mentioned in the article, but hopefully it’s got more range than a MiEV.

I thought it looked more like the original smart forfour.

Sized like an VW E-Up.

When will the deliveries of the BYD e1 start in China?

It sure looks much better than the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Matter of taste… I think the i-MiEV looks much better.
IMO, not updating the i-MiEV to a slightly stronger motor and a 50% more capacious battery pack (in the same form factor) was a huge missed opportunity for Mitsu. The fact that it’s rear-wheel-drive worked very well in terms of using the available space.

@ wavelet

The overall design of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV looks much more outdated (in fact it is outdated), compared to the BYD e1.

Mitsubishi had better released a second generation of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV (with an higher capacity battery pack). Too bad they didn’t do that. Perhaps they will do that in the near future?

The BIG questions are what is the cost and Range of this light efficient vehicle? It looks similar to my 2016 Chevy SPARK EV and mine can go around 100 miles on a charge +-20 and is very efficient and safe. With the liquid cooling my battery pack will last the life of the car 15-20 years. Mine also had J-1772 and CCS charging for L2 and Fast Charges. Oh, most US Electrics get a $7,500 Federal Incentive so this could be very affordable like my Spark EV was.

A perfect Metropolitan grocery getter, problem is it is very small which means you will be constantly harrassed by larger cars and especially 4X4 pickups, my Geo Metro gets no respect or consideration because it is small but my Leaf does because it is an intermediate sized car and ugly as hell, but you get respect in the Leaf, now my 03 Crown Vic Interceptor…..everyone puts on their good driver hats cause they don’t know if its still an active cop car which makes driving fun!

Oh, this isn’t a car you’ll see in the US in the foreseeable future. it’s an A-Segment car.
Lots of those in Europe (8-9% marketshare), but none in the US, ICE or electric (except the electric Smart ForTwo).

Civilized countries don’t use pickups as personal transport, so that’s not an issue there.

@ wavelet

The Fiat 500e is an A-segment car, and it’s available in the US.

Looking good…

Very nice, hope multiple ranges will be there, but its dimensions seems to be so small, may be ideal for 2 adults in front seat and 2 kids in the rear seat. I think this is in competition to that Ora iQ5 EV which is priced very affordably. These small cars are needed to make the EVs more affordable and also kick their oil addiction.

Electric trains are becoming more common their as the high speed rail network is expanding and many chinese are getting tired of spending too much time on highways, so these cars will go a long way in reducing pollution and providing smoother drive.

that is one cool looking little car. the colour scheme. those headlights. a perfect little “hot hatch” looking car, sporty, but electric. love it. shame they dont sell here in canada, i’d drive that in a heartbeat.