Autogefühl Checks Out Audi e-tron Interior, Gets First Ride

JUL 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 20

The Audi e-tron premier is near, so the German manufacturer is now presenting the pre-production prototype in camouflage, but with the final version of the interior displayed

The interior itself is quite interesting (see more images here) because of the cameras and displays that replace the side-mirrors. Not everyone will be ready to get rid of mirrors though, as it’s quite a different experience and requires time to get used to.

Autogefühl had the chance to take to the passenger seat and preview the driving experience in city driving.

After the recent postponement of the official unveiling, we are not sure when we will see the production version in full swing. Hopefully soon though.

“In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the extensive preview of the all-new Audi e-tron, the first ever all-electric Audi. This will be the final interior and also we can give you a first impression of the driving experience. Interesting: Check technology highlights like the Virtual Mirrors. The Exterior paint is still camo-style.”

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Excellent preview, nice to finally see the trunk, and the under floor storage. The front trunk is small, not deep at all, and has a weird cover but no big deal I only use mine for cables in my i3, and my Model X I hardly use it at all. I’m not impressed with how tiny the rear view screens are, it’s nice that the cameras add to aerodynamic efficiency, but I’d skip that option. Overall, I tstill think I like the I-Pace more….

I am finding it hard to tell how large these cars are – is the etron the size of an Audi Q5 or is it the size of the ultra-compact Q3 ?

What about the I-Pace ? I don’t think it is as large as a full sized SUV (Q7, for instance) but is it as large as a mid sized Q5 ?

I think E-tron is slightly larger then Q5 in interior space… I-Pace is outside the same as the Porsche Macan, the interior the same as the Porsche Cayenne, good packaging and no ICE make the difference. Great information in on size and thermal management in this Fully Charged video starting at 5:30- 13:10.

The e-tron is larger then a Q5, but smaller then a Q7, it will probably be fairly big but still a mid-sized SUV. The I-Pace is a mid-sized SUV with almost the same dimensions of say the BMW X3 for example. The X3 is 185.9 inches long by 74.4 wide , and the I-Pace is 184.3 long by 84.2 inches wide. They vary in size depending on design but the I-Pace fits in perfectly with the mid-sized segment. In an interview on Fully Charged, the I-Pace video with Jonny Smith, talking about the size, it’s said that the exterior is with in one millimeter of the Porsche Macan, but the interior volume is the same as a Porsche Cayenne.

There are no official numbers for the production car, yet. But the concept was
4.88 meters long,
1.93 meters wide
1.54 meters high.

Now I guess the car will end up a bit higher and maybe even a bit longer, since concepts don’t need to meet crash tests or have good rear seat headroom. But for many other cars there is a length with trailer hook and hight with roof rails, so I took the smallest hight and length I could find to have a good comparison.

But for comparison, here are some SUVs, sorted by length.
4.39 meters long
1.83 meters wide
1.58 meters high

4.66 meters long
1.89 meters wide
1.64 meters high

4.68 meters long
2.01 meters wide
1.57 meters high

Model X:
5.03 meters long
1.99 meters wide
1.65 meters high

5.05 meters long
1.97 meters wide
1.74 meters high

Mercedes GLS:
5.12 meters long
1.98 meters wide
1.85 meters high

RangeRover (long wheelbase)
5.20 meters long
1.98 meters wide
1.84 meters high

Escalade ESV
5.70 meters long
2.05 meters wide
1.88 meters high

So in terms of Audis the Quattro e-Tron will slot in between the Q5 and Q7, but in terms of interior size, it might be very close to the Q7. In terms of EVs it will slot in between the I-Pace and Model X, but probably closer to Model X, than I-Pace.

Very nice interior and car… I am not even sure if the Camera mirrors are legal in the USA yet? Its cool tech, but no thanks…

They are not. You better believe that once they do become legal, they will be on every EV in no time.

Yes, I hope they come up with a better solution that is natural… This Audi solution seems a bit unnatural in sight angle for mirror/head check

He was spot on. Touch screen for climate control “distracting”. Also, made specific note of the haptic display’s need for firm touch. What that does, is lead to checking back to be sure your wanted commands are executed. So, your eyes leave the windscreen, yup, twice.

With a simple dial, and maybe a 270 degrees, the whole operation was without any visual distraction.

I don’t believe that is entirely correct. The purpose of the haptic display, and the requirement for a firm touch is so you can look once, move to press the screen, and when you feel the haptic feedback and hear the click, know that your command has been executed. No second look required. And as the screens are quite small, you can more easily position your hand and develop muscle memory on them.

That said, I would prefer a dial. The i-Pace has beautiful dials for climate control.

IIRC you can choose in a menu wether you want button-like operation with haptic feedback or “normal” touchscreen mode like on a smartphone. At least that’s what I heard in one A8 review. We will see…

Okay, after searching I found out that the haptic feedback can be adjusted and switched off. It says nothing about if you still have to slightly press the screen then.

The problem is that you can’t handle all the systems onboard a new car with phisical dials, switchs or buttons but I think than some of them like the climatic ones, could be in that way.
Porsche has the philosophy “one function, one button”. But now it’s impossible.
And I remember that most of cars and all luxury cars, has voice recognition.

E-tron (étron) means turd in french. How can a corporation like Audi-VW miss that?

Well I guess this is audi’s electric turd.

The iMiev from Mitsubishi sounds like “stank” in german. The 3 is an unlucky number in certain religions. The new Hyundai Kona in Portugal will sound like their c-word. You can find examples of those for other cars as well.
It’s practically unavoidable, I think.

Yeah, there will allways be a language where a name is weird.
Pinto. . For example.
Oh. . In Norway Honda wanted to sell a car called Fitta (meaning the cun*). It ended up with Honda Jazz here, and Honda Fit in other markets.

But of course they should Google names, to avoid the worst (and at least make sure it is OK in the 5-10 most common languages.

Not only car manufacturers, but makers of all stuff, like perfume. I’m sure they sell a lot of the perfume called Tiss (meaning pee/piss) in Norway. Director of sales. . Scratching his head, wondering if it is the yellow color, or the shape of the container..

Could of course stay with numbers for everything. . A bit boring, but safer. Stay away from some numbers of course. .

I like it when they mess up some.

I hope they make a smaller version stat❗️

Maybe it is just me, but here is my take: 1. It is an Audi. Build quality and refinement will be excellent. 2. It is German: the cockpit feels busy and cluttered. I would prefer a super simple interface for everything with larger icons for critical functions. 3. The GUI on the screens looks alright and the backing hardware appears significant. That said, Audi, Porsche and VW all seem to believe the screens are direct replacements for hard buttons. Is the car then focused on having screens for the sake of having screens, or was there a clean sheet design meeting where there were no presuppositions about how interfaces are made up? As a Tesla owner I am biased, but I do think their user interface design in the S and X are superior to the Audi here. 4. Fit and finish look amazing, as one would expect from a German brand. 5. The cubby hole between the front seats and the gear shifter: hmmm… where have I seen such a bizarre design study before? Doubtless Audi borrowed a Model X, but did they also consult the Model 3? I feel like the ‘3 makes much better use of this… Read more »

At numbers 5, I thought about what Volvo had 10-15 years ago.
7. I like the Jag design myself. Just hope they’re able to meet demand, that is high.

I think this Audi will take some of the Model X potential customers (om Norway), as the Model X is just about the only EV with a hitch (really important in Norway), and it can have a roof box/ski box due to normal doors, and Audi is a popular brand.