BMW CEO Says Electric Mobility Is Brand’s “Top Priority”

NOV 11 2017 BY MARK KANE 17

The BMW Group is on track to sell 100,000 plug-in electric vehicles this year, and at the same time reach cumulative sales of 200,000 vehicles.

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – September 2017

BMW’s CEO Harald Krüger, was recently interviewed by Canadian, and revealed that electric mobility is a top priority for the company.

At the most recent Frankfurt Motor Show in October, the German manufacturer revealed:

It was lot of concepts, while the company’s current offerings also includes around 10 different all-electric or plug-in hybrid models, of which, in September founds more than 10,000 for the first time.

Later this month, BMW is promising to bring 5 all-electric models to the LA Auto Show (some like the i3s, MINI Electric that we saw in Germany), but also a brand new “World Premiere” offering that we have yet to see.

Harald Krüger boasts that besides the lithium-ion cells (supplied by Samsung SDI), BMW is developing and producing its electrified cars in-house (battery packs, power-trains):

“Not many companies can achieve that. We can react quickly to demands and segments, and the flexibility of our architecture for front- and rear-wheel drive can deliver into several sections.”

The switch to plug-in vehicles also brings a lot of new challenges for car manufacturers, because they need to engage the new “refuelling” (charging) infrastructure, while at the same time need to be involved with the re-use/second life of their electric vehicle’s batteries, as well as other new topics that require investments in an already capital-intensive business that is full of new technologies (autonomous driving, connectivity). On charging Krüger said:

“You need a knowledge network to develop a charging standard. Companies cannot afford three or four standards, and customers need to be able to use every available charging station with standardized switches.”

source: via BMW Blog

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Correction… BMW CEO Says Tesla Killer Is Brand’s “Top Priority”

If they really want to ‘kill’ Tesla, the first thing they need to do is to understand why Tesla is so successful.
All they’ve been doing for the last years is to first talk about why Tesla is doomed to fail and then continue with better-than-tesla car promises. This simply does not make sense! They still have no idea what is happening to them…

I know Bob Lutz has said repeatedly that Tesla is doomed to fail, but I can’t recall anytime that someone at BMW has publicly said so. Source?

Bob needs to take his meds and actually retire.

BMW has the technology to compete with Tesla, making little or no profit like Tesla is a harder thing to digest for mainstream manufacturers.


They are probably the best at making internal combustion engines, gearboxes and etc.
But they definitely don’t know how to make battery packs. They will probably catch up with time.
But where they won’t be able to compete with Tesla (as all other germans) is the software aspect of cars. Germans suck big time at software and they will get hit hard as cars turn more and more into a software-centric technology.
My opinion is that not the electrification, but the digitalization and AI technologies have the potential to kill the entire german car industry…

You are telling yourself stories.

Exactly, software is usefull in cars but it is not essential at all, batteries, motors and power electronics are the important ev technologies.

You have just listed each elements of an EV managed by software ^^
Note that every peace of hardware is or will be build by a programed machine, as of some hardware electronic which is in fact a piece of software, hardcoded.
And as stated above by eltosho, the most important part, once every car maker will master motors, batteries and power electronics manufacturing (if it ever happens), will be autopilot and AI that is driving it.

If Model 3 can really be sold in the same sort of numbers as the current class leader, BMW’s 3-Series BMW has every reason to take electric mobility serious. To a certain extend Model 3 may expand the lower luxury class but for the rest I’m sure sales of its lower luxury rivals will suffer.

BMW is going to need that all electric Model 3 competitor.

True. It’s interesting that the BMW i3 factory doesn’t have the capacity to do anything more then make a slight tick mark on the market.

Unlike Tesaa, BMW knows how to manufacture models to low to medium (say 250k/yr) volume.

BMW has a great lead in composite body structures. Lighter car bodies leverage batteries.

When it comes to car handling, BMW is unsurpassed.

BMW’s approach to range – an optional 2 cycle generator – makes more sense in a lithium constrained world.

Note: China seems likely to get the majority of increased lithium production.

It would be time they finnaly put a true ev on the market the size of a full sedan like this i Vision Dynamics they show.
In what year, decade, century, will they produce that?

It looks really nice, so hopefully soon.

No car manufacturer wants full EV’s as there is little maintenance. They like hybrids because there is a Ice motor to maintain. I like the idea of the small 2 cylinder Motorcycle engine in the i3 that costs almost nothing to maintain. China and Europe is forcing the car companies to change. They do not care about air pollution from fossil fuels. 7 million people die a year cuz of air pollution and billions in healthcare costs.

I really want BMW to go all electric; they are an aspirational brand who is big enough to make a real difference, but small enough (unlike GM, Ford, FAC) to make the change quickly.
However they will likely continue to make the wrong cars for the North American market because they make hockey socks of money on them.