Bolloré Introduces 12-Meter Electric Buses With LMP Batteries

FEB 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 4



Bolloré is introducing longer 12-meter (39 ft) Bluebus electric buses. Before now, the French company only offered 6-meter long versions of the Bluebus.

Establishing production of new buses required an additional investment of €40 million, and Bolloré expects to sell 200 annually.

Range of the new Bluebus stands at around 200 km (124 miles).

Bolloré once again used its LMP batteries, spotted previously in all their vehicles.  In this case 8 packs of 30 kWh (net 240 kWh) are used to propel the bus (hat tip to SD!).

Next year, France intends to launch a significant tender for electric buses and it seems that Bolloré is gearing up for the opportunity.


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Their buses look so dinky and daft. I prefer Proterra’s beefy and angular looks!

LMP means lithium metal polymer here. This is basically lithium metal for one electrode and vanadium oxide for the other, with a polymer electrolyte. Its main disadvantage is it requires slightly elevated temperatures (reportedly 60 degrees centigrade) to operate. That would be a little annoying for cars but fine for buses.

Good move.
BYD is selling 24 Seater K7 Bus in China and many cities are buying there.

Hope the French and other European countries start buying these buses and cut down the diesel pollution.

Its high time, more and more cities are buying electric buses and they will pay in just 2-3 years.