Rendering Shows What Production Audi E-Tron May Look Like


Is this what the upcoming, all-electric 2019 Audi e-tron might look like?

We’ve shared a multitude of spy shots of Audi’s forthcoming e-tron electric SUV. The automaker has been teasing this vehicle for almost three years and we still haven’t seen it without the camo. About a month ago, we finally got a look at the e-tron prototype’s cabin. Soon enough, we’ll be on hand to see the vehicle in person at a special event in San Francisco on September 17th. For now, we can get a better idea of what the e-tron may look like based on this latest rendering by Automedia.

Audi plans to release full specs and pricing on September 17th as well. Additionally, the automaker will open the e-tron’s online configurator so that potential U.S. customers may reserve their vehicle with a $1,000 fee. However, it’s still unclear when the e-tron will be making its official world debut. Some reports are calling for September in Frankfurt, while others are announcing a debut in Paris in October. It was originally set for August 30th at the Audi Summit in Brussels, Belgium, but CEO Rupert Stadler was arrested, so plans changed.

The Audi e-tron will be powered by two electric motors with a combined output of 355 horsepower. Juice will be supplied by a 95-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. According to Audi, the e-tron will be capable of achieving a zero-to-62-mph sprint in under six seconds and have a top speed of ~124 mph. The e-tron will travel about 250 miles on the WLTP cycle. Additionally, Audi says the e-tron’s regenerative braking will boost the SUV’s range by up to 30 percent.

Originally, Audi planned for deliveries to begin near the end of 2018. At this point, it’s looking like early 2019 is more realistic. As most of this information is continually changing, we’ll keep you updated as new announcements proceed.

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron prototype
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Wow that looks remarkably “normal”! With a long hood like that I hope it has a frunk….

Its snout is too long for an EV SUV and its aero doesn’t look real great either and will probably unnecessarily drag down its range.

Making EVs on platforms built to accommodate ICE and EV drivetrains leads to these kinds of compromises that a clean sheet design avoids.

The car is built on its own EV platform. It was purpose built to be an EV, which is why the development took so long.

Yes, a range of 250 miles, hopefully EPA, has been stated (speculated?). If true that’s disappointing for a 95 kwh battery. While EV range is a critical statistic EV efficiency (distance/energy unit) is really as important (as it is for petroleum powered cars) but is frequently given little attention in discussion of various EVs

Another Euro point of view

On elbilforum (a Norwegian EV forum) there is a full thread about the usable capacity of the battery being possibly only 86 kWh.

That would give it a nice buffer for durability of the battery and fast charging.

This value is based on 90% of DoD. This is also my assumption publied since several month on this thread :
total capacity : 432×3.67×60 = 95.1kWh.
Usable capacity : 90% of 95kWh = 85.6kWh

E-tron battery :
36 modules of 12 cells / 1 cell = 60Ah

248 miles in WLTP cycle. The I-Pace is 298 miles in WLTP cycle for comparison.

Style is not just about aero. There’s a reason many people really dislike Teslas car designs. There’s always a compromise between style and aero, companies like Tesla can perhaps be less interested in “style” than the more established manufacturers who will be trying to convert existing customers.

Your entire mindset is backwards. I get negged in forums like this often by dreamers like yourself who believe Audi or ANY lejugacy automaker wishes, wants or intends on converting customers from buying ICE vehicles to electrics. Do you hear yourself? You say, ” …established manufacturer’s who will be trying to convert existing customers”. No Icemaker is all in enough to BEVs or PHEVs to want to “convert” anybody! They are not hard at work building charging infrastructure, Only Volkswagen has really even promised to do so, and this is due to being caught cheating 100,000s worldwide with a “clean diesel” ploy. Audi and Mercedes are neck deep in defeat devices and joining the Auto Alliance to curtail the EPA and stop Tesla from direct selling cars. Can you name the members of the Auto Alliance? Or you don’t care to open your eyes. You literally have to be blind to not see that legacy OEMs do not want you to buy these cars. Clever companies like GM literally used the Volt and their fledgling EV efforts to stave off bankruptcy. Look to YouTube to remember your history. GM execs in front if Congress explaining how if they don’t get… Read more »
I think you’ve completely misunderstood what I mean by convert. I’m not talking about converting people to EV, rather persuading Audi owners to buy their EV’s instead of someone elses EV (converting a lead into a sale). “I want an EV, I’m an Audi owner” “Well, Audi do an EV that looks like the normal Audis, I’ll get that one, rather than one from another manufacturer”. and “I’m an Audi owner/wannabe Audi owner” “Oh look, there’s an Audi that will save me money on fuel and maintenance, with all the benefits/style of an Audi, I’ll get that one” It’s one of the reasons most manufacturers have a design style. As for the rest of the commentary, I’m pretty sure if Audi/Jaguar/Hyundai could build more than 20-30k of each of their models they would. Battery supply is a major issue right now restricting production. Why potentially give away sales to other manufacturers if you could supply them with one of your cars instead, whether it be ICE or EV. Sell them an EV now and you either retain a customer and stop a rival getting them, or gain a new customer that may well provide repeat custom. The more vehicles Tesla… Read more »
Wow. You ARE living in a fantasy world. You say they’d build more but they are constrained by battery shortages? Lol!!! You must work for a GAS CAR company or own stock in them. Here is their dilemma: So we make an EV that directly competes with one of our gas models. As you see, we make a sedan and crossover in every size imaginable, 3 row, 2 row compact and midsize, 4,5,6 and 8 cylinder. Turbo and non turbo…So here is our EV which needs no tune up, no oil change, no 100s of replacement parts, emission checks, no filter changes or quarterly service checkups, If you’ve worked in the industry like I have, you understand the business plan of the ICE automaker. They don’t profit much from the car sale. The big profits come from parts and regular servicing. Where does that money go when you own a car that needs brake pads every 100,000 miles and no spark plugs or catalytic convertor replacement? You live in denial if you cannot accept that your favorite OEM that sells 11 different kinds of SUV wants to give you an EV option. You cross-shop/compare two SUVs from Audi that compete… Read more »

20,000 units for Jaguar is not a small amount, given that they only sell a few hundred thousand cars per year.

Actually only about 150k.

Yelp let’s desing and ugly car like the i3 or fugly 1st gen leaf. Just make cars that look like cars

No Frunk

A short frunk is available with the possibility to store the cable or a EVSE
See picture below (sorry for the quality)

The equipment needed to be able to charge at 22kW (AC) / 150kW (DC) with a good thermal management and the heat pump limit the space for the frunk

Some efficiencies must be lost by Audi engineers. The earliest configuration RWD Model S has a positively cavernous front trunk. When AWD was introduced, it shrunk again, and when the HEPA filter was added, yet again. Still, long hood, plenty of room. Even sibling Model X has a usable front trunk.

We can’t see all the equipments on the image posted on previous post, some parts are hided.
See a additionnal picture:
Not lot on space under the hood but enough for a small frunk as implemented on the e-tron

Lexus called and wants it’s grill back.

Audi had the big grill first, Lexus copied Audi.

Are you saying Audi and Lexus are in a grill size war?

Sounds like grill-a warfare going on.

And both Audi and Lexus look like stupid relics of the past.

Audi, handsome. Lexus weird grills (related to Toyota’s past in textiles). Neither relics.

Your mom called. You’re late for supper.

Google a picture of a GX460 and then look back at this rendering.

It just looks like a taller Audi Allroad to me. In fact, whoever went through all the trouble to erase all the camo could have just looked at that model instead.

Headline is misleading. It’s not an SUV.

What is it?

AWD Wagon.

It’s an SUV. iPace is a wagon

They need a new category – Fat Hatchback.

Oh, sorry. I meant “Crossover”.

There’s already one, it’s called a Model X

LOL. Like the Model X really is a BEV minivan.

Model X is a mid size SUV. If can seat 7 it’s mid size. If you can seat 8 and have room for groceries and other utilities then it’s a full size like expedition and Yukon Surubran

The vehicle classification is based on it’s various measurements (set forth by governments) , not if it can seat 7 or 8. For example a Nissan Rogue (Qashqai) is listed as compact and yet it can seat 7.

It reminds me a bit of a rounder Toyota Previa, just lacks the sliding doors.

The X wishes it looked as good as a minivan…

Typically Audi. Nothing unusual here. Meh specs high price….

It’s not Tesla, and it’s not Jag, so anything else, besides the Taycan in the premium/luxury segment, is a welcome EV competitor.

Nice rendering, it’s about time someone colored over the vinyl wrap, and exposed the design. It’s good looking, though a bit chunky, and overall it’s generally where Audi SUV styling is headed. I still like the I-Pace more, the design is unmistakably Jaguar, yet the overall design hints that it’s different from their ICE models. It doesn’t have to stand out and scream “I’m electric!” like the BMW i3, but parked in a row of Audi’s latest SUVs it wouldn’t stand out as the electric Audi.

They showed the Audi with no camo in Norway yesterday and today for å brief moment, while they showed the prototype of the electric Skoda, that looked surpricingly cool in real life.

Audi in Norway has made no changes to the release of the car, which according to them will be late in 2018.
There may be a few showcars that will be delivered a bit sooner.

Btw.. The grill in the picture and the one I saw did not look identical. Similar, yes – but not identical. Looked good inside. I’ve never really liked cars with huge grills, but it was ok. Still room for improvements. The rest was really nice.

I’ll see if I can take a few pictures tomorrow of the Skoda, and the Audi (if it’s still there).
They also har the electric plane on display.

It seems a great strategy for ICE automakers: Lose money building 25,000 of these per year and sell them to wealthy early adopter tree huggers. It will help them comply with enviro regulations and give their governments now outed as protectionist to these large industrial employers, reason to back off of the pressure to comply. When researchers planned to test Audi, BMW and Mercedes for diesel defeat devices, the German government stepped in and refused access to the testing labs, equipment and funding to perform these consumer protection tests!!! What does that tell you? To government, this means jobs. It means the difference between being elected or not. The researchers who tested the German marques for cheat devices had to acquire means outside of Germany to perform the tests. In each case, each manufacturer was found to be JUST AS GUILTY AS VOLKSWAGEN in equipping their “clean diesel” cars with illegal defeat devices (programming) . The German government has drug it’s heels and to a great extent ignored these proofs. The strategies you now see taking place – the making of these money-losing $80,000 EV 5 seat crossovers in small batches, is formed by their collective core belief that Tesla… Read more »
Audi have placed the production line for this in a fairly high volume factory. They have stated that they need volume, to cover development costs and so on. They will not sell with a loss, but don’t expect to earn much on the first model series the release to market. Just as VW will offer aggressive pricing on their first EV on the new platform. They have to sell in volume to produce many cars to get economy of scale too. Personally I think Audi and VW will sell many EVs, to get a kick start, and reach higher volumes fast. I think the price will be the limiting factor for the Audi, and not their ability to produce the volumes needed. The production line is most likely able to handle branches and parallell lines too. People know there are Korean brands that are cheaper. We’ll see soon enough if I’m right, and if the head of Audi in Norway is right, when claiming they will have no problem handling demand. They have currently pre sold more of this Audi model in Norway then Audi sells cars in 14 month. They have already ordered batteries for huge sums, and have… Read more »

Looks like an ICE car with boy-racer wheels, but that doesn’t matter. As long as it is better than the GolfEV then it is a step forward.

I would hope such wheels are optional and that the standard wheels will be designed for maximum range/efficiency.

eGolf is nice little car. Needs more Range and more production for stateside customers

It’s almost a shame to get rid of the camo. It’s grown on me a lot and looks nice. It certainly stands out.

I’d buy one with that option (if I was in the market for an Audi SUV/crossover).

Haha. Nice.

It looks the bride of Frankenstein

No, it’s not an rendering. Just photoshop the camo paint and voila

Why Musk don’t sell the Superchargers access to customers? I wouldn’t mind paying a subscription base like $ 100 a year to just access the network and pay my kw I’ll use from the network