Bjorn Uses Model S Referral Money To Buy 15 CHAdeMO Adapters, Will Lend Them Out For Free – Video


Tesla Model S owner Bjorn Nyland is known for his spectacular YouTube videos that focus on his experiences behind the wheel of the Model S.

Recently, Bjorn became the first Model S owner to refer 10 buyers.  In doing so, Bjorn will get a free Tesla Model X, but beyond that he has/will receive thousands of dollars in referral money from Tesla.

Instead of keeping that money for himself, Bjorn decided to go out and buy Tesla-to-CHAdeMO charging adapters, which he will distribute for *free* to Tesla owners in Norway.

Here’s Bjorn describing how it will work:

“I recently bought 15 CHAdeMO adapters and will buy more. They will be available on several spots in Norway. If you want to borrow, you have to pay a 3500 kr/400 € deposit in cash. When you return you get that amount back.”

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapters

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapters

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Good guy Bjorn. The world is a better place.


Hey, I hope Tesla is taking note: This is the kind of innovative thinking the best companies are known for. Take T-Mobile for instance. Their CEO is always coming up with ideas, some good – some not-so-good. He implemented a VOIP service with a contract for life and provided Linksys hardware to customers. What a boon for me as we need a home “landline” Secondly, he started providing $200 wireless routers for a $40 returnable deposit. Mine solved all my wireless troubles in-home. These kinds of services provided by companies in very competitive markets ( like cars ) put them at the forefront of people’s minds and the good juju spreads online in social media and amongst friends. Tesla could learn from Bjorn’s excellent idea and generous ways. After all, we all want as many as possible to adopt EVs so this kind of thing is all good. Bjorn is basically doing all the hard work for Tesla. Once he irons out the logistics and perfects the service – Tesla should reward him again, and make this a universal perk for everyone in the Tesla family. I’d love to be able to rent a ChadeMo adapter if I’m going on… Read more »

Nice! I like it when people share their good fortune.
I wrote a joke:
Me:Donald Trump has really hurt my bridge game.
Straight Man: How?
Me: Now I only bid no trump.

How long can you “borrow” one for?

In threads at TMC, he said he’s still working on the details but expects to be able to loan them out for free for a week. Longer time periods would incur a small charge.

If you use the adapter, please don’t scratch the CHAdeMO plug over the asphalt.

Ups, should not be a reply to you. 😉

Ah-ha, the Counter-Counter-Strike-Cat strikes again (and again).

Until you return it?

I love this guy. Too bad he doesn’t live here in the US.

LOL! That’s funny. Perhaps he could chain them to some Chademo stations so any Tesla user could use the Chademo stations.

They are unfortunately not build to last laying around in rain for days. So we’d have a bunch of broken chademo adapters hanging next to the stations.. quick charge stations with some sort of roof would probably do fine with this idea.

Chained up inside a waterproof bag of some sort? Would be sooooo much easier than finding someone and leaving a deposit.

I didn’t think my respect for Bjorn could go any higher, but he succeeded anyway!

Good on you, Bjorn. The world needs a lot more people like you.

Bjorn Again!

Great idear, for sommer holliday trip!

I have already offered anyone who uses my referral link a free Chademo adapter if they take delivery.