Bjørn Nyland Ruins His Tesla Model X Winter Off-Roading – Video

Tesla Model X


Bjørn Nyland heads to a “fricking challenging” offroad track in NAF Trafikksenter, Våler, Norway to see how Optimus Prime (his Tesla Model X) fares.

The location is a sanctuary for professional truck drivers to come train. It’s complete with fast chargers, a hotel, and a cafeteria. However, its offroad track seems to be the big draw. We’re talking about two-tracks through the woods with trees everywhere, at times the trees are so close together he can barely navigate through, not to mention logs in the way and lots of hills, deep, muddy ruts, and snow.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X winter off-roading

Next up is some downhill Model X “skiing.” This time Nyland gets stuck in some deep snow-covered mud ruts and has to call for help. This is pure Model X abuse, although he says he probably messed up the paint, Nyland wants us to know he’s not intentionally attempting to ruin his car. He could’ve fooled us. A few pieces of the car come off and he says his wife is going to yell at him because insurance will not cover it.

They head inside to find that the damage is worse. Bjørn exclaims in his usual fashion:

“Ahhhhh shhhhiiiiiiiyyyyyyt … there goes my Christmas money.”

He says there will be a follow-up episode once he figures out the specifics and cost of the damage.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:


Do not try this yourself. Tesla might void your warranty.

I tried my Tesla Model X P90DL on an offroad track in NAF Trafikksenter, Våler, Norway. To my surprise, the Model X did it quite well and was only stuck once in that very deep dip.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Dude, at least put some offroad mud tires on……lol

Body part repairs will take his X out of commission for at least 4-5 weeks.

Tesla needs to come up with a better solution to body rapairs. I know several MS owners that had their cars out for at least 4 weeks on minor body part repairs.

Mud tires? Uh, no. He’s got the right tires on for the conditions, winter snow tires.

He’s obviously new at driving offroad, but you could see him get a fair bit better and more confident by the end of the clip.

I always wondered how a Tesla would behave if one were to put a set of offset (portal) wheels on one, like Bollinger has. How would the auto-traction control handle rock climbing? Seems like it should work even better than locking differentials, but it might confuse the heck out of the TC system

Model S still has a differential and therefore all the same problems of a car w/o a diff lock. 4 individual motors on the other hand would work miracles for off-roading.

The Model X is more of an AWD car with slight suspension mods, kind of like a Volvo XC.

In NA, a real SUV would be expected to tow a trailer with snowmobiles or ATVs down this type of trail.

Not really fair to use the Model X like this.

Now if Tesla would build a full size pickup…

Minivans should not be taken off-road.

I was chuckling at his “maybe 1000 euros” estimate…

The fee to do the estimate alone might be 1000 euros….minus all the repairs they find are required. :p

Looks to me like body paneling. Hardly “ruined” but definitely damaged. The Russians did some more capable off-roading in a Model X last year. Methinks Bj0rn is simply nubile to the activity. He wasn’t the least bit calm, and I couldn’t discern that he was having fun.

Probably $5-10k damage in Te$la dollars. Stupid.

Yeah, fixing that ain’t gonna be cheap. Well, “easy come, easy go”, right? Bjørn has gotten free cars from Tesla as a reward for all his promotions; I guess he figures it doesn’t matter if he ruins one car, because he’ll likely get another free one to replace it before long.

Not that I’m suggesting Bjørn doesn’t deserve it, as a reward for all the free advertising he has given Tesla. But I have to think that if he had paid for that car out of his own money, he wouldn’t have subjected it to this abuse.

That’s why the best off-road vehicle known to mankind is a $300 beater. My ’73 LeSabre would go where Land Rovers would fear to tread. Just floor it and go.

So your car is no angel.

Does Bjørn know anyone who has an Outlander PHEV that has, or is willing to run it on this track?

I agree that Bjorn needs some off road training, see this video link:

That has to be one of the worst AWD systems I’ve ever seen…

Another new username reregistered by an existing hater no doubt.

Actually your trolling post is maybe the stupidest comment on this thread as the AWD system is fine compared to the ground clearance and tires problems.

Nubile? Nubile definition, (of a young woman) suitable for marriage.

Ahahah next time try it during summer, you could see depth and mud… Good thing to follow an AWD jeep after 😀 but you still need to learn how to drive off road.

So his “Optimus Prime” got its rear end kicked…. LoL.

Well, I thought he knew how to handle snow driving in off road condition, I guess he doesn’t.

Anyway, this is what happens when people think their AWD Minivan is a real SUV.

The bumper really does not be replaced. Unless you cannot stand scratches. Otherwise just put a new fender flare and parking sensor.

Off topic question. Is Bjorn Nyland Korean/Japanese-Nordic? I ask because he’s accent is Korean/Japanese like.

According to his youtube page: “I was born in Thailand and came to Norway when I was four years old. My father is Chinese and my mom is Thai.”

BTW, he also cracked his windshield a few weeks ago by using max defrosting to get rid of snow and ice. A rock chip amplified the damage.

That must have been a weird transition for his mom. The climate of Thailand and that of Norway are nearly complete opposites!

He should have just gotten to Daimler and ask for help. Those guys know how to ruin a perfectly good Model X properly.

I’m rather surprised that Bjorn did not know the high expense -long lead time necessary to repair an [x]. TMC has several threads on this.

Because of the price of the repair, Insurance companies sometimes refuse to ‘total’ the vehicle, or sometimes just refuse to further insure it.

Seeing the ball of wax he would get himself into, I would have thought Bjorn would have treated the car with ‘kid gloves’.

Every time he carries that little trailer around him the drive module apparently gets confused or overloaded, and craps out.

Actually this video showed that “traction” is pretty good on the Model X with its electric motors (dual motors setup) and snow tires. It is clearance, approach and departure angles that are the major problem. Also, the Model X is really long which makes the issue even worse.

But if Tesla wants to, they can make an electric version of the wrangler/fj cruiser that can take on any terrain with 4 motors. But the downside is that those vehicles would have horrible Aero which means very little range. But off road capability wise, it wouldn’t be beaten with individual motor control and low center of gravity.

Ding ding, shiiit, ding dong dind ding, shiiit, oh no, ding ding..

Hope it’s possible to turn that sound off.

Clearly not for offroad use, but good enough in more normal driving conditions.

Will be expensive to repair. A regular shop charge between 1 000 – 2 000 dollars an hour, or more. Paired with expensive parts and expensive shipping. .
This is going to hurt..

There is a reason I go to Germany to fix cars, if I don’t do the job myself.

>A regular shop charge between 1 000 – 2 000 dollars an hour, or more.


Yeah, what is that horrible dinging? My wife came into my office and made me turn off the volume for the video, I can’t image driving a car that made that sound all the time.

Honestly, I can’t watch this guy for more than a few minutes. I can’t believe people get paid to act stupid and film it. Gotta love the YouTube generation.

The Model X ain’t no SUV! At best it’s a crossover, a station wagon (estate car for the Brits) type body with a little more ground clearance and suspension travel than a regular car. There are lots of light trucks with a lot more ground clearance than the Model X.

Bjorn is being a bit of an idiot here. Whatever gave him the idea that the Model X would make a good off roader? Vehicles like the original Land Rover (the predecessor to the Defender), early examples of the Toyota Landcruiser (before it became “civilized”) and the Nissan Patrol are probably more suitable for the track that he went on.

For some real extreme off road action take a look at this!

All the beasts in the video have winches on the front. Anybody wanna guess why? A little less extreme action can be seen in the following video:

The Model X is just not in the same league as real off roaders!

Yeah a lot of these CUVs might be ok for driving on something like a graded dirt road, but not full on offroading.

Would love to see the Bollinger tear that track up.

I enjoyed it. I think he was “putting it on” a bit about being worried and it seemed like was actually enjoying it.

Reminds me of BMW X5 owners trying to offroad. Wrong tools for the job. That Jeep was the right vehicle.

What a piece of crap! I’ve seen dragstrip cars with more suspension travel than that joke of an SUV! What kind of idiot thinks that crap can go off road or even drive in the snow?

Hey, another new re-registered username posting their whiney FUD, what a piece of crap!

Ruined? Stop whining… It’s only a flesh wound.

Besides… battle scars are sexy 😉

And if needed a little wax and it will buff out. 🙂

I Just don’t understand why you would put your pride & joy Tesla onto a Wintry off road course knowingly risking damage to it!

Ok he’s making another video saying how much it will be to repair the damage… (seen and unseen).

I’ll put in my bid at around $USD 20,000.

To think that people call a BOLT ev too expensive. HAHA!

Funny. An electric car without an electric winch.