BMW i8 Roadster Teaser Shows Soft Top, New Headlights – Video


Official premiere will take place in about two weeks.

April 23, 2012. It represents the date when BMW introduced the i8 Concept Spyder at the Auto China show in Beijing. Fast forward to present day, the production version is almost ready to break cover, but not before a new teaser video. Shot at the Leipzig factory in Germany where the i3 hatchback and i8 coupe are being put together, the clip gives us the opportunity to have a look at its roadster counterpart set to employ an electrically retractable soft top.

BMW i8 Roadster Teaser

Latest reports are indicating the i8 will be able to drop its fabric roof in 14 seconds and it’s going to be possible to go from coupe to cabrio at speeds of up to 37 mph (60 kph). It goes without saying that changing the configuration of the roof will also have an impact on the rear window, which based on what the video is showing it will be fairly small.

Elsewhere, by the looks of it, the BMW i8 Roadster will adopt slightly different headlights. The shape of the cluster appears to be just about the same, but what’s inside seems to have changed compared to the coupe’s lights. Some tweaks to the rear ones are also expected, but nothing to write home about.

While the foldable roof is obviously the biggest change, rumor has it the i8 Roadster will benefit from an upgraded plug-in hybrid powertrain developing a combined output of approximately 400 hp. That would represent a significant bump of 43 hp over the coupe and could be accompanied by a doubled battery capacity, at 14 kWh, which would put the Roadster at almost 30 miles of real world/EPA estimated all-electric range,

We will have all the details on November 28 when BMW will take the wraps off the i8 Roadster at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Customer deliveries are likely scheduled to begin just in time for the spring of 2018. Obviously, the new body style will command a premium over the coupe available in the U.S. from $143,400 MSRP.

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8 Comments on "BMW i8 Roadster Teaser Shows Soft Top, New Headlights – Video"

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That’s cool I guess, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to one of the best looking roadsters of modern times, their own Z8. It is a shame how far BMW has strayed from good classic design and into the world of gimmicks, fads and trends.

It depends on taste I guess.
I don’t like the Z8, or any of the Z models.
I would prefer the design of the i8.
This looks cool too:

How about something a little more down to earth? Like a $35k Z4 EV?

Former BMW enthusiast

So all this hype and it’s not going to be a hard top? Gonna spend upwards of 150k and not even have the capability to make it a hard top. If this comes out as a soft rag cloth I will not be buying. I waited and waited since 2012 to buy a hard top convertible. You at least lost one customer

Hey cool, another article about a barely token electric ICE-mobile. In a world of 300+ mile electrics the i8 gets about 14 miles… swell..

And oh yeah, I almost missed it- the new i8 comes with slightly different headlights.

There are more changes then what is mentioned in the article here. That is a given.
Try to chop the roof of a regular car. It may work for a short period before it gets a banana shape.
So the major work is hidden in the structure itself. Other changes are just cosmetical.
The most interesting part of this and the i3 is not that they are electric, but the way they are designed and constructed.
Knowledge from this will be used in other models as well.
New powertrain is good. Shows they are willing to invest in the product.

btw.. I was outside a BMW dealer, and a customer was test driving the i8. When he came back he parked the car, and startet to rev the engine – like a teenager. On the inside I’m sure it sounded really nice, on the outside on the other hand.. lol.

I think the added electric range is good. Makes it possible to drive electric in the cities, low noice and no local pollution.
The pure electric range could of course be even better, but they have probably chosed the way they have due to weight/cost/space/handling.