Buick’s Velite 6 EV Will Have Under 300km Range in China

Buick Velite 6


The all electric Buick Velite 6 EV is scheduled to launch sometime in 2019

Earlier this year, Buick announced the Velite 6 for the Chinese market. Similar to the Honda Clairty or BMW i3, the Velite 6 will hit the streets with multiple electric power train options. The first model to reach dealers should be the plug-in hybrid model. Initially the PHEV it was expected to launch by Q4. Although quality issues with the Chinese supplied battery packs will likely delay the launch into 2019.

Buick Velite 6

While details have been known about the PHEV model for some time, we now have some more information on the all electric model. According to several Chinese news agencies, the maximum output of the motor is 85 kW. The car has a wheelbase of 2,660mm (~105″) and a vehicle length of 4,650 mm (~183″). This would give the Velite 6 a larger footprint than the Chevy Volt, currently sold in China as the Buick Velite 5.

Of course for any electric car, range is king. According to reports, the newest electric from Buick will have an EV driving range of 291 km (~181 miles). However, this testing method assumes unrealistic driving conditions. In a real world scenario, driving range for the car would likely be between 125 and 135 miles. This would place the vehicle between the current Hyundai Ioniq and Nissan Leaf in range. Maximum driving speed is 150 km (~93 miles) per hour.

While far from exceptional, the specs and performance will compare well against most competition in China. There is no word yet if the battery issues that are plaguing the Velite 6 PHEV will also delay the launch of the BEV model.

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It’s unfortunate that GM doesn’t see fit to bring vehicles such as this to the US market.

Also, just a note: article is categorized under “Cadillac”

Thanks! Added by accident, shoulda just been China.

Also yes it would be nice if it came here, although would need longer range to compete in the US by 2019.

AND to Europe. Looks quite OK.

American auto makers, with the exception of Tesla, seem to have changed their minds a bit.

Its uncanny that people like BOB LUTZ challenged GM to come out with decent electric cars – with the first appearing a full EIGHT YEARS ago. It must be certainly frustrating for him that people here tell him he should just go away and die, or at least shut up.

Younger people such as Mary Barra, and other executives splash superlatives regarding “Electrification”, but are mainly just interested in the ZEV Credits autonomous Bolts will bring them. Or the Chinese Electrics they are FORCED by the Chinese Gov’t to make. Precious little product for the good ‘ole US of A.

Ok BIG EXPERTS – looks like you’ve basically gotten your wish. I don’t see anyone outside of Tesla campaigning for electric vehicles as BOB LUTZ did.

Bob Lutz seemed inspired by Tesla for a while but when that company started to be considered a threat by GM, despite being retired he fell in with GM policy to undermine that company every way he could as some sort of service to his old boss at the expense of his own credibility.

My point remains. Now, on a personal note – I prefer listening to someone who tells me what they’re really thinking, not constantly talking like a politician as the vast majority of GM and other executives have talked for decades. Mr. Lutz stated more than once he had been disciplined to keep his mouth shut about certain subjects – so to me its pretty bad when the vice-president of all people doesn’t even have a bit of autonomy. He is obviously an asset to any company he works for – and has been for years – there’s no sign of dementia in his speech almost a decade on. So to me, that indicates that the ‘Consensus’ thought that Lutz was becoming a political liability for GM, and was asked to leave. He obviously wanted to make more electric vehicles – the NEXT BEING PICKUPS, VANS, and SUVS. GM obviously couldn’t have had THAT!!! Lutz failed with viamotors – seeing as that is only making a dribbling of vehicles for fleet sales. I’m not generally the suspicious sort – but there was a huge incentive for the established car makers to see companies like FISKER and VIA fail. They’re allowed to… Read more »

An example of how things work in the real world may be illustrative:

Its true I’m talking mostly about the “OLD GM” before bankruptcy, but HENRY FORD II came out with a safety model ( in 1956) option that for a modest extra cost would provide a padded dashboard, rounded surfaces, and seat belts to greatly minimize death or disfigurement during bad collisions, as well as Safety Door latches to prevent people from being catapulted from the car – as the vast majority of people have much better outcomes if they REMAIN WITHIN THE CAR, as well as a deep dish steering wheel to prevent being impaled upon it.

GM’s CEO at the time called FORD and told him that GM (being TEN TIMES as powerful as they currently are) would BURY them if they didn’t remove that option from the lineup. Ford reluctantly complied – so he must have never doubted GM’s ability at the time to carry out their threat.

Old GM = new GM. New cast of characters, same rotten to the core corporate culture. Lutz is very much a product of that culture, one has to like him at some level as this outspoken guy but when it comes down to it his lies and manipulations are 100% GM.

I’ve heard that the other car companies said that Fords must be inherently dangerous if they need all these safety measures. Oldsmobile and others used to have spiky knobs (think futuristic) on the dash. Impalement if you stop too suddenly as in a crash. Also, the adult driver’s right arm works so much better than a seat belt for the kids.

Yeah, Olds – with their ‘Rocket V-8’s’ must have been trying to emulate the Death Rate of cumulative rocket launches to date ; roughly 11% don’t make it.

I’d like to see this vehicle in the US, w/some cleaner styling, longer range, and 75kW DCFC. Basically make it a Model Y competitor before the Model Y shows up.

Great Idea like the Bolt that showed up before the short range M3 and is still showing up.

I would guess we will probably see a something in the BEV small SUV from GM in January during the Detroit Auto Show. Or they may wait until Tesla reveals the Model Y, then reveal their player in that space after, with plans to deliver sooner. Get some free marketing exposure, with the inevitable comparisons.

I’m optimistically hoping we will see something at the NAIAS. Not sure if it will be a BEV or a PHEV (maybe both?)

You’re still comparing GM to Tesla? Tesla is in an entirely different segment. GM delivered a month’s worth of Model 3s by bringing the Bolt to market before the Model 3.

Until GM wants to build EVs that sell, coming to market early is a fruitless exercise.

Here’s their chance…

Here? In the land of vehicles where higher horsepower was claimed to be essential? Remember all those arguments?

85 kW from a vehicle larger & heavier than the 68 kW from Prime puts many in a contradictory position…

Umm… I’m talking about the charging rate.

I’d like to see this vehicle in the US…

Yeah.. you need to keep reading. Reading comprehension is a skill.

85 kW from a vehicle larger & heavier…

That is not a “Model Y competitor”. Why would a car that has a battery large enough for a 75kW charging rate only have 85kW motor? Even the little Spark EV had a 100kW motor.

Didn’t realize there was so much confusion about the difference between charging-speed and horsepower-output. No wonder there was so much arguing in the past.

Sometimes you just have trouble understanding simple concepts. Luckily we are here to explain.

85 kW = 114 horsepower

The Honda and i3 links are broken

And why don’t manufacturers bring these models to Europe and the US?? Look at KIA and Hyundai.

Because they don’t have to.

Because China is the biggest EV market, with strong mandates. Want EVs in the US? Support GMs proposal for a nation wide ZEV program. And/Or Carbon fees.

GM’s EV proposal is one more smokescreen to hide their support for lower gas mileage standards.

Kia and Hyundai EVs are vaporware outside of the Carb states, and even there sales are negligible. Hyundai sold only 12 (yes, twelve) Ioniq EV in September 2018 in the US, and the highly touted Nero EV is nowhere to be seen. GM, with the current battery manufacturing problems, will need years to grow capacity to fulfill Chinese orders. And the Trump tariffs will make imports less competitive too.

Velite 6 = a better looking Leaf. Comparable maybe to the Leaf NISMO?

I understand why the global OEMs do what they do with China being the largest car market and all plus having to communicate to Wall Street. That being said, it’s frustrating when this happens:

OEM makes huge announcement: “We are coming out with 40 electrified vehicles by 202X.”

US buyer: “Awesome. 40 EVs are coming to the US.”


OEM: “Well, only 7 of those are for the US.”


US buyer: “Okay, 7 plug-ins is still better than none.”


OEM: “Well that 7 includes regular hybrids too that don’t plug-in.”

(Cue sad trombone sound.)