Audi Opens E-Tron Electric SUV Order Books…In Europe


The all-electric soft-roader will launch later this year.

Ahead of its launch later this year, Audi has started taking deposits for its new 300-plus mile e-tron electric SUV.

Audi E-Tron

The car will be the first of three initial electric offerings to be launched by the German brand before 2020, and will go up directly against other electric SUVs such as the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace.

In Europe’s largest EV market, Norway, there have already been 5,000 pre-orders for the new car, with each deposit around £1,760, according to an Audi spokesperson. Showrooms in Belgium – where the car will be built – Austria and Switzerland have also begun taking orders for the new car, but other markets will decide when to begin taking orders themselves.

The all-electric car will reportedly have a range of 311 miles and a power output of just under 500bhp. That’ll help it launch from 0-62 mph in just 4.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 130 mph. Its size of just under five meters will put it between the Q5 and Q7 in the company’s SUV range. The third EV will come in 2020 and will be a hatchback based on the VW Group’s new MEB electric cars platform

By 2025, Audi is planning to have as many as 20 electrified cars in its lineup. That will include both all-electric cars – of which there will be 10 – and plug-in hybrids. Two of the all-electric cars are set to be built at Audi’s main plant in Ingolstadt in Germany, while other locations worldwide will produce others, with Mexico and Hungary touted as possible locations.

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500km range.
that is a number, but not information.


500 km NEDC, 95 kWh battery

5,000 pre-orders in Norway is impressive. Dec. 2017 BEV registrations were 4,425 (w/o used and vans)

The Tesla Model X is the superior EV.

Good to see Benz give an unbiased review after extensive seat time in both.

But then again, since Audi also makes ICE vehicles, *any* EV they produce will always be inferior to anything produced by Tesla. This is a proven fact and not subject to discussion.

It would be best if all other automakers just shuttered their factories. That way everyone would have no choice but to purchase and drive the best vehicles on the planet.

Choice & competition = bad
Tesla = good

Another Euro point of view

Around where I live, last time a group people had the same type of opinion Benz is expressing it took 5 years and 50 mio casualties to fix it right. In this case it is way more trivial but not less idiotic than it was at that time.

The Tesla Model X exists. That is not a matter of opinion.

Judging from how other car news is hitting the net, it looks like this week’s idiocy prize goes to…

It’s my personal opinion.

If I would be spending about €100,000 on a brand new SUV, it would rather be the Tesla Model X.

It is certainly better looking than THIS Plain Jane.

Model X, and good looking should not be in the same sentence.
I’d take a Model S any day, before I chose the model X.

Besides being shills for the fossil fool industry they are obviously racist POS’.

Can we please get some moderators to remove these clowns and their comments?

Jay, anyone.

Agreed! That was baffling to see on this site.

Looks like they got some of the offensive posts removed. Thanks!

( But one of Guy’s is still up there, except now without any context. So it looks nonsensical lol. )

If people are putting down deposits there must be a price indication, how much is this luxury car going to cost?

Can’t find any mention anywhere of estimated pricing. I would be very interested since we’re in the market for a new car, don’t want to spend the bucks on a Tesla X… really looking for an SUV or wagon anywhere south of $60k here in the US.

And when on a long trip across Europe (or even across the country they come from) their drivers are going to rapid-charge where, exactly…?

Europe has a ton of fast chargers. Their network is much denser than in the US. They are also implementing faster charging speeds faster than us.

Why do they show this in camo? It has been revealed how it looks.
Just like the pictures of fyr Jaguar.