Audi e-tron SUV Confirmed For 2018 With 300+ Mile (500 km) Electric Range

FEB 21 2017 BY MARK KANE 47

Audi has re-confirmed that its all-electric SUV is on track for introduction in 2018.

Not only that, but Audi assures with the production version of e-tron quattro concept, that the EV will be “the first real premium manufacturer doing a premium electric SUV”, that is, despite other entries arriving in the premium SUV space in 2018  (such as all-electric Jaguar I-Pace) scheduled for 2018.  To say nothing of the already on the market, all-electric Tesla Model X, although one can debate whether or not its fit and finish qualifies it for the premium segment – its performance certainly does.

Audi e-tron quattro concept – Interior

The timing of the long range SUV is about perfect according to Audi, as between today and 2018 there will be a lot of new fast charging infrastructure projects to support the vehicle.

Audi sales and marketing boss Dietmar Voggenreiter said (via Autocar):

“It’s not our job to invest in charging points. We are pushing and organising this, though, and working with partners on it.”

“No cars, no infrastructure, but in the next two years there are lots of investments,”

The size of the EV is slot to be between the Q5 and Q7, but not that it will carry the Q6 badge (which seems to be reserved for a separate model).

Interesting news is that the Audi SUV to share some solutions with upcoming Porsche Mission E. Voggenreiter “confirmed that the e-tron will be built on a development of the electrified platform Porsche is using for its Mission E electric saloon.”

The range to be 500 km (311 miles) under a undisclosed test cycle (the concept was equipped with a 95 kWh battery), but assume it is the Euro/NEDC scale, which would translate to around 400km/250 miles of real world driving.

Audi e-tron quattro concept

What we know about the Audi e-tron SUV:

  • all-electric sporty SUV
  • long range (more than 500 km / 310 miles) on 95 kWh battery
  • CCS fast charging with some 150 kW power
  • AWD with three electric motors (two for rear wheels and one for front axle)
  • between the Audi Q7 and the Audi Q5 in the product portfolio
  • concept was a clear indication of the final production version
  • production in Brussels, Belgium from 2018
  • battery suppliers LG Chem and/or Samsung SDI

source: Autocar

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Looks like Tesla will have a little competition coming next year. This should get interesting to see if Tesla can hold onto its market share in this segment.


Tesla has always wanted competition in the market. Tesla always intended to force others to produce cars of this nature, this Audi would not exist if it wasn’t for Tesla, can only be good for the environment and consumers the more the merrier


German arrogance at its finest…


Yup – that is why they will continue to lose market share to the Japanese, Koreans and Tesla.


Looks nice. Afraid to ask the cost. Although can’t say a Tesla X is inexpensive to begin with. Audi makes cars that approach $200,000, so I’m sure they won’t be shy when it comes to pricing.


Our press release cars will one day have a 300 mile range!
charging points ?
We don’t need no Stinking charging points!

Micke Larsson

There are millions and millions of charging points. And plenty of fast chargers.

There are plenty of companies building and running fast chargers too. There is no need for the car manufacturers to do more than agree on standards that they are putting in their cars.


There are zero charging stations out that can charge the car at 150 kw.


Uhm…. Switzerland 🙂


I think the charging stations are part of the Audi/VW TDI settlement.


300 miles on 95KWh of batteries? Downhill at 40 mph, maybe.

philip d

The article mentions that this range is obviously NEDC not EPA. More like EPA 250 miles.


As philip p comment, this is according to NEDC where Model X 90D gets 489 km and 100D gets 565 km, if Audi have 95 kWh they should be able to get 500 km.


“300 miles on 95KWh of batteries? Downhill at 40 mph, maybe.”

Tesla is 2.95 miles per kWh on the Model X so AudiQuattroE should be 280 miles on 95 kWh. Some improvements in batteries and controls and weight and the 300 miles of real range looks realistic.


I don’t understand the charging point comment. Isn’t VW committed to charging infrastructure through Electrify America and the TDI settlement? Maybe he was referring to the rest of the world?


Even if Audi is able to create this car for 2018 (it’s unlikely as that’s not enough time), there’s no way they would be able to make it at volume. They would need something equivalent to the gigafactory to be able to make the batteries required for volume production. And that’s just not happening.


Why not. Tesla Model X sells just fine with 3rd party battery supplier (Panasonic). That AUDI will be around 85 000 € or more. They will probably sell like 30k a year max. 3rd party supplier like LG or Samsung will be just enough.


Even without the Gigafactory, nobody is making even half the kWh of EV batteries that Panasonic is except BYD (1).

And if Volkswagen/Audi had a good supply of batteries, then no VW executive would be whining “The capacity is not there. Nobody has the capacity.” (2).




“Watch the Throne: How LG Chem and Others Can Take Panasonic’s EV Battery Crown by 2020.”

Someone out there

“Even if Audi is able to create this car for 2018 (it’s unlikely as that’s not enough time)”

It’s not like they started this project last week. This has already been going on for years.


Bring it on, Audi. You’ve been talking for years with precious little to show for it. But maybe if you’re now talking about next year, you have actually been making progress?

As for partnering with charging providers, I think that makes sense. Audi shouldn’t be help accountable for providing fuel for their cars. But a partnership can be mutually beneficial for Audi, their partner, and their customer.

Bill Howland

It does seem an appealing car, the only thing is, will VW send any large number of models to the states?

If necessary to comply with California’s and NY’s “Diesel Discipline”, then they might actually do it.

To date though, the feeling amoungst Germans must be, “their Petrol is too cheap – no one will buy it there”.

Perhaps Tesla’s success with volume sales for the “S” is changing some corporate minds.


Hope it has three rows…


The original concept from I believe Frankfurt show Sept 2015 seated 4 (!)

So likely no third row.


Concept looks OK, but I’d rather see something that sets it apart more as an EV. Maybe ditch the grille.


So handsome, but if it doesn’t have a touch screen then I’m not interested. Even the Bolt has an AWESOME touch screen, so German automakers need to get with the times.


I counted at least 4 LCD screens in the concept pic, and my assumption is at least 2 of them are touchscreens.

An iPad in the center console is a mixed blessing, not only because of sunlight (also a problem on Lexus). I like the German approach. A lot of people don’t realize how functional the eight “radio” buttons are in an eDrive BMW. They’re sensors, not just buttons, like eight little Apple trackpads that you can run your fingers across. If you hold ’em down, you can program as your radio stations, sure. But nobody in these forums would do that. You can set them to show, for example, HP and torque on the main display. Or pretty much anything else, like Nav perspectives or tire pressure in real-time. Simple things like temp are classic knobs on my BMW, on purpose. Face temperature is controlled with a blue-to-red (cold to hot) thumb control. Radio volume is a classic knob. When you poke it, the radio turns off. Spin the radio knob, and the volume goes up. Pretty intuitive, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if what you’re looking at on the Audi eTron is very much a set of multiple touch screens, like the ’17 BMWs (which I don’t… Read more »
Someone out there

Hopefully it will be priced not more than the equivalent model X. We need more competition and choice in this business.


This will be great if true. German companies have been talking big and doing nothing for so long that I’m skeptical. But I am ready to be surprised.

I wish Audi hadn’t already watered down the e-Tron name so much as to mean nothing. It’s been applied to plug-in Diesels with minimal all-electric range, so seeing it attached to this doesn’t give any indication it’s really all-electric. In their rush to cash-in on advantageous EU tax regimens they’ve reduced the value of their marketing.


I higly doubt that this vehicle is body-on-frame construction. As such, please stop labeling it as an SUV. It’s a CUV.


Clearly you’ve never looked into a Q7. Plenty of frame for the body there.
And yes, before you go screaming technical differences, it’s no Silverado, but don’t make it sound like a kia… it simply isn’t.
Prove to me the NEED for a “true” frame, and I’ll call it a CUV, but until then, I’ll keep driving my big ugly dirty diesel krautwagon.


The Q7 is a CUV as well. I don’t care to prove the need of a frame, I care about things being labeled correctly and others learning the right terms. If the vehicle is unibody construction, it is a CUV. If you don’t like saying or writing “CUV” then just say crossover.

AUDI engineer

This is an SUV as long as you call the Model X an SUV!!


I can’t imagine this isn’t going to sell for anything less than $100K USD reasonably equipped with options…yet another vehicle out of the range of most buyers. Even the Bolt is over $40K and it is mostly hard plastic, 2WD/single motor, and considerably smaller.


Less talking, more building!


Love it, cars associated with the Italians that are well known to have poor fit and finish yet they are firmly in the luxury category. Yet the same logic can’t be applied to Tesla? perhaps if they made the X more expensive and less practical it would fit more comfortably in the “luxury” segment.

I am not being critical of anyone in particular but the way we categorize or assign value to a cars is just nonsense.


And charging this thing at?

Bill Howland

Well, fast charging supposedly will peak out at 150 kw, and obviously less if used with ‘today’s’ fast chargers.

Seeing as not even Tesla goes at 150 kw, this isn’t so much of a disadvantage.

It does look like the defacto 6-7 kw in most homes many need to be bumped up to 12-14, as we’ve finally got some decent sized vehicles with some decent sized batteries.

Many though, like me, will be satisfied with 7 kw charging no matter how big the vehicles get.

J P DeCaen

First premium electric SUV etc… Sounds like a Sean Spicer announcement.


So this is the Model X that everyone really wanted 🙂

Can’t wait to see this but I’m a little scared at what the cost will be given that it’s an Audi.

New European Drivers Cheat

300mi NEDC means 300km in real. Can somebody please tell them that they have mistaken units???


You can count on Audi to make you fall off of your chair when they announce it’s price…


Why oh why can’t we get something like a Honda CRV that has either a 40 mile range plus range extender or 200+ miles of range without having to spend over 100k…….


i totally agree with u!